I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 969

“Of course.” Fu Jingting laughed lightly, “I know that you went to customize that previous gown in order to hook up with Madam Liu, that gown was ruined by Su Man and a new gown had to be chosen, since I took over this task, then naturally I wouldn’t forget the real purpose of your gown selection, so how could I only choose the most beautiful gown for you and thus forget about that, hence why I approached Sophia.”

Rongshu looked at the man, her eyes full of emotion, “Thank you, you are always like this, thinking very carefully for me.”

The light was red, so Fu Jingting stopped the car and finally got his hands free to rub her hair, “If you don’t want to be thorough, then you’ll be holding you back, your husband is not that kind of person.”

“Bah!” Rongshu’s little face flushed, “What husband, when did you become my husband, don’t shout nonsense.”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. It was you who said that you would remarry me and that we would have our own children, so I’m just a little ahead of schedule in calling it that, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Rongshu was speechless.

It was true that, without incident, they would step back into the marriage contract without incident.

Then he was indeed just a little ahead of schedule, no fault of his own.

It was just a matter of letting him be.

“Okay, the light’s green, let’s go.” Rongshu pouted at the man and skirted the topic.

The man laughed and restarted the car.

On the road, Rong Shu suddenly frowned, her whole body looked a bit worried.

Although Fu Jingting was driving seriously, he would also pay attention to her from time to time with the corner of his eyes.

Seeing her tense look, he asked with concern, “What’s wrong again?”

“I always feel that I so want to forget one thing.” Rongshu bit her lower lip and said with some uncertainty.

Fu Jingting turned his head and gave her a look, “Forgetting things?”

“Mm.” Rongshu nodded, “I feel as if there’s something I’ve overlooked, especially when I left Teacher Sophia’s shop, I’ve been having this feeling, but if I were to think about it, I can’t remember exactly what I’ve overlooked.”

“If you can’t remember, then don’t think about it, since it’s only when you leave Sofia’s shop that you feel this way, then I guess there’s something you overlooked at Sofia’s place, but the only thing that we have with Sofia is the dress and nothing else, if the dress has already been obtained and there’s nothing more to do with Sofia in the future, then even if there’s something overlooked, I guess it’s not very important, so no need to put it on your mind.” Fu Jingting looked at the road ahead and soothed.

Rongshu thought about it as well, so she said no more.

Soon, one of the most famous Nanjiang Cuisine tubes in Hai City arrived.

After Fu Jingting parked the car, he led her in by the hand.

The restaurant was huge, with an upper and lower structure, the ground floor being an open hall and the first floor being private rooms.

Naturally, Fu Jingting could not choose the lobby, and after entering, he directly booked a private room, not wanting to dine in the same space as the others.

He only wanted to dine with Rongshu, alone, without being disturbed.

Rongshu didn’t really want to be in the lobby either, as it was crowded and the atmosphere was not as quiet as a private room.

So Fu Jingting’s arrangement was to her liking.

“This way, please.” The waiter made an inviting gesture, gesturing for Rong Shu and Fu Jingting to follow him.

Fu Jingting took Rong Shu’s hand and followed without saying much.

When the three of them arrived on the first floor, the waiter opened the door of one of the best private rooms and entertained the two of them inside.

When Rong Shu and Fu Jingting followed the waiter into the box, the door of the box diagonally opposite suddenly opened and Gu Man’er came out of it with a slightly uncomfortable face, just in time to see the back of Rong Shu and Fu Jingting.

Gu Man’er’s eyes widened and she stood still, forgetting to react.

That was Mr. Fu and Miss Rong?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The two people who had just entered the box diagonally opposite were definitely them.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

She did not expect to see Fu Jingting and Rong Shu when she had only come out on the pretext of going to the washroom, but in fact she wanted to go to the washroom to throw up the disgusting and unpalatable Nanjiang cuisine.

They were also here to eat Nanjiang cuisine?

Yes, this was a Nanjiang Cuisine restaurant, they were not here to eat Nanjiang Cuisine, could they be here for fun?

She just didn’t understand why Rong Shu and Fu Jingting would come to such an awful place to eat.

Fu Jingting was fine, she wasn’t particularly concerned.

But the fact that Rongshu would come made her care.

Before her mother got married, she was from Nanjiang, and she still liked Nanjiang food, and she had to go to Nanjiang or here once in a while to eat.

In order to pretend to be a caring daughter, she also said that she liked Nanjiang food and had inherited her mother’s favourite taste, which really made her mother happy.

But in reality, she couldn’t mention how much she disliked these dishes in her heart, but in order not to expose them, she swallowed every bite by forcing herself to swallow with nausea, and when she couldn’t swallow any more, she went to the washroom on the pretext of going to the toilet and threw up, this was already the second time she excused herself to go to the washroom.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she came out, she saw these two people.

Fu Jingting she didn’t know, but Rong Shu would come to eat South River food, obviously inheriting her mother’s taste.

And Mum and Dad were in the box right now, and their box, which was diagonally opposite to Rong Shu’s, might have met them.

If Mom and Dad saw Rong Shu and knew that she liked Nanjiang cuisine, would they suspect Rong Shu’s identity again?

After all, there were too many things about Rongshu that matched the ‘Gu Manlove’.

Last time, when her parents came back from buying mugwort cakes, her mother was talking about the scar on Rongshu’s wrist.

God knows that when she heard this, her soul almost flew away in fear that Rongshu would tell her parents that her scar used to be a red mole.

It was a good thing that Rongshu’s aversion to her parents had kept Rongshu from saying anything, otherwise at that time, she would not have been able to keep her identity as this fake manga love.

So, what she had to do now was to absolutely not let Mom and Dad meet with Rongshu, at least not in these same places as Mom’s hobbies, or else Mom and Dad would definitely still be associating with something.

Only, how could she stop them from meeting?

This was a restaurant after all, so how could she guarantee when Rongshu and Fu Jingting would come out of their booth?

Just as Gu Man’er was clenching her teeth in fear and anxiety, a puzzled voice came from behind her, “Man’er, what are you doing standing at the door, aren’t you going to the bathroom?”

Hearing Mrs. Gu’s voice, Gu Man’er forced a smile onto her face and turned back to say, “Yes, I’m going.”

After saying that, she closed the door of the compartment and walked in the direction of the washroom.

Rongshu had just entered the compartment and would not come out so soon.

Mum and Dad had just gone to the bathroom, and they wouldn’t be leaving the compartment again.

So, she should not worry if she went to the bathroom to throw up.

In the Gu family’s box, Mrs. Gu looked at the closed box door without faintly wrinkling, a touch of worry surfaced on her face, “Husband, don’t you think, all this time, Man Eui has been a bit strange? It seems like she’s nervous and worried about something, and she won’t say anything even when asked.”

Gu Yaotian took a sip of his pickled vegetable soup and nodded, “It’s a bit strange, but young people, there’s always something that keeps people guessing, don’t worry.”

“That’s true, but I’ve heard from Sister Wang at home that Man-En wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares many times, with her mouth chanting something like she is Man-En, not a fake.” Mrs. Gu put down her chopsticks and looked at Gu Yaotian.