I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1407

“That’s fine.” Feng Ma readily agreed with Rong Shu’s words, “Although the Eldest Young Master did nothing wrong, but he still hid it from you and helped another woman in the end, so it’s really time to teach him a lesson, let him sit outside on the bench now.”

Rongshu gave a hint.

Feng Ma got up, “Eldest Young Madam, what would you like to eat? Feng Ma will go and make it for you now.”

“I’d like to ……” Rongshu’s eyes dimmed, “Feng Ma, I want to eat a bowl of seafood noodles.”

She remembered that the last meal she had with her dad was seafood noodles.

At that time, her dad asked her, asking if she was sure she wanted to marry Fu Jingting.

She nodded with a happy face at that time, saying that she was sure and that she had to have Fu Jingting in her life.

After that dad said nothing more, cooked her a bowl of seafood noodles and then urged her to be happy after the wedding, to be strong, to protect herself and to take good care of herself.

At that time, her dad said many, many things, all of which he was telling her, even the common sense of drinking more water when it was hot and dressing more when it was cold, he patiently admonished him.

She thought at the time that her dad was really too cute, treating her like a little child, saying all this as if she could only live in her in-laws’ house once she got married and would never go back to her mother’s house.

That’s why he was so careful to tell her this, and she thought it was funny that her father was like this because it was his first time marrying a daughter.

But now that she thought about it, she realised that her father was telling her this not because he was worried that she wouldn’t know how to take care of herself if she married out, but that he was telling her his last words again.

Because not long after that, Dad committed suicide by jumping off a building.

And at that time, she was still at her in-laws’ house, suffering from Wang Shuqin’s spell, so busy that she didn’t even have time to look at her mobile phone or computer all day. When she learnt that her dad had jumped to his death, she was still mopping the floor while Wang Shuqin was watching TV, which she occasionally heard from the TV.

At that moment, she felt that the sky was about to collapse. She dropped the mop in her hand onto the floor and didn’t even take off her apron before rushing out of the Fu Mansion.

And what was Wang Shuqin doing?

Behind her, she told her to go back to mopping and not to go to her father, and even told the other maids to stop her.

Because of this, by the time she broke away from the maids and rushed to Tian Sheng, her father had already jumped and she had not even seen the last of him.

So she hated Wang Shuqin to death, and even though she was severely punished by her grandmother in the end, she could not let go of it.

It was extraordinarily kind of her not to include Wang Shuqin in the list of those she wanted to take revenge on.

Now, she missed her father so much and wanted to eat the seafood noodles she had last eaten with him again.

Feng Ma didn’t know that there were so many stories behind this little bowl of seafood noodles, all she knew was that Rongshu wanted to eat, and that was enough to be happy about.

After all, in her current situation, Rongshu couldn’t eat anything, ate whatever she wanted, and didn’t want to eat anything.

It was a good thing that she wanted to eat the same thing of her own accord now.

So, Feng Ma happily agreed and went to the kitchen to make it.

Rongshu leaned back on the hospital bed and looked out the window, not knowing what she was thinking.

Where was Fu Jingting?

He was also still standing outside the ward.

It had been a while since Feng Ma had gone in, and there was no movement inside, nor had Feng Ma come out, so it was clear that what they had feared earlier did not exist.

This made him feel relieved.

Fu Jingting was a little tired of standing, so he turned around and walked to a cool chair at the side and sat down.

It was a good thing that the whole floor was heated, so she didn’t feel cold when she was alone outside.

At this moment, a footstep sounded.

Fu Jingting looked up and to his left as the bodyguard walked over, “Mr. Fu, that woman said she wanted to see you.”

“No.” Fu Jingting pursed his lips and refused outright.

Li Zhaodi had caused this to turn out between him and Xiao Yezi, and before he and Xiao Yezi had made up, she would not go to see Li Zhaodi.

So Li Zhaodi should cherish this last peaceful time now, it won’t be long before she’s just living in hell for eternity.

And she, who could not even see such a simple truth, actually clamoured to see him, had she not thought that now he was in real anger?

Had she seen her now, she might have wanted to kill her outright.

“Keep an eye on her, don’t let her get away, if you can’t keep an eye on her now, then I will destroy you.” Fu Jingting’s gaze was cold as he stared at the bodyguard.

The bodyguard winced and nodded, “Don’t worry Mr. Fu, the mistakes that Ah Si and Ah Wu made, we definitely won’t make them again.”

Ah Si and Ah Wu, were the bodyguards who guarded the Gu family villa, and this floor respectively.

And now, these two bodyguards, had both gone back to the security company to receive punishment.

He was only transferred over not long ago.

“That’s good, you can go back first.” Fu Jingting waved his hand.

The bodyguard answered and turned to go.

Fu Jingting leaned back and rested against the back of his chair, slightly closing his eyes.

But not long after, someone else came.

This time it was Lin Tian Chen.

Lin Tianchen sat down opposite him and folded his legs, “Yo, it’s the first time I’ve seen you look so dishevelled.”

Fu Jingting opened his eyes, glanced at him lightly and closed them again, not meaning to pay any attention to him.

Lin Tianchen didn’t mind, let alone get angry, from the pocket of his white coat, fished out a sharp scalpel and played with it at his fingertips, “Just now the third hospital side called the hospital, guess what was said? ”

Fu Jingting wrinkled his brows, still not speaking.

Lin Tianchen gave a laugh and continued, “Gu Yaotian is in the hospital again, probably because he knows that our first hospital will not accept him, so his wife sent him to the third hospital, they contacted us and wanted to get Gu Yaotian’s medical records, the kidney department told me, I turned it down, I said why that woman Li Zhaodi would come to talk to Rong Shu today, it turned out to be like this. ”

“Even if Gu Yaotian didn’t have an accident today, Li Zhaodi would have found her way back sooner or later. ” Fu Jingting lightly opened his thin lips and said.

Lin Tian Chen nodded, “That’s true.”

Saying that, he glanced at the closed ward door, “You’re here now, it seems she hasn’t forgiven you yet, otherwise how else would you even enter the door now.”

These words finally made Fu Jingting turn his gaze to him, “So what, it’s just for a while, not for life, we’ll make up sooner or later.”

“And how early is sooner or later?” Lin Tian Chen smiled.

This was something Fu Jingting couldn’t say at once, pursing his thin lips with a cold aura emanating from his body.

This guy, he was deliberately coming over to P*ss him off and see him laugh, right?

“Alright, it’s getting late, I’ll stop talking to you for now, I need to go in and see how she is.”

Lin Tian Chen got up, knocked on the door of Rong Shu’s ward, then opened his mouth and said his name.

The door was soon opened, by Feng Ma, who warmly invited Lin Tian Chen in, before closing the door once more.

Once again, Fu Jingting became the one who was turned away, his thin lips were pursed in a straight line, and there was even some aggravation in his eyes.

Everyone could go in, but not him.

Fu Jingting rubbed his temples and sighed deeply.

In the ward, as soon as Lin Tian Chen entered, he saw that Rong Shu was holding a large bowl, eating fragrant seafood noodles.

Seeing this, he even raised his eyebrows in surprise, “You have a good appetite now, I thought, you couldn’t eat anything.”

After all, her health was already bad and she couldn’t eat anything, plus so many things had happened.

    So he had always thought that she couldn’t eat and had even brought the nutrition shots with her, but now it seemed that she didn’t need them.