No Matter What Chapter 104

It was only when Di Jiu walked up to Ouyang Tao with his flying sword that Ouyang Tao came to his senses and shouted in panic, “Di Jiu, you can’t kill me. My uncle is the master of the River Gold Peak of the Star River Sect, if you kill me, my uncle will immediately know about it, and you will be hunted down even if you flee to the ends of the earth.”

Di Jiu’s heart moved, originally he did intend to kill Ouyang Tao after asking him a few questions. Now that Ouyang Tao said this, he really had some scruples.

“That’s true ……,” Di Jiu mused.

When Ouyang Tao heard Di Jiu’s tone loosen up, he hurriedly said, “It’s true, I shall not be allowed to die for lying to you.”

As if sensing Di Jiu’s killing aura weakening, Ouyang Tao grabbed a jade bottle from his storage pouch, before Ouyang Tao could open the jade bottle, the flying sword in Di Jiu’s hand buzzed again, “Do you want to send a message back?”

“No, no, I’m just taking a healing elixir ……,” Ouyang Tao’s hand shook with fright.

He hadn’t really experienced this kind of situation, since entering the Star River Sect, only he, Ouyang Tao, had threatened others, when had anyone been able to threaten him, Ouyang Tao?

“Go ahead and eat, I’m going to ask you a few questions afterwards.” Di Jiu agreed for Ouyang Tao to eat the elixir.

Ouyang Tao hurriedly swallowed the elixir, “Go ahead and ask, I will definitely tell you everything. We are all brothers of the same discipline, even if there are some misunderstandings, just say it away.”

Feeling as if Di Jiu didn’t dare to kill himself, Ouyang Tao’s tension calmed down a little.

“Good, it is reasonable to say that Senior Sister Mo Shuang left earlier than you, how did you know what direction she went?” Di Jiu asked with a smile.

If Ouyang Tao said that he had followed Jing Moshuang’s mission to find her, Di Jiu didn’t mind immediately fixing this guy some more.

“I placed a divine thought mark on her storage bag.” Ouyang Tao didn’t dare to hide it.

What the hell is a divine thought mark? Di Jiu was worried that Ouyang Tao was lying to him, so he casually threw out the little tree man inside the ring, “Little tree man, what is a divine thought mark?”

“Big brother, are we coming out of the Heavenly Dipper Palace?” Tree Brother called out excitedly as soon as he came out.

Di Jiu slapped it up, “Cut the crap, now you just tell me what is the divine idea mark?”

Only then did Tree Brother react, this big brother of his sometimes wasn’t very good-tempered, this guy on the ground had both his legs chopped off, this was an example ah.

“Big brother, the divine thought is actually considered a kind of prohibition ……,” Shu Di just said, and Di Jiu understood.

“I have a divine thought marker jade slip here, I can take it for you to see.” Ouyang Tao was about to take something from his storage bag.

Without hesitation, Di Jiu slapped Ouyang Tao unconscious again and took his storage bag over.

“Brother Jiu, I really didn’t expect you to fight so well. And what’s this little tree man?” Geng Jie on the side only woke up at this time and said with some excitement.

Di Jiu raised his hand and sent another fireball to burn off the remaining traces, and dug another mud pit to bury the remnants and said, “For a few years, I fought with people every now and then, this thing is all about experience. And this isn’t the place to stay for long, let’s find a secluded place first.”

“What’s your name?” Treebeard talked a lot, and seeing that Geng Halberd was also following his big brother, he couldn’t help but ask.

“My name is Geng Halberd Flower, and Ninth Brother thought my name was bad, so he changed my name to Geng Halberd. Why do you look like a tree root?” Geng halberd was more honest and said what he had to say.

Shu Di cut out, “What resembles a tree root, I am an immortal tree in the form of a tree.”

Geng Ji was stunned by what TreeDee said and was at a loss for what to say when TreeDee said again, “You don’t have a great name now either ……”

The name of Geng Jident was given by big brother, so he hurriedly said again, “Big brother’s name is very good, my name is Shu Di only second to big brother, I suggest you be called Di X from now on. I suggest you be called Di 10 from now on.”

Geng Jiab rubbed his head and was wondering how to reply when he saw Ouyang Tao who was carried into the grove by Di Jiu, “Brother Jiu, why don’t you settle it and take a burden with you?”

“What this guy just said might be true, this place is very close to the clan, if I kill him, I might be chased by his whatever uncle. Let’s just wait here for a while, I’ll see what this guy has in his storage bag.” Di Jiu explained casually.

Ouyang Tao’s storage bag was locked by prohibitions, to Di Jiu, a level 4 formation master, these prohibitions were just open, and it only took him a few breaths to open Ouyang Tao’s storage bag.

“Prosperous, it really is a fortune.” Di Jiu laughed, he had never seen so many spirit stones before. Inside Ouyang Tao’s storage bag, there were at least four to five hundred spirit stones, there were also more than ten spirit stones with even more dense spirit energy, Di Jiu estimated that they were medium grade spirit stones.

“Big brother, from now on we will make such a fortune.” Shu Di had been in Fairy Star for many years, and he also sensed that this place was not Fairy Star anymore. Although he didn’t know how they got here, big brother’s a*s still had to be patted well.

Di Jiu gave another slap, “A great man does something, Ouyang Tao was trying to kill us, and that’s why I did it. To rob someone for no reason, wouldn’t it be a robber ……”

Speaking of this, Di Jiu remembered, sneered and stared at Shu Di and said, “I forgot that you were originally an indiscriminate killer, how many innocent people have you killed inside that lair of yours.”

“Big brother, I’m not sucking blood anymore now that I’m following you ……,” muttered Tree Brother timidly.

“Brother Jiu, that’s a good point you made, I understand now.” Although Geng Jiuzhi listened to Di Jiu, he did not have a thorough understanding of good and evil.

Di Jiu had already taken out all the things inside Ouyang Tao’s storage bag, a medium grade magic weapon lance, together with the extremely high grade magic weapon longsword he had before, Di Jiu got two magic weapons. Apart from that there were a few bottles of pills, Di Jiu smelled the pills, they should be for helping with cultivation.

Di Jiu had not learnt how to refine pills, and he could also feel that the pills had a lot of impurities.

What made Di Jiu most delighted was a small airship, which must be an airship magic weapon.

Flying magic treasures were more precious among all magic treasures. The materials used to refine flying magic treasures were rarer than usual, and the requirements for refiners were also higher, which caused there to be fewer flying magic treasures.

“I’ll refine this airship right away, you guys wait a moment.” Di Jiu gestured for Geng Jie and the little tree man to wait on the side as he began to refine the airship.

After only half an hour had pa*sed, Di Jiu had completely refined the airship. Between the divine thought drive, the airship transformed into a large ship nearly two feet long and one foot wide suspended in front of Di Jiu.

“This is good stuff.” The tree disciple knew about the flying magic treasure and exclaimed with delight.

“Get on the boat, let’s go.” Di Jiu carried Ouyang Tao and stepped onto the airship, greeting Geng Jie and Shu Di.

The airship was much faster than flying a sword, and it was also stable.

“Brother Jiu, where are we going now?” Geng Jiab felt the airship getting faster and faster, and he felt slightly uneasy in his heart. Not uneasy with Di Jiu, it was because he couldn’t cultivate.

Di Jiu had just read through all the several jade slips in Ouyang Tao’s storage bag and already had an idea in his mind, “Let’s go to the Marsh Sea Forest first.”

The Marsh Sea Forest was relatively far away from the Star River Sect, it would take three days by airship to a small workshop, and then teleport from the workshop to Marsh Sea Town.

Marsh Sea Town was the nearest gathering place of the Marsh Sea Forest, and many cultivators tried out in the Marsh Sea Forest and then returned to Marsh Sea Town to rest and replenish.

After the airship flew for a day, Di Jiu dropped Ouyang Tao inside a small forest. He didn’t kill Ouyang Tao, he just choked off Ouyang Tao’s vital pulse, and after a day Ouyang Tao would die on his own. This kind of thing, Di Jiu did not need anyone to teach him, he was a master of the healing arts.

He would not be soft on those who wanted to kill him.


Four days later, Di Jiu and Geng Jiuzhi walked out of the teleportation formation.

It was Di Jiu’s first time teleporting, and his divine thoughts were so powerful that he could barely feel anything. Geng Jie, who was tall but had no cultivation, started vomiting as soon as he got out of the teleportation formation. As for the little tree man, Di Jiu didn’t dare to let it out and left it directly in the Spiritual Medicine Garden ring.

Luckily, there were quite a few people like Geng Jident, so no one cared.

After arriving at Marsh Sea Town, the first thing Di Jiu did was to buy a map jade slip and a jade slip of the Marsh Sea Forest’s introduction. This kind of thing could be bought at any shop in Swamp Sea Town, and it was a must for almost every cultivator who came to Swamp Sea Town, and the price was not expensive. The simplest jade slip of a map and a brief introduction to the Marsh Sea Forest only added up to one lower-grade spirit stone.

Di Jiu purchased a slightly more detailed one, and the price for the two items combined was just three spirit stones.

No one knew him in this place, so the first thing Di Jiu and Geng Jie did after they found their place was to re-block their own place. This made Di Jiu even more determined that when he entered the Marsh Sea Forest, he would definitely collect a large pile of refining materials and learn to refine various formation flags.

His Formation Dao was a Level 4 Formation Master, but his level of formation flags only stayed at the Level 2 Formation Master level at most.

“Brother Jiu, I can’t cultivate, coming here is a drag on you ……” said Geng Jie worriedly as soon as he settled down, he had been worried about this matter for several days.

Di Jiu waved his hand, “You don’t have to worry, if you really can’t cultivate, that Elder Yu wouldn’t have let you join the Xinghe School. After I look at the situation in the Marsh Sea Forest, I will help you to see if you can cultivate like me.”

He still had a grey stone in his sea of consciousness, and Di Jiu would decide to help Geng Ji with the help of the grey stone later. If the grey stone still didn’t work, then he would look around for a means to help Geng Ji in how to cultivate without pure thunder spirit roots.

“But that’s Master Sister Foamy Shuang ……” Geng Ji did not say anything further, he saw that Di Jiu was already studying the jade slip.

He couldn’t cultivate, but he knew a lot of theoretical knowledge. After attending cla*ses for a few days, he naturally knew that there were many things recorded inside the jade slip.

Soon Di Jiu put down the jade slip, and he had a general understanding of the Marsh Sea Forest.

The Swamp Sea Forest was said to be a forest, but it was actually not entirely correct, as this forest was intertwined with swamps. Many swamps can kill you if you don’t step into them, and even Golden Dan cultivators can hardly avoid them. With danger comes opportunity, and with the vast expanse of the Marsh Sea Forest, countless low-level cultivators from the Northern Region come here to try their luck.