No Matter What Chapter 105

“Ninth Brother, are we going to stay here for a long time? Is it possible that Ouyang Tao’s uncle will know that we killed Ouyang Tao?” Seeing Di Jiu put down the jade slip, Geng Jiuzhi asked in a hurry.

Di Jiu sighed, “That’s right, his uncle is the peak master should be very powerful, but unfortunately I forgot one thing.”

“Forgotten what?” Geng Jiab asked.

“I forgot to ask Ouyang Tao why he was counting on Jing Moshuang. I suspect that the mastermind who is setting up Jing Moshuang is most likely not Ouyang Tao, and once it’s not Ouyang Tao, this won’t be good for us.” Di Jiu sighed, he had indeed forgotten about it.

In fact Di Jiu really didn’t care about why Ouyang Tao was scheming Jing Moshuang, nor did he put his mind on it. He just remembered that in case it wasn’t Ouyang Tao who had backstabbed Jing Moshuang, then it was a hidden danger for him if he didn’t know the reason.

Geng Jie could not help Di Jiu with anything, and what Di Jiu had forgotten, he naturally had even less way to think about it.

“Let’s not talk about that, you hold the spirit stone first and cultivate, I’ll see what’s going on.” Di Jiu took out a lower grade spirit stone and handed it to Geng Jiuxiang.

“Okay.” To Geng Jiab, the most important thing was to be able to cultivate.

Without seeing Di Jiu cultivate, Di Jiu could take out the oldest senior brother of the Star River Sect. Then there was that tree brother, who didn’t look like a simple fellow either, still had to follow Jiu. All these made Geng Jie deep down admire Di Jiu even more, inside his subconscious, Brother Jiu’s ability was very powerful.

If even Jiu couldn’t make him cultivate, then he should be out of luck.

It was not the first time that Geng Ji had run the Star River Technique, he had long known how to run it, the only thing was that he could not absorb spiritual energy at all when he ran the Star River Technique.

Di Jiu’s divine thoughts were always on Geng Jie’s body, and when Geng Jie was running the Star River Technique, he clearly caught it. He soon found out that Geng Ji’s condition was not that he could not absorb spirit energy, but that it was the same after Geng Ji absorbed spirit energy as it was without.

After the Spiritual Qi ran through Geng Ji’s body once away through the Star River Skill, it once again dissipated in space.

Could it be that the Star River Skill was not suitable for Geng Jiab to cultivate? Di Jiu’s divine thoughts kept observing on Geng Jiab’s body, and even penetrated into the circumference of the Heavenly Movement.

One was ignorant and the other was fearless.

If it was someone else who was cultivating and someone’s divine thoughts penetrated into the Circumstantial Circuits, the cultivator would have gone off the rails long ago. Geng Jie was originally a thick-headed person, and it seemed to him that Brother Jiu was always helping him, and when he was circumambulating his qi, there was no half-hearted hesitation or stagnation.

After several circumambulations in succession, Di Jiu observed down without any gain.

Not to mention that Di Jiu had just come into contact with cultivation, even if a Jindan cultivator came here, he would not necessarily be able to find out what was wrong with Geng Jie.

Di Jiu stretched out a finger and put it against Geng Jiab’s eyebrow, then said, “Geng Jiab, you go straight to cultivating your own, don’t mind my movements.”

Geng Jiab was just as ignorant of everything as Di Jiu was. How would he know that Di Jiu’s movements would accidentally shatter his purple mansion and make him a ruin?

Although Di Jiu was a master of the healing arts, cultivation and healing were two different things. It was only because he did not understand that he dared to do so.

When Geng Jiab’s circumference reached the Mud Pill, Di Jiu’s divine thoughts mobilised the grey stone in his sea of consciousness. The aura that Geng Ji had absorbed was instantly flushed once by the grey stone, and then was once again sent back to Geng Ji’s Mud Pill Palace by Di Jiu to continue the circumlocution.

In just one circumference, Di Jiu clearly felt that the spiritual qi absorbed in this circumference was transformed into true essence.

Di Jiu was so excited that he hurriedly lowered his hand.

Geng Ji was still unaware as he continued his circumlocution. After Di Jiu’s finger was taken away, his circumlocution was still able to convert the spiritual energy into cultivation.

It was just that at this moment, Geng Jie was completely immersed in his cultivation, unaware that Di Jiu had not continued to interfere with his cultivation.

Such a probability was extremely small, but it had actually succeeded.

Feeling Geng Jiab’s cultivation rising at a speed visible to the naked eye, Di Jiu grabbed out a pile of spirit stones and placed them next to Geng Jiab, then took out Ouyang Tao’s materials and began to refine the formation flag.

Half a day pa*sed and Di Jiu had set up a spirit gathering formation and a defence formation, both of which were second level spell formations.

Just by setting up the two formations alone, Di Jiu clearly felt that his understanding of the Dao of Formation was even more thorough. He had studied the Dao of Formation for a year or two before, but that was only with the help of the theoretical knowledge formed by the grey stones in his sea of consciousness. Now that he had set up two spell formations with his own hands, it only meant that Di Jiu had truly become a Dao of Formation practitioner.

“Boom!” The aura in the room fluctuated violently, Geng Ji opened his eyes and looked at Di Jiu with excitement and difficulty and said, “Brother Jiu, I can cultivate now, I can really cultivate now ……”

“Not only can you cultivate, the speed of your cultivation is even faster than mine. It’s only been half a day and you’re already at the first level of Qi cultivation.” Di Jiu was all but shaking his head, this guy’s qualifications were just a little too scary. It was only now that Di Jiu understood why that Elder Yu had made an exception and accepted Geng Ji.

“Thank you, Brother Jiu.” Geng Jie was so excited that his speech was a little incoherent, “I can clearly feel something now, when I cultivate, it’s as if water has come to me ……”

Di Jiu thought of when he was cultivating, that grey stone seemed to help him break the rules of heaven and earth in his cultivation in general, so that he would not fall into a daze in his cultivation, causing a feeling of stagnation. It also looked like Geng Ji had a far better understanding of the cultivation process than the average person because of that grey stone.

“What’s more polite, here’s a pile of spirit stones, you need to hurry up and cultivate. My cultivation speed is fast, don’t be left behind by me when the time comes.” Di Jiu pointed at the stones, now he had hundreds of spirit stones on him, he naturally wanted to convert them into cultivation before going to the Marsh Sea Forest.

“Yes, Brother Jiu, I also suspect that I absorbed the spirit energy in a third way, forming a rough and fuzzy star river …… within my body”

“The cultivation method of opening a star river vein?” Di Jiu asked in amazement, and then he was sure that Geng Jie wasn’t lying.

Through his grey stone, he had opened up the fourth way of the Star River Skill, the way of cultivating the Starry Sky Vein. Now that his grey stone had helped Geng halberd a little, Geng halberd was opening the cultivation way of the Star River Vein, it looked like this grey stone of his own came from too powerful a source.

“Geng Jie, you continue to cultivate. And don’t tell anyone about your cultivation method of opening the Star River Veins, understand?” Di Jiu cautiously admonished Geng Jiab.

In case Geng Jiab leaked out, then his little life, Di Jiu, would be finished.

“Brother Jiu, don’t worry, even if you kill me, I won’t say anything.” Geng Ji was not an idiot either, he guessed that the reason he opened the Star River Vein for cultivation was because of Jiu’s help. If this matter leaked out, it was likely to put Di Jiu in danger.

Di Jiu casually tossed out Shu Di again as well, “The protective formations are all set up, so let’s all cultivate together. I also have some grain-removing pills here, so everyone can take one if they’re hungry.”

As soon as Shu Di saw the spirit stones, his eyes glowed, and Geng Jie was just as eager to continue cultivating.

Di Jiu was the one who didn’t have spirit stones before, but now that he had gotten a bunch of them, he hurried to improve his strength.

The three of them cultivated frantically in the spirit gathering formation, and the spirit energy soon formed a vortex in the room.

Di Jiu had little experience, and as time went on, it was unlikely that others would want to not see this kind of cultivation movement.


The people who came to Marsh Sea Town were spread over almost the entire Northern Domain state, and even the remaining few domain states also had people coming. The main reason for this is that there are only five major forces in the entire town.

These five major forces are, respectively, the Pao League Pills, Jing Yi Fa Bao, Qi Family Merchant House, the Numakai Wei Family, and the Scattered Cultivation a*sociation.

According to reason, most of the people who come to Marsh Sea Town are casual cultivators, or scattered disciples of the major sects, so the strength of the casual cultivator a*sociation should be the greatest.

In fact, the strongest one in Nonghai Town is the Qi Family Merchant House, which is not a local power in Nonghai Town. Rumoured to be one of the top merchant houses in the entire continent, this merchant house would also have its own merchant house presence in any of the edges of the Extreme Night Continent.

Even in a place as sh*tty as Swamp Sea Town, the Qi Family Merchant House had a Golden Dan cultivator sitting in the town. One must know that a Golden Dan cultivator, in a normal clan, would be an elder’s existence.

The young master in the Qi Family Merchant House at the moment was Qi Shao, a complete Qi cultivator at the ninth level, and could even be said to be halfway to Foundation Establishment. In Marsh Sea Town, a complete Qi practitioner was considered a strong person.

Qi Shao also belongs to the Qi family’s direct lineage, and the reason why he has stayed in Num sea Town is because he has found that although there are no top treasures in this place, it is particularly helpful to his current realm cultivation. When he first came to Marsh Sea Town, he was only at the sixth level of Qi cultivation, but in just a year’s time, he had come to the ninth level of Qi cultivation. Even if he had cultivated in the sect, he probably would not have been able to do so quickly.

If he had to pa*s through the Foundation Establishment Pill to achieve Foundation Establishment, he would have succeeded in building the Foundation long ago. One reason why Qi Shao had not built his foundation so far was because he wanted to build his foundation without pa*sing the Foundation Establishment Pill, and the second reason was that he wanted to solidify his foundation. As a disciple from a large family, he naturally knew how big the difference was between building a foundation with the Foundation Establishment Pill and building a foundation without the Foundation Establishment Pill.

In the most spiritually dense room of the Qi family’s merchant building, Qi Shao was studying a jade slip of a spell technique he had just acquired when a message appeared in his communication bead.

A whirlpool of spiritual qi had appeared in the casual cultivator’s rest house in Marsh Sea Town, and I heard that the disturbance was made by two low-level casual cultivators who had just come here.

A low-ranking loose cultivator who had just come here could cultivate an aura vortex? Qi Shao immediately stood up. He came from the Qi Family Merchant House, so he naturally knew what the Aura Vortex was all about. The Qi Family’s Golden Dan Protector Wan Ling in Marsh Sea Town was also unable to make an aura vortex when he was cultivating.

One had to go and see what was going on.