I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 951

“Niece Rongshu has misunderstood, since I am your uncle, how could I not see you well.” Duan Xingbang was an uncompromising old fox, facing Rong Shu poking through the dark side of his heart, he was able to do so without changing his face, “The reason why I’m saying this, I don’t mean anything else, I just think that since Mr. Fu is with you, there are some things about your past that should also be made known to him, not hidden from him, otherwise it’s unfair to Mr. Fu, what does niece Rong Shu say? “

Rongshu laughed mockingly, “You always have so many big ideas, Mr. Duan.”

“Niece Rongshu is joking.”

“But it’s a pity.” Rongshu stared at him coldly, “Do you think that what you said is unknown to Fu Jingting?”

“What?” Duan Xingbang froze for a moment.

Rong Shu added, “Or do you think that you, an outsider, know more than he does?”

She was now completely at peace and settled in her heart.

At first, she was really worried that Fu Jingting would mind what Duan Xingbang had said.

Although she did get close to Ah Qi and the three of them, there was really nothing there.

She could do the right thing on her own, but she was afraid that Fu Jingting, a jealous jar, would think wildly and knock the jealousy over.

After all, this guy usually has to be jealous even when a man calls her, and if Duan Xingbang mentions that she and Ah Qi were close in the past, it would be strange for that jealousy pot to turn over.

After that, she had to coax him, but she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to.

This was what she was really worried about when she heard Duan Xingbang’s words.

Luckily, her worries were superfluous, as Fu Jingting gave her a look when he lifted her chin.

That look told her clearly that he was a little jealous, but not to the point of being meaninglessly jealous.

The past was the past and should not be brought to the present to affect the present.

The second thing was that he also told her that he knew there was nothing between her and Aki and the others, and even if there was, it would be Aki and the others against her, not her against Aki and the others.

So even if he were to be angry, he would not be angry with her, but with Aki and the others.

Knowing this, she was completely relieved and at ease, and could deal with Duan Xingbang without fear.

“Little Yezi is right.” Fu Jingting took Rong Shu’s hand and squeezed it gently, “I still say that, she has many men around her, that was also before she was with me, I won’t blame her, let alone have the right to blame her, even more, I have to thank those few men around her, if it wasn’t for them protecting her and helping her all the time, she wouldn’t have taken over Tiansheng, I’m afraid it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly, secondly, what exactly is their relationship with Little Yezi? Secondly, I know exactly what their relationship with Xiao Yezi is, they are very innocent of each other, otherwise you think with my Fu Jingting’s possessive desire, if they really had something with Xiao Yezi, I would let them go?”

These words made Duan Xingbang’s throat clog again.

What kind of person is this?

His own woman was surrounded by so many men, and not only did he not mind, but he even thanked those men.

Fu Jingting was crazy, right?

Duan Xingbang said he couldn’t understand it at all.

Fu Jingting looked at Duan Xingbang’s life doubting expression, his eyes narrowed dangerously, “And you just said that in places you didn’t see, Xiao Yezi and these men have met, that’s even more nonsense, Li Chuan has gone to the capital a few months ago, never came back, the Lu family recently involved in new industries, Lu Qi is so busy that he directly lived in Lu’s for two months, where he The Lu family has recently been involved in new industries, Lu Qi is so busy that he has been living at Lu’s for two months, so how can he have time to run around, and finally Cheng Huai, Cheng Huai has recently been in a political exam, and has been in seclusion for over a month, so he is worried about failing the exam, so do you think they have time to come here? Or do you think they dare to go against me, Fu Jingting?”

“”Duan Xingbang’s face was a mixture of blue and white, and he was already completely speechless.

He was now in a complete state of confusion.

He was thinking, everything was going so smoothly with his plan, seeing that he was about to succeed, why in the end, was he crushed by these two people with a few words, causing the plan to fail?

Are these two people really so close that they don’t mind everything about each other?

In this world, is there really such a relationship?

Duan Xingbang said he couldn’t believe it, not to mention he couldn’t accept such an outcome.

“Mr. Duan, we both know that you are saying all this today just to divorce my feelings from Xiao Yezi and prevent me from marrying her, after all, to you, it is not half good for you for us to get married, so you can’t wait to jump so happily, unfortunately it all failed, now why don’t you think about what kind of downfall you will get for provoking us? ” Fu Jingting lightly raised his eyelids, his eyes were clearly calm, but for no reason he made people feel a murderous aura.

Duan Xingbang couldn’t help but take a step back in fear, “What do you want? I’m telling you Fu Jingting, you don’t want to act recklessly ah, now is the rule of law society, do you still want to make a move on me?”

Fu Jingting looked at Duan Xingbang, who was now as cowardly as a dog, with contempt in his eyes, “A society based on the rule of law? It seems that you are now admitting what you just did, hitting Xiao Yezi’s self-esteem, separating the relationship between me and her, creating rumors of an unwarranted relationship, Duan Xingbang, how many people do you think dare to go against me, Fu Jingting, in this world? What do you think will happen to them when they go against me? Or do you think that people who go against me can move the law and escape from my hands unscathed?”

Duan Xingbang’s face began to turn white, the flesh on his face trembled even more, and while he was afraid, his heart also began to regret.

Regret for why he had just said so much.

Of course, more than regretting saying that, he regretted saying it in front of Fu Jingting and attempting to make Fu Jingting’s feelings for Rong Shu diminish.

Heh, this Fu Jingting was not a normal man!

For a time, Duan Xingbang was also in his heart, the sun and the dog.

“Fu Jingting, I know you are rich and powerful and have people at the top, but don’t forget, once you really dare to do anything to me, I will hold a conference and publish what you did to me, then when the public opinion is raised, I will see your people at the top, still dare to protect you against the whole society?” Duan Xingbang’s face was twisted as he warned Fu Jingting, with a hint of provocation in his eyes.

Fu Jingting didn’t say anything, but only looked at her with thin lips, revealing an icy smile.

It was a smile that made people’s bodies shiver.

Duan Xingbang couldn’t help but cower for a moment.

At this point, Rong Shu couldn’t take it anymore and directly rolled her eyes, “Chief Duan, do you think it’s you who’s stupid, or you who’s stupid? You still want to hold a press conference to announce it, hehe, do you think we will give you that chance? If we beat someone to death, we will not let the spring wind blow again, especially if it is someone like you who has made it clear that you will not let us off the hook afterwards, then we should beat you to death and not give you the chance to announce it.”

Duan Xingbang’s eyes widened in vain, and his pupils even shrank to the size of a pinpoint, his face was full of panic, and his body was trembling slightly.

Yes, he was so focused on the warning that it hadn’t even occurred to him that his own warning might even keep him from walking out of this lift door.

And Rong Shu was right, beating someone to death, especially this kind of person who already had a grudge against him, otherwise there would definitely be endless consequences after letting him go.

If it were him, he would have done the same thing.

In other words, was he going to give up here today?