I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1411

“Mum died before I could remember, so I have almost no memory of her, and some of what I know about her was told to me orally by my dad, my mum loved to draw when she was alive, and was especially good at drawing flowers, and lilies were the best, because mum’s favourite thing was lilies, and dad loved mum so much that everything mum liked, he liked, and mum’s most The flowers that mum liked, naturally became dad’s favourite, even though mum died twenty years ago, dad would still bring a fresh bouquet of lilies back every day.”

“Li Xiuzhi doesn’t have a problem with that?” Fu Jingting asked.

A trace of mockery flashed in Rongshu’s eyes, “Of course she did, but so what, she didn’t dare to tell dad because she depended on him to survive, so she could only hold back any more opinions, but I guess that’s why she hated my dad, so much so that she ended up poisoning him.”

“Li Xiuzhi still has many years left in her sentence abroad, I have already contacted the foreign emba*sy side, when Li Xiuzhi finishes her sentence, she will be deported back inside and continue her trial in China.” Fu Jingting looked at her and said.

Rongshu gave a muffled sound, indicating that she knew.

Obviously, she didn’t really want to mention this person too much.

Seeing this, Fu Jingting stopped talking and took her hand, “Let’s go, let’s go see father-in-law first.”

“Good.” Rong Shu squeezed the corners of her mouth, revealing a smile, and was led by him into the mausoleum.

Rong Hao’s tombstone, which Rongshu had had refurbished only a few months ago, looked as good as new, and even the photo had been replaced with a new one.

Rongshu squatted down and put the flowers down gently, before being helped to stand by Fu Jingting.

If she hadn’t been pregnant, he wouldn’t have been like this, and he wouldn’t have stopped her if she wanted to squat down and talk to Rong Hao.

But she was pregnant and not very pregnant, so it was best to stand.

Rongshu also knew her situation, so as the man helped her, she stood up in the same way.

“Jingting, will you leave for a while?” Rongshu looked up at the man, “I want to be alone for a while, to talk to papa.”

Fu Jingting nodded and agreed, “That’s fine, but not for too long, I’ll be worried.”

“Mm.” Rongshu responded with a smiling smile.

Fu Jingting took out a pair of gloves from his coat pocket and put them on her, “I’m more at ease this way. ”

“Okay.” Rongshu waved her hand at him.

Fu Jingting dropped a kiss on her forehead and turned to walk away.

He didn’t know what Rong Shu had said to Rong Hao, and after standing at a distance and waiting quietly, he waited a few minutes before checking his watch and counting the time.

After all, she was not well, especially since she had moved her baby yesterday.

The hospital side actually didn’t even recommend them to come out today, it was better to stay in the hospital.

But he knew that after yesterday’s incident, she must be very eager to see Rong Hao.

So he took a great risk and brought her out.

Of course, he had also calculated the time to get back to the hospital within three hours, so that he could be sure that she would be alright in the end.

Luckily, Rongshu knew in her own heart her current situation and went to see Fu Jingting as soon as half an hour arrived.

When Fu Jingting saw her approaching, he exhaled gently, “Finished?”

He hurriedly took her hand.

Rongshu nodded, “Finished, told dad a lot, I said everything I needed to say, I just don’t know what dad thinks, do you think he would really agree with us doing that?” Rongshu asked as she looked at the man.

The man was about to answer when a sudden gust of wind picked up.

But that wind was surprisingly not cold, instead it was very gentle and brushed directly across the two men’s cheeks.

Fu Jingting smiled, “Father-in-law seems to have agreed.”

Rongshu also felt very incredulous, “The wind just now ……”

“Maybe it really was father-in-law.” Fu Jingting said, “How else could it be such a coincidence? A wind blowing at this time of year?”

These words made Rong Shu feel quite reasonable.

But she also knew that there were no ghosts in this world, and the so-called wind was really just a coincidence, but this coincidence did make her heart feel a lot more relieved.

Perhaps, as Fu Jingting had said, Dad had agreed?

“Going back?” Fu Jingting lifted her hand up to his lips and gently blew hot air on it to help her warm it.

Her hands were very cold, and even with gloves on, they weren’t warm.

Lin Tianchen said that this belonged to her cold body, and that her hands and feet were cold when winter came, and that it was something that needed to be slowly toned up later and over a long period of time.

But now that she was pregnant, it wasn’t really suitable for her to tonic too much, so he could only use these methods to help warm her hands.

“Good, go back.” Rongshu agreed with a smile.

The two of them returned to the car.

Fu Jingting asked the driver to turn up the temperature a bit.

Rongshu leaned her head on his shoulder, “What’s wrong? Sleepy?”

He turned his head and gave her a look.

Rongshu’s head twitched and her voice softly responded, “A little.”

“Then go to sleep.” Fu Jingting took her into his arms and let her lie directly on his lap.

This way, she was going to sleep a little more comfortably.

Rongshu was indeed sleepy too, she hadn’t slept well last night and had been out for so long today, her body had long since become somewhat untenable, so after lying on Fu Jingting’s lap, she quickly fell asleep.

Looking at the woman’s peaceful sleeping face, Fu Jingting smiled gently and helped her to straighten her clothes so that she could sleep more comfortably.

An hour later, the hospital arrived.

Fu Jingting also had no intention of waking up Rong Shu, and directly carried her back to the ward like this.

It was just at this time that Lin Tianchen arrived.

He was not on duty in the morning, so he did not know about the two people going out. When he saw Fu Jingting carrying Rong Shu in, he immediately frowned, “Where did you go?”

“Out on some errands.” Fu Jingting also did not have the intention to elaborate, after putting Rong Shu on the hospital bed and covering her with the blanket, he returned indifferently.

Lin Tian Chen immediately rebuked him with dissatisfaction, “Can she run outside with a body like this now?”

“It’s just going for a while, it will be fine, not to mention that there are some things that must be done, otherwise it will do her even less good.” Fu Jingting’s eyes were clear and cold as he looked at Lin Tianchen.

Lin Tian Chen instantly understood what was going on and didn’t speak anymore.

But after two minutes, he rebuked Fu Jingting again, “What about you? Your heart hasn’t fully grown with the tissues yet, you’re walking around bumpy like this holding her, aren’t you afraid of something happening to your heart?”

Fu Jingting touched his heart, “I didn’t feel anything abnormal, and I only carried her all the way from the hospital entrance, not for very long, I know even if I’m not a doctor that I’m recovering very well now, I’m not weak to that extent yet.”

Lin Tian Chen raised his eyebrows, “Then you can see clearly, it’s just that, your own body, you take care of it yourself, I won’t say much else.”

Fu Jingting gave a hint, “What are you doing here?”

“To refill your medication.” Lin Tianda pushed his gla*ses, “The course of medicine you were given last time, you should have eaten almost all of it, this time refill it for you, you have to take different medicine for each stage of recovery, now untie your clothes, I’ll listen to the heart level.”

Lin Tian Chen took out his stethoscope from the pocket of his white coat.

Fu Jingting didn’t say anything more and cooperated by doing as he was told.

After some examinations, Lin Tianchen had a rough idea of Fu Jingting’s current heart recovery, and then picked up the medical record folder and pen at the side, and wrote on it with a brush, instructing him on what he needed to pay attention to next while he wrote.

Fu Jingting listened indifferently and responded.