I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1386

“What’s there to ask?” Fu Jingting muttered with a reluctant look on his face, and with a swipe of his thumb, he answered the phone.

As soon as the call was answered, Lu Qi’s loud voice came through, “Shu Shu ah, I thought you hadn’t even gotten your revenge, why did you remarry that dog Fu Jingting, it turned out that dog Fu Jingting had killed someone!”

A dog?

Fu Jingting’s temples jumped several times but could not be calmed down, finally he simply stopped suppressing his anger and spoke in a cold voice, “Lu Qi, do you want to die?”

At the other end of the phone, Lu Qi jumped up in shock, “Holy sh*t, how come it’s you, Fu Jingting? Where’s Shushu?”

sh*t, it was actually Fu Jingting who answered the phone.

Then wouldn’t the words he just said ……

Lu Qi sucked in a breath of cold air.

This was the end of the story, his own words of scolding Fu Jingting had been heard by this dog Fu Jingting.

This time, this dog Fu Jingting should hold a grudge.

“I don’t know!” Fu Jingting didn’t bother to answer Lu Qi, and he didn’t want Lu Qi to talk to Rong Shu, so he hung up the phone directly after his cold voice returned his words.

Rong Shu looked at the man’s gloomy handsome face and covered her lips in amusement, “Alright, don’t be angry, A Qi is just like that.”

“This b*****d, he actually scolded me, scolded me for something you heard too, right?” Fu Jingting asked as he put the phone down and looked at her.

Rongshu nodded, “I heard it.”

Not only had she heard it, she had heard it often.

Whenever Ah Qi mentioned Fu Jingting in the past, it was either that dog or that b*****d.

So she wasn’t surprised at all that Ah Qi would scold Fu Jingting like that.

“From now on, don’t answer Lu Qi’s calls, and hang up as soon as you see them, I’m afraid he’ll teach our children badly.” Fu Jingting pursed his lips and said coldly.

The baby is only as big as a green pea, what can he know?”

“Not even if it’s small, the book says that a child’s education starts from the unborn, that is, when it’s still in your belly, it’s called fetal education.” Fu Jingting looked at her belly, a serious science.

Rongshu hmmmmm’d twice, “And?”

“So you can’t care how small the child actually is, we as parents have to pay some attention to our words and actions, we can’t let the child pick up all the bad habits while it’s still in the womb.” Fu Jingting said with a serious face.

Rongshu cried and laughed, “Alright.”

She said, touching her stomach, her voice gentle, “Baby, did you hear that? Your daddy loves you so much, oh, he’s going to start focusing on your education now.”

“It is our child, of course I love it.” Fu Jingting also looked at her belly, his eyes full of pride and pride.

Finally, he thought of something and added, “But don’t worry wife, I won’t love the child more than you even if I do, you are the most important in my heart, the one I love the most.”

Rongshu really laughed out loud this time, “Saying it as if I would be jealous with the child.”

“I know you won’t.” Fu Jingting shook his head, “I just want you to know that you’re the one I care about the most, and the child can’t even compare to you.”

“I’m so glad you said that.” Rongshu said with a smile as she leaned into his arms.

Admittedly, she loved children too, but who wouldn’t want to be the one who was most special to others?

She felt the same way, too.

As the couple were talking, the next second, the phone rang again.

Fu Jingting’s eyebrows tightened again and his eyes vented accusations as he looked at the woman, clearly asking, “Why are you calling so much?

The next thing you know, you’re not going to be able to get a lot of calls.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Fu Jingting sighed and resigned himself to bringing Rong Shu’s phone over again.

As a result, when he looked at the caller ID, his handsome face turned gloomy again.

Feeling the man’s displeasure, Rongshu curiously turned her head to look and saw the caller ID on her phone, crying and laughing.

It turned out to be Cheng Huai calling.

For Fu Jingting, no matter who called, as long as it was a man calling, he was not happy.

“Still not answering?” Rongshu raised her eyes towards the man.

The man hung up the phone with an expressionless face, “No, I’m afraid I’ll teach my child badly.”

The corners of Rongshu’s mouth twitched, “You didn’t even answer the phone, Cheng Huai also didn’t say anything, how can you teach your children badly?”

This is not unreasonable, is it not?

The fact that he is a frivolous and dodgy person has permeated his bones, even his voice is not anxious, I am afraid that our children will hear his voice and be taught badly by him.”

Rongshu held her forehead, her heart sympathising with Cheng Huai from the bottom of her heart.

If Cheng Huai knew that Fu Jingting had smeared him like this, he would probably jump up and hit someone, right?

Let him be, just let him be, as long as he was happy.

The first thing that Cheng Huai would have guessed is that she was definitely not the one who hung up on him, but Fu Jingting.

When he saw that his phone had hung up, Cheng Huai first froze, then rolled his eyes, “It must have been that guy Fu Jingting who did it!”

In order to prevent others from calling and disturbing them, Fu Jingting simply turned off Rong Shu’s phone.

After it was switched off, his tightly locked eyebrows relaxed.

Rong Shu also let him be, and was not afraid of any repercussions if her phone was turned off.

Anyway, she had already handed over the company to the people he had arranged to manage it, so no one would call her again, and even if there was something she needed to sign off on, Lina would personally send it to the hospital.

As for the rest, on Duan Xingbang’s side, she had also attended the first court hearing, and the second one was still a month away.

So it’s okay to turn off the phone now.

In saying that, even if someone really wanted to find her, she could still find Fu Jingting there if she couldn’t.

“Happy now?” Rongshu asked the man with a smirk.

The man wasn’t embarra*sed and graciously admitted, “I’m happy.”

Rongshu shook her head and lost her smile.

All in all, the majority of people were happy about her pregnancy, but there were a few people who were extremely angry and unacceptable.

Among them were Liu Linlin and Su Man.

On Liu Linlin’s side, someone had told her about everything that was going on outside, especially about Fu Jingting and Rong Shu.

This was all arranged by Fu Jingting, to make Liu Linlin suffer.

The happier they were too, the more painful Liu Linlin would be.

So whenever something good happened between them, the people he had arranged would immediately tell Liu Linlin about it, and then Liu Linlin would have an emotional breakdown and just yell and scream like crazy.

This was all the punishment Fu Jingting had given Liu Linlin.

Who let Liu Linlin almost murdered Rong Shu.

Last time, when Liu Linlin learned that Fu Jingting and Rong Shu had remarried, she went crazy in the guardhouse.

This time was the same.

Although she was bad, she also really loved Fu Jingting.

How could she accept that he was lovingly married to another woman and had children?

Therefore, after hearing this, she naturally went into an emotional frenzy and made a scene at the detention centre, and then what awaited her was to be locked up in a small black room.

In the past two months, she had already been locked up many times, each time because she had heard about Rong Shu and Fu Jingting’s love affairs.

Now, she herself felt like she was going crazy.

Such a life was too painful, too torturous.

Yet while she had to go on living, she didn’t want to die.

But even if she didn’t want to die, the second trial, the final trial, was coming up.

With time getting shorter and shorter, plus having to hear about Rongshu and Fu Jingting’s loving relationship every day, she felt that she really wouldn’t last long before she went crazy.


Why did brother Jingting have to treat her like this?

She loved him so much, yet he treated her like this, he was so cruel!