I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1398

“Gotcha.” Fu Jingting knew what Lin Tianchen was thinking as soon as he looked at her expression, and did not feel that Lin Tianchen’s thoughts were excessive.

In fact, even if Lin Tianchen didn’t, he wouldn’t spare this woman.

“After I dispose of her, I’ll throw the person to you and play with her however you like.” Fu Jingting said in a clear voice, but the cruelty and coldness in his words caused Feng Ma to shiver.

But Feng Ma didn’t feel intolerant.

It was fine for that woman to steal the status of the eldest young lady, after all, the eldest young lady didn’t necessarily want to press for a status either.

But what was disgusting about that woman was that she had stolen her identity and had come to irritate the young lady, causing her to almost lose a child again.

If this child was lost, then the young master and young lady would never have a child again.

At this moment, Feng Ma was incomparably grateful that the First Young Madam was fortunate to be hospitalised.

Otherwise, that woman would have found her way to the house, which was so far away from the hospital, and there would have been no way for the young lady to seek medical treatment in time, and the child would definitely not have been saved.

In short, a murderer who almost killed the young lady had no right to make her heart go soft and deserved this.

Lin Tian Chen had no objection to Fu Jing Ting’s proposal and agreed with a hmph, “Don’t worry, I won’t let that woman get away with it.”

A cruel smile appeared on his handsome face.

“I’ll have the nurse come over afterwards and will contact you in advance.” At this point, Lin Tian Chen spoke again.

Fu Jingting and Feng Ma were satisfied with his words.

It was good to contact them in advance, so that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen again where they didn’t even know if it was the nurse he had arranged or not.

“The reason why that Li Zhaodi came to Rong Shu and told her all this was because it was for Gu Yaotian, right?” Lin Tianchen suddenly said speculatively, “The day I persuaded Gu Yaotian to leave the hospital, I met her and she asked me if there was still a glimmer of hope if Gu Yaotian had his kidney replaced now, I told her that hope seconds were better than nothing, but in her opinion, as long as it wasn’t all or nothing, it was still possible, only I didn’t think much about it at the time, otherwise all this wouldn’t have happened today. ”

In the end, whether it was that one time or this one, he had some responsibility too.

The actual fact that Li Zhaodi wanted to do this before, Li Zhaodi went to Tiansheng for a trip before, in order to find Xiao Yezi and let her donate her kidney, but in the end, she was taken away by the bodyguards I arranged and guarded the Gu family. ”

“Then this time, how did she run out again?” Lin Tian Chen narrowed his eyes at Fu Jing Ting.

Fu Jingting pursed his lips and said, “The same way she entered the ward, by dressing up as another person in makeup and sneaking out.”

“This woman, she really has a few little smarts.” Lin Tian Chen sneered.

Fu Jingting narrowed his eyes, “Whether or not the woman is clever or not, after today, there won’t be any.”

Afterwards, Lin Tian Chen stayed for a while longer, asking about Rong Shu’s condition and confirming that there was nothing serious wrong, before leaving.

He also had to go and find the nurse who had given Gu Man’er her nurse’s uniform, and ask if that nurse had received a favour from Gu Man’er or not.

If not, then so be it, but if so, then don’t blame him.

Lin Tianchen walked away with a shady air.

Only Fu Jingting was left in the ward again.

Feng Ma looked at the tiredness on Fu Jingting’s face and wanted to open her mouth to advise him to go and rest for a while, but her mouth opened and nothing came out.

The young lady was in such a state, how could the young master be at ease to go and rest.

Even if she opened her mouth to persuade him to rest, he would not agree.

Let him be, let him be.

Feng Ma sighed and quietly retreated, leaving the place to the two.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

But at this time neither of the Lu family couples were at the Lu house, and it was Lu Qi who received the call.

“Who is it?”

Fu Jingting listened to Lu Qi’s voice on the phone and was silent for a few seconds, somewhat not wanting to continue, but he hadn’t forgotten what he was calling for, so he could only hold back his impatience and asked, “Is Aunt Lu here?”

“……” It was Lu Qi’s turn to be silent.

The landline could not see the caller ID, so he did not know who was calling, which was why he answered.

But unexpectedly, it was actually that dog Fu Jingting.

Immediately Lu Qi’s attitude also became bad all of a sudden, “My mother is not here, she went out to play cards, why are you looking for my mother?”

“Something has happened here with Little Yezi, I need my aunt’s help.” Fu Jingting said.

When Lu Qi heard this, he immediately became anxious, “What did you say? Something has happened to Shushu? What has happened to Shushu?”

Fu Jingting had no intention of telling Lu Qi, he just wrinkled his brow and returned, “Since auntie mother is not here, I will not bother you, please tell auntie mother that if she comes back, tell her to contact me immediately for a trip, it’s about little Yezi, I think you will not refuse.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

If he didn’t have Mrs. Lu’s contact information, and Rong Shu’s phone had no battery and was switched off, he would have contacted Mrs. Lu directly instead of calling the landline of the Lu family.

After the phone hung up, Lu Qi looked at the landline microphone in his hand, his handsome face filled with gloom.

Fu Jingting said that something had happened to Little Yezi, what had happened to Little Yezi?

This D*mn Fu Jingting wouldn’t say anything.

Lu Qi was furious and finally put down his phone and walked out of the Lu family villa, driving towards Tiansheng to ask what happened to Xiao Yezi.

Of course, if Xiao Ye Zi is not in Tian Sheng, he will go to the shallow water bay to find, if the shallow water bay is also not in, he will go to Fu’s group, in short, he must find Xiao Ye Zi today to ask what happened to her, otherwise he will never feel at ease.

Lu Qi ran for several hours.

It was just as he had thought at the beginning.

He went to the Tiansheng Group first, where Lina told him that Rong Shu was not in Tiansheng, but in hospital recuperating.

And for the next seven or eight months, unless necessary, Rong Shu’s would not appear in Tiansheng.

So Lu Qi rushed to the hospital again, afraid to run.

But when he arrived at the hospital, he couldn’t find out which ward Rong Shu was staying in.

Because of Gu Man’er, Fu Jingting and Lin Tianchen had both instructed that no one was allowed to disclose Rongshu’s ward, and even the information in the system had been deleted.

So Lu Qi could not find out anything, so he could only call Fu Jingting.

He could only sit in the hospital lobby and wait, calling Fu Jingting every ten minutes or so while he waited.

Luckily, after Lu Qi had made his twentieth call, Fu Jingting’s phone was finally answered.

“What is it?” Fu Jingting’s voice was undisguisedly tired.

But Lu Qi didn’t care at all and asked directly, “Which ward are you in?”

He asked.

Fu Jingting raised his eyebrows, “You’ve come to the hospital?”

“You said this afternoon that something had happened to Shushu, and as a friend, of course I couldn’t possibly not be anxious, so I came straight over.” Lu Qi returned.

He then asked, “Fu Jingting, tell me honestly, is something wrong with the child in Shushu’s stomach? Otherwise, why would she be in the hospital at this time?”

Lu Qi did not know the real reason for Rong Shu’s hospitalization. After all, Rongshu had not told him about this matter either.

He only thought that Rong Shu had moved her fetus and that was why she was suddenly hospitalized.

“Yes.” When Fu Jingting saw that Lu Qi had come to the hospital, he didn’t deliberately hide it anymore, and answered directly that it was what he guessed.

Lu Qi was furious, “What? It’s really the baby that’s in trouble?”