I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1390

This successfully dispelled the receptionist’s suspicions, and the receptionist smiled and politely replied, “Our chairman is pregnant and is now in hospital receiving inpatient treatment for her pregnancy.”

“Pregnant?” Gu Man’er’s voice became shrill.

The receptionist frowned, “This lady, what do you mean? From the sound of your voice, you don’t seem to be too happy that our chairman is pregnant?”

There wasn’t a single person in their group who wasn’t happy about the matter of their chairman’s pregnancy.

What’s more, when the chairman was pregnant, Mr. Fu had given them a lot of benefits.

Even the netizens on the internet had them, so who wouldn’t say a blessing now?

The result was that some people did not look very happy, which really made her a bit dissatisfied.

Gu Man’er clenched her hand to death.


Of course she wasn’t happy. How could she be happy about something like this?

If Rongshu was pregnant, wouldn’t it be even more impossible to donate a kidney?

Gu Man’er walked out of the house, lost in thought, and looked up at the sky as she walked out of the gate of Tiansheng.

The sky was foggy, exactly like her mood at the moment.

Pregnant, how could Rong Shu be pregnant at this very moment?

She hated it so much.

But soon, Gu Man’er pulled herself together again.

No matter what, even if Rongshu was pregnant, she would not give up on letting Rongshu donate a kidney to her father.

Even if she was pregnant, she still had an obligation to save her dad by taking out that baby.

After all, Dad was dying, and Rongshu was still young, and without this child, she could still have another one later.

So how can a child that hasn’t even taken shape yet be as important as daddy’s life?

Yes, that’s right.

Go and find Rong Shu, now!

Gu Man’er gritted her teeth and once again reached out to hail a taxi, “The First Hospital.”

Rongshu was definitely in the First Hospital.

She knew that there was a talented doctor at the First Hospital, surnamed Lin.

This doctor was particularly good to Rongshu and did his best.

So Rongshu would definitely choose this hospital.

Soon, the First Hospital arrived.

After Gu Man’er got out of the car, she took out a mirror from her bag and looked at herself carefully, making sure that her make-up and hair and clothes were all right and that she would not be easily recognised, before she put the mirror away and stepped through the doors of the First Hospital.

With the status of Rong Shu and Fu Jing Ting, it was definitely impossible for them to stay in a normal ward.

Therefore, Gu Man’er did not hesitate at all and headed for the building of the senior ward.

She entered the building without any problem and the security guards didn’t stop her, as she was wearing a brand name and the guards thought she was a family member of a rich patient, so they let her in after registering her.

Once inside, Gu Man’er found a receptionist and rounded the corner to find out the floor and door number of Rong Shu’s ward.

She took the lift all the way up.

The moment she stepped out of the lift, her heart was pounding like thunder and her whole body was tense because she didn’t know if Fu Jingting was here.

Fu Jingting loved Rongshu so much, and with Rongshu pregnant and still in hospital, it was very likely that the man would be with Rongshu all the time.

So now she was worried that she would bump into Fu Jingting when she got there to Rongshu’s ward.

What to do?

Should she go over there?

Gu Man’er stood at the lift door, thinking anxiously.

At that moment, the bodyguard on patrol came over and, seeing her like this, immediately aroused suspicion and came over to her, questioning her in a cold voice, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Gu Man’er gave a jolt and her body trembled.

Luckily, she reacted promptly and soon had the chance to force herself to calm down, immediately pretending to be her own mother’s unreasonable and spirited appearance to dispel this bodyguard’s vigilance and suspicion.

“Who do you care who I am?” Gu Man’er crossed her arms, putting on the look of a brutal and arrogant shrew, “This is a hospital, what do you think I’m doing here? Of course I’m here to see the patients, what? Are you saying that I shouldn’t be here because you sound like you’re interrogating a prisoner? Is this hospital owned by your family? ”

The bodyguard was scolded for no reason, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Oh, a thug who got arrogant when she had money and her quality hadn’t kept up.

This kind of woman, they, who are bodyguards, have seen a lot.

The bodyguard dispelled the suspicion in his heart and said coldly with a disgusted look on his face, “The hospital is not owned by my family, but this floor is all chartered by my boss, only my lady is alone, there are no other patients, so you’re in the wrong place, please go back.”

He pointed to the lift behind her.

Gu Man’er pretended to be surprised, “What? This floor is all taken up? Your boss is so rich? My husband wouldn’t even dare to do that.”

The bouncer rolled his eyes.

Your husband?

Your husband, a newly minted profiteer, how could he compare to Mr. Fu?

Mr. Fu’s wealth is something that can make the world’s Forbes list.

It’s questionable whether your husband can make the Forbes list in Shanghai.

“OK, OK, it’s none of your business whether my boss has money or not, you hurry up and leave, don’t come up here again or don’t blame us for being rude.” The bodyguard’s face sank as he deliberately warned.

Gu Man’er looked intimidated, “Just don’t come, why are you being mean? Don’t think that just because your boss is rich, it’s a big deal, just wait, sooner or later my husband will be richer than your boss, then I’ll see if you still dare to be mean in front of me, humph!”

She said as she walked towards the lift, cursing under her breath.

She knew that only the more she looked like a shrew, the less these bodyguards would suspect her, and only the more they would think that she was really just a thug who had gone astray.

As expected, Gu Man’er entered the lift without incident and did not arouse any suspicion from the bodyguards until the doors closed.

While she breathed a long sigh of relief, her heart became even more irritated.

She didn’t expect that Fu Jingting would protect Rong Shu so well, not only did he wrap the whole floor, but he also sent bodyguards to patrol it all the time.

In this way, the presence of a stranger there was indeed too conspicuous.

Not to mention the fact that she had reached Rong Shu’s room without any problems, she would be targeted and questioned by the bodyguards as soon as she exited the lift.

And she could not pretend to be a relative of Fu Jingting and Rongshu.

How could the bodyguards not know that Rong Shu and Fu Jingting were related?

Even if there was such a relative, they would definitely call and question Rongshu and Fu Jingting before releasing them, and if Rongshu and Fu Jingting denied it, then she would be arrested immediately.

So, what the hell should they do?

Gu Man was so anxious that she was about to cry.

Her father’s situation could not be delayed any longer, and if she delayed any longer, there might not be any hope at all.

Therefore, she had to see Rong Shu as soon as possible and tell her the truth as soon as possible.

Only then would Rongshu be able to agree to save her father.

But Fu Jingting was protecting Rongshu too tightly, how on earth could she meet her?


The lift arrived.

Gu Man’er walked out of the lift in a depressed manner, and then collided with a nurse pushing a small medicine cart.

“Oops.” The nurse cried out in pain.

Gu Man’er subconsciously apologised, “Sorry.”

“That’s okay.” The nurse waved her hand and smiled, indicating that she didn’t care.

Gu Man’er returned the smile and continued to walk forward.

After two steps, she suddenly thought of something and turned her head to look at the nurse, especially when she saw the nurse’s nurse’s uniform, she immediately had an idea in her mind and hooked her lips and smiled.

Yes, it was unusual to go up there, but what if you pretended to be a nurse?

The more she thought about it, the more she thought it was possible, and the smile on Gu Man’er’s face became more and more excited.

She then began to wander around the hospital, looking for a good target.

Finally, she chose a nurse, and when that nurse went to the bathroom, she followed her, then knocked the person out in the bathroom, and finally stripped the nurse of her clothes and changed into them herself, then gathered all her courage and went to Rong Shu’s ward floor again.