I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1372

He’s not a coward, he’s just …… It’s just ……

However just what, Lu Qi himself does not know, his face is full of bewilderment.

Rongshu saw this and also stood up, “Ah Qi, you calm down first, I know my words just now were a bit too much, but I have to say this, otherwise you will never know where you are wrong, you will always blame the fault on Secretary Tong, Secretary Tong has a fault, you also have a fault, so you blame everything on Secretary Tong, this is not fair to Secretary Tong, you should even blame me, I was the one who let Secretary Tong go to you that day, and honestly, I’ve always regretted it too.”

She closed her eyes, her emotions were a bit low, “If I didn’t let Secretary Tong go to you that day, wouldn’t that have happened to Secretary Tong and you, wouldn’t Secretary Tong have been blamed by you all the time, wouldn’t Secretary Tong have been pregnant and wouldn’t be in so much pain? I think it must be, so I’ve been regretting and blaming myself too, even if Secretary Tong didn’t blame me, but I’ve always felt bad in my heart, I also thought of going to you to talk about all this, but Secretary Tong stopped me, I didn’t want to make her feel more upset, so I held back.”

“Then why are you telling me this now?” Lu Qi’s eyes were red and his voice was hoarse.

Rong Shu bit her lower lip, “I indeed did not intend to tell you this, but I had no choice, my heart ached for Secretary Tong, I was worried about her, Secretary Tong had been very scared after she got pregnant and did not know what to do, she still talked to me a lot later before she decided to get rid of the baby, Secretary Tong never wanted to have that baby and use that baby to threaten you to rise to the top, what she wanted all along was to get rid of the baby and make a clean break with the past, as long as there was no more child, maybe there would be no more entanglement between you, so her thoughts were always very firm, but ……”

She stared at him, “You ruined it, to be honest, I can’t figure it out, since you hate Secretary Tong so much and blame everything on him, and Secretary Tong admitted that it was all her fault, she was willing to get rid of the baby and no longer be involved with you, and she was also willing to let go of her feelings for you and start over, so she resolutely went into the hospital, but why did you try to stop it again? Wasn’t it a good thing for you that she took the baby?”

This question left Lu Qi speechless.

In fact, he himself knew very well that it was only right for Tong Xi to get rid of the baby.

But for some reason, when he heard that day that Tong Xi was pregnant and ready to take the baby away, his first reaction was not happiness, not that Tong Xi had done the right thing.

Rather, it was anger.

He was angry at Tong Xi for not telling him that she was pregnant, and even angrier that she had taken the liberty of choosing to abort the baby.

She was simply not taking him seriously.

He was so angry that he couldn’t accept it at all, so he went to the hospital to stop it, and ended up putting her in an unknown villa in his name and ordering her to have the baby.

To be honest, he still doesn’t understand why he did it.

Seeing that Lu Qi did not say anything, Rong Shu then slowly spoke, “At first I really couldn’t figure this out, until Fu Jingting enlightened me later, I realized why you were not very drunk, yet you did not push away Secretary Tong, why you obviously loathed Secretary Tong and knew that Secretary Tong had to stop the baby, it was because, in fact, you already had Secretary Tong in your heart, you had fallen in love with her long ago. It’s only because of my existence that you can’t see your heart, you think you still love me, so you can’t accept that you’ve been with Secretary Tong during the time you love me, but you did fall in love with her, so you can’t accept that she took your child, that’s why you had to stop it.”

“No.” Lu Qi shook his head repeatedly as he couldn’t accept it, “It’s not like that, I can’t be in love with Tong Xi, I don’t love her!”

“If you don’t love, then how do you explain these actions of yours?” Rongshu walked up to him and looked up to stare at him closely to question him.

Lu Qi’s mouth opened, completely unable to say anything.

Yes, why did he behave in these ways?

For a moment, Lu Qi vaguely believed in his heart that what Rong Shu said was true.

But it was because there was a possibility that it was true, so he was even more unable to accept it and crumbled down into a crouch.

When Rongshu saw him like this, how could she not be heartbroken, she went over and put her hand on his shoulder, living a gentle life, “Ah Qi, I am not telling you this to make you break down emotionally, I am hoping that you can accept your heart openly, of course, I also know that if it were anyone else, it might not be possible for them to accept that they have loved someone for more than ten years and suddenly fall in love with another person, and that they have not even noticed it. But A Qi, no matter who you love, it is most important to follow your heart. In the past you loved me, now you love Secretary Tong, you can accept it openly and treat her well.”

Lu Qi’s two eyes were still dull.

Rongshu sighed again, “I know that it will take some time for you to accept, and I originally did not want to reveal your true heart, but you have locked up Secretary Tong, and also let Secretary Tong announce to the public that she has gone abroad for further studies, and even her mother has hidden it from her, I am afraid that you will eventually do the wrong thing and hurt Secretary Tong completely, and it will be too late to regret by then, so I have decided to tell you all this so that you can understand your heart, I don’t want you to regret it in the future, Ah Qi.”

“How could I regret it?” Lu Qi lifted his head, a cold, evil smile on his face.

Seeing this, Rongshu furrowed her good-looking eyebrows, “Why wouldn’t you? You love Secretary Tong, you just can’t accept it now, so you will do things to hurt her, but you will realize one day that you really love her, when you think about what you are doing to her now, you will regret it, I am telling you this now, just want to stop you, so that you don’t make mistakes again, otherwise you will completely break Secretary Tong’s heart, you can’t do anything even if you regret it. ”

No, he definitely wouldn’t!

Lu Qi gritted his teeth, his eyes firm, convinced that he would definitely not regret it.

When Rongshu saw that he was stubborn and uncertain, she couldn’t help but shake her head, “There are times when accepting it openly can also make your life a little easier and happier, but I know that you must still be stubborn and convinced that you didn’t fall in love with Secretary Tong and won’t regret her actions, I can’t stop you, after all, you are an individual, but I would like to say that since you chose to let Secretary Tong give birth to child, then during this period, you’d better not do anything to Secretary Tong and the child, so that in the future, even if Secretary Tong is hurt by you, you still have a chance, otherwise you won’t have a single chance, Ah Qi, think about it.”

Having said that, she got up and walked out of the warming room.

She had told him everything she needed to say, but he had never been willing to accept that he loved Secretary Tong and did not want to believe that he would regret what he did to her now in the future, so it was useless for her to say any more.

In that case, she might as well not say anything and leave her alone to calm down and cool off, maybe he would figure it out?

Moreover, she knew him, she had told him so much, in future he would definitely make some changes in his attitude towards Secretary Tong, he would not treat her as he did before, but would be discretionary.

That was why, she did not open her mouth to ask Lu Qi to release Secretary Tong, because she knew that with these words from her, there was absolutely no need to worry about Secretary Tong’s safety or anything else.

The rest, let Ah Qi figure it out on his own.

If Ah Qi could figure it out, he would naturally let Secretary Tong go.

If Ah Qi could not figure it out, even if she asked him to release Secretary Tong, he would not do so, and might even intensify his treatment of Secretary Tong.