I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 957

Seeing this scene, Rong Shu could probably guess what kind of extra words of praise Fu Jingting had said.

It must have been some very fleshy words.

Otherwise, why was he so emotional?

Yes, even Sofia could see that this man was shy, and she, who had been with Fu Jingting for so long, naturally couldn’t fail to see it either.

The man’s skin was always thicker, and some flirty words popped out from time to time, but she hadn’t seen him show such a look.

So she was really curious what kind of fleshy words he had said to describe her that had made him, who was always so thick-skinned, shy.

However, the man made it clear that he would not say anything, and even though Rongshu was staring at him closely, he would not turn his head away.

He was afraid that if he did, she would catch him and he would have to say something.

When Rongshu saw that the man refused to turn his head around and face her, she knew that it was impossible to make him talk.

With no choice but to look helplessly at Sofia.

Sofia knew what she was losing and smiled, patting her on the shoulder and telling her not to worry, then beckoned for her a*sistant and spoke to him in Italian.

While Sofia was talking to her a*sistant, Rongshu didn’t ignore the man beside her.

She clearly saw the man’s slightly changed face, which seemed to be on edge.

What was he nervous about?

As she was thinking, Sofia’s a*sistant spoke up, “Miss Rong, the boss asked me to translate with you.”

The a*sistant was also a native of China, and although she had been abroad for many years, she had never lost her Mandarin, and her words were very authentic.

Hearing that the a*sistant had come to translate for Fu Jingting, Rong Shu’s eyes clearly lit up and she smiled gratefully, “That’s great, thank you.”

The a*sistant shook her head, “You’re welcome.”

After the courtesy, the a*sistant began to translate Sofia’s previous words.

Listening to the meaty compliments, Rong Shu only felt goosebumps rise all over her body and her whole body was embarra*sed.

It was because Fu Jingting’s compliments to her were almost like adding all the beautiful words in this world to her.

She herself didn’t even know how many words could be linked to her, how many words could be a*sociated with her.

She herself didn’t know that she turned out to be so good!

In short, she was a completely different person from what he said, it didn’t fit.

In saying that, he had made so many wonderful adjectives to describe him, did he really not feel embarra*sed in his conscience when he said it then?

Anyway, she was embarra*sed as hell.

Rongshu turned her head to look at Fu Jingting, looking at the tips of Fu Jingting’s increasingly red ears, her red lips opened, “Are you you really not lying to Teacher Sophia? I’m not as good as you say I am, what you’re saying is clearly not me.”

Although, right, she was indeed quite happy that he could describe her like that.

But the embarra*sment, the embarra*sment was real too.

“I didn’t lie to her!” Fu Jingting finally gave up and turned his head back, looking at her with eyes that became serious.

Next to her, the a*sistant was also translating the conversation between the two with Sofia in parallel.

But at this moment, Rongshu and Fu Jingting only had each other in their hearts, not bothering about others.

“How come you didn’t lie to her? Is this me you’re talking about?” Rongshu gave him a blank look, her face flushed.

No more, she couldn’t think about what he had said to Sofia at all.

The thought of it gouged a wall of embarra*sment in her heart.

“It’s you.” Fu Jingting nodded without hesitation when he heard Rong Shu say that.

The corners of Rongshu’s mouth twitched, “Where is this me? It doesn’t match me at all.”

“I know, but in my heart, you are like this, in my heart, you are the most beautiful person in the world, you are worthy of all the beautiful words in the world.” Fu Jingting looked at her and said in a sincere tone.

Rongshu’s brain boomed even redder, and


Before she could finish her words, she was cut off by Sofia from across the room.

Sofia looked at Rong Shu with a smile, “Miss Rong, you’ve wronged Mr. Fu, perhaps Mr. Fu’s description of you, you think it’s not even close to you, but to Mr. Fu, he thinks you are what he described, isn’t there an old saying in your country of China that says, in the eyes of a lover, there is a western beauty? The person you love, no matter what, is the most perfect one in your heart, and I believe that in Miss Rong’s heart, Mr. Fu is the same, right?”

When these words came out, Rong Shu was unable to speak at once.

She looked at Fu Jingting, as if asking him if it was what Sophia had said.

Fu Jingting nodded his head, indicating that it was so.

In his heart, she was the perfect one.

Rongshu was embarra*sed.

Even if it was a lover’s eye, he was still exaggerating a little too much, wasn’t he?

But, inexplicably, it was quite sweet.

“Does Miss Rong still want to know what I said to Mr. Fu just now?” Sofia added with a smile.

The a*sistant next to her translated very dutifully.

Rongshu looked at Fu Jingting and then at Sofia, then nodded her head repeatedly, indicating that she wanted to know.

She had just been curious.

Sofia didn’t sell herself short and quickly told the conversation she had just had with Fu Jingting.

Hearing the a*sistant translate, Fu Jingting said that she was the star he chased, the light in his life, and the whole thing blushed.

How dare he be more carnal?

She gave the man beside her a pout.

The man beside her coughed lightly and looked away again.

Sofia laughed and said, “I’ve known Mr. Fu for some years now, and I’ve always seen Mr. Fu’s cold and una*suming side, but this is the first time I’ve seen Mr. Fu with so many emotions and expressions.

“My work?” Rongshu was slightly surprised.

Sofia nodded, “Yes, many cold people don’t have the world in their eyes until they meet love, and when they meet love and have a lover, they become more and more human, that’s why I said, it’s your fault that Mr. Fu has become so human now, Miss Rong.”

Rong Shu was a little embarra*sed and ruffled the hair around her ears, “Miss Sophia is over-complimenting, I didn’t do anything.”

“You don’t need to do anything, your presence means the best to Mr. Fu, who will naturally change on his own because of your presence.” Sofia said with a smile.

Rongshu was even more embarra*sed and didn’t answer the question.

She was afraid that if she said any more, it would seem as if she was going to be mythologised.

Seeing her embarra*sment, Fu Jingting coughed again against his lips, looked at Sofia and said, “Well, that’s all that needs to be said, let’s get down to business.

“Here it is.” Sofia immediately lifted the bag in her hand and handed it to Rong Shu, “Miss Rong, this is the dress that Mr. Fu asked me to design for you, see if you are satisfied.”

“Okay.” Rong Shu took the bag with both hands, then thought of something and glanced at Fu Jingting, “Where is your gown?”

Fu Jingting didn’t answer, Sofia had already spoken, “Mr. Fu’s gown hasn’t been made yet, it’s still missing the last bit, so I tried yours first Miss Rong to see if there’s anything that needs to be modified, after all, ladies’ gowns are more complicated to modify than men’s, so I made your gown first.”

“So that’s how it is.” Rongshu nodded in a daze and said no more, sitting down, opening the bag and taking out the gift box containing the gown from inside.

The gift box was not tied with a ribbon, so Rong Shu easily uncovered the lid, revealing the fiery red gown inside.

The dress was a vintage Hepburn style with wide suspenders and a slim a-line skirt with a ruffled hemline underneath, giving the whole dress a sexy and playful look.

Rongshu fell in love with it right away.