I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 941

The netizen who noticed it first thought that he had misread it.

After rubbing his gla*ses, he refreshed his screen to look again, and the dynamic that had just been updated was still there.

Yes, it was still there!

The netizen was so excited that she couldn’t even be bothered to look at the content of the dynamic, and only thought of hurrying to spread the news that Fu Jingting had updated his scarf.

A person who hadn’t posted any news for years, and had only posted two updates since he applied for the scarf, one of which was a notification for the opening of the scarf, now suddenly updated his scarf, how could people not be surprised?

The netizens’ hands were trembling with excitement as they circulated the news, holding the keyboard.

The entire internet soon knew that Fu Jingting had updated his Weibo account, and it even made it to the top five of the hot searches, with the name ‘Fu’s Group CEO’s scarf update’.

It is evident that Fu Jingting’s hotness is not at all lower than those so-called top streamers in the entertainment industry.

Even those top streams didn’t dare to have any dissatisfaction when they saw their own hotness being pushed down by him.

After all, Fu Jingting’s status is there, and capital is always capital.

After Fu Jingting’s microblogging became more popular, people finally started to pay attention to the content of his bibs.

The content he posted was very short, only one short sentence no nonsense, I’m not your husband, I’m only her Tian Sheng Group Rong Shu’s husband, husband this name, also can only be shouted by her, you have to stop thinking before it’s too late, hope to know!

This is obviously a word of warning to the crowd, but in the eyes of the netizens, not only did it not make them feel unhappy and uncomfortable, but one by one they screamed with excitement, exclaiming good Su, good to keep male virtue.

Thus, after the title of National Husband, Fu Jingting was given the additional title of ‘Head of the Male Virtue Cla*s’, which made people laugh and cry.

At the same time, there were even more people who envied Rong Shu.

Everyone knew that netizens calling Fu Jingting’s husband was a joke and could not be taken seriously, including Fu Jingting himself who must have known this.

There are many male celebrities in the entertainment industry who are called husbands, whether they are single, have girlfriends or are married, they are still called husbands, and they know that they are just jokingly called by netizens, so they readily accept it, and never come out to warn against it like Fu Jingting did, including their girlfriends and wives, and even their girlfriends and wives are not jealous because they know that it is not true. They are not even jealous because they know that it is not true.

However, Fu Jingting still stepped in to tell netizens to stop calling it that, even though he knew it was a joke, which was proof of how much he loved Rongshu.

Even though he knew that there was a chance that Rong Shu wouldn’t care and wouldn’t be angry with the netizens calling him that, he still cared about her mood and was afraid that she would be unhappy while stepping in to tell the netizens to stop, and made it seriously clear that he didn’t like people calling him husband, and that he only wanted to hear Rong Shu call him that alone.

Such a strong, dedicated and also attentive man, how could he not poke the netizens’ su points.

Instantly, Fu Jingting’s popularity on the internet has reached an unprecedented level, watching the celebrities in the entertainment circle with hot eyes.

At Tian Sheng Group, Rong Shu still did not know what kind of craze Fu Jingting had created on the internet.

She was currently buried in her head, bitterly dealing with the documents sent up from below.

It was only when Secretary Tong handed over the finished funds statement and told her about the online affair that Rong Shu was able to value what Fu Jingting had done.

Looking at the words that Fu Jingting ate himself, Rong Shu’s heart was inexpressibly moved and joyful, and her eyes flushed with heat, “This guy”

“Chairman, Mr. Fu is really good to you.” Secretary Tong said as she stood across from her desk, looking at her enviously.

Rongshu nodded and gripped her phone tightly, “Well, since getting back together, he really has been treating me well beyond words.”

Now she had even gone online to warn the netizens for his sake.

That’s not the kind of move he used to be able to pull off.

But, just adorable.

Silly cute!

“Chairman, Mr. Fu ate you on the internet and said those spring-inducing words, won’t you reply?” Secretary Tong looked at Rong Shu’s phone and excitedly urged.

Rong Shu gave her a blank look, “You just want to eat both of our melons.”

“Hehehe.” Secretary Tong smiled embarra*sedly, “You guessed it by you, Chairman.”

“I don’t know you yet.” Rong Shu cried and laughed “Although you look like an old-fashioned and strict teaching director, in fact, you are just as lively as those young girls in the group who have just graduated and like to gossip.”

Secretary Tong said that Rong Shu had revealed her true character, and her face, which was often serious and earnest, could not help but blush at this moment.

Rong Shu waved her hand, “Well, you go out first and busy yourself, you are here too affect me, I don’t even know how to reply to him, you want to know, later on you can read it yourself on the Internet.”

Secretary Tong’s eyes lit up, “That’s right, then Chairman, then I’ll go out first.”

“Go on.” Rong Shu waved her hand.

Secretary Tong turned around and left.

Rong Shu tapped her phone back on and looked at Fu Jingting’s words as she ate herself, her red lips lifting slightly.

To be honest, seeing Fu Jingting being joyfully called husband by netizens, she was surprised at first, but at the same time, she also felt a little funny, and even wanted to see how he would look at that moment when he saw so many people calling him husband.

She wondered what his reaction would be.

As for whether she was jealous or upset when the netizens called him that, she really wasn’t.

She knew it was a joke, an act of joking by the netizens, not to be taken seriously.

She was not so petty as to take the netizens to task.

But to her surprise, Fu Jingting got serious and directly explained to the netizens that they were not allowed to call him that, and seriously stated that he would not be their husband, but hers alone, and that she could only call him that.

This action really shook her to her core.

Now, people on the internet, I guess, were even more envious and jealous of her, especially those women who were like her, whose own men were called husband by the netizens, probably envied her, enviously.

Thinking of this, Rong Shu couldn’t help but cover her lips and let out a laugh, then forwarded Fu Jingting’s scarf and typed a reply to have awareness, come back tonight and reward you!

She instantly blushed when the words were sent out, and she directly pinched her phone off, her heart beating fast as she clasped it back on her lap.

This was a very bold and suggestive statement, and anyone who looked at it would know what the so-called reward was.

It was the first time she had ever hinted at something like that with Fu Jingting, and in a public place where everyone could see it.

It could not be helped, who let this man’s actions today make her very satisfied and happy.

He had gone this far, so she thought she should be bolder and give him some benefits sometimes, too.

Because he was worth it.

Fu Jingting had set a special focus on Rong Shu, so the moment Rong Shu forwarded a reply to his message, his phone immediately rang with a beep.

When he saw the content of Rong Shu’s reply, his pupils instantly shrank, and he even had some disbelief on his face that this was really her reply.

But with the black characters on a white background there, Fu Jingting quickly calmed down and let out a low laugh, returning a good word below her comment section.

She was never this bold, and that kind of thing was never initiated by him.

Now she suddenly took such an initiative and said that she would reward him at night in front of the whole internet, probably because she was touched by his action.

He was now really satisfied with what he had just said, otherwise where else would he have gotten such a satisfying reward?