No Matter What Chapter 110

Xiang Tian Yi was confused, and he subconsciously turned back to ask who was Di Jiu. “It’s true that they killed my nephew’s grandson.” Instead of waiting for an answer, Xiang Tian Yi heard Ouyang Mufei’s gnashing of teeth. “Peak Master Ouyang, who killed your nephew?” Xiang Tian Yi was even more puzzled. Ouyang Mufei … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 109

“At that time, Fang Ling was doing another thing with two Foundation Establishment cultivators, which allowed that Qi Practitioner cultivator to catch a chance and sneak up on Young Master Shao ……” Without waiting for Qi Wenbin to finish his words, Qi Zhi Huan interrupted him, “Let Fang Ling and those two Foundation Establishment stewards … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 108

The Swamp Sea Forest gets its name because, for one thing, most of the area is a dense forest of trees, with no boundaries. Secondly, the forest here is different from other places, in that any place in the Marsh Sea Forest can be part of the Marsh Sea. A place that looks like nothing … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 107

At the same time, the middle Qi cultivator who followed along also reacted and grabbed a long sword, followed by rolling up several sword maces and wrapping them towards Di Jiu. Di Jiu was even more upset about the longsword in his hand, if the one he was holding was not a longsword, he would … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 106

For an ordinary Qi cultivator, if they used it sparingly, it would take years to use up four or five hundred spirit stones. Di Jiu and Geng Ji plus a small tree man, the three of them used up a large portion of them straight away in just five days. Di Jiu had once crossed … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 105

“Ninth Brother, are we going to stay here for a long time? Is it possible that Ouyang Tao’s uncle will know that we killed Ouyang Tao?” Seeing Di Jiu put down the jade slip, Geng Jiuzhi asked in a hurry. Di Jiu sighed, “That’s right, his uncle is the peak master should be very powerful, … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 104

It was only when Di Jiu walked up to Ouyang Tao with his flying sword that Ouyang Tao came to his senses and shouted in panic, “Di Jiu, you can’t kill me. My uncle is the master of the River Gold Peak of the Star River Sect, if you kill me, my uncle will immediately … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 103

“Brother Tao, this woman is ugly, yes, that body is really good.” Qiao Za laughed heatedly, with some lewdness in his tone. Ouyang Tao waved his hand, “Don’t think about such nonsense, after this time, I will definitely talk to my uncle and let you join River Gold Peak, also how is the matter you … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 102

“That’s Senior Sister Mo Shuang.” When he was pa*sing an area where the outer disciples lived, Geng Jiuxiang suddenly called out. Without Geng Jiab speaking, Di Jiu also saw Jing Moshuang. In the large open area of the outer disciples’ residence, Jing Moshuang was standing here somewhat nervously. Apart from Jing Moshuang, there were at … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 101

Geng Jihua had been wandering around Di Jiu’s residence for a day, but Di Jiu had not opened the door, and he did not dare to knock on it. The joy of joining the Xinghe School was no longer visible on Geng Jiehua’s face. This was already the fourth day he had come to the … Read more