No Matter What Chapter 103

“Brother Tao, this woman is ugly, yes, that body is really good.” Qiao Za laughed heatedly, with some lewdness in his tone.

Ouyang Tao waved his hand, “Don’t think about such nonsense, after this time, I will definitely talk to my uncle and let you join River Gold Peak, also how is the matter you inquired about?”

Qiao Sa hurriedly said, “I’ve already investigated clearly, the Jing family is just a small family, and there are no cultivators in the family. However, the head of the Jing family, Jing Yao, was a foreign affairs order in the Hengyi Kingdom, so the Jing family still had some status, and Jing Yao was also Jing Moshuang’s father. Jing Moshuang was not liked by Jing Yao because of her ugly appearance and bad personality, and Jing Yao preferred her two sisters, Jing Mo Xue and Jing Mo Bing.”

“She has two other sisters?” Ouyang Tao asked in surprise.

Qiao Zha replied, “Yes, her two sisters have a very poor relationship with her and I heard that they rarely even speak to each other.”

“Hmm.” Ouyang Tao nodded, and after a moment asked, “Then does she have any other familiar people in the Star River Sect?”

“Rather, there are two ……”

Hearing that Jing Moshuang still had familiar people in the Xinghe faction, Ouyang Tao didn’t wait for Qiao Za to finish his sentence before asking eagerly, “Which two are they?”

Qiao Za understood Ouyang Tao’s meaning and said with a heated smile, “Brother Tao doesn’t need to worry, it’s two insignificant guys. One is called Di Jiu and the other is called Geng Jihua. These two guys have very poor spiritual roots, they wouldn’t have been able to enter the sect at all.”

“What was that about?”

“It’s because Elder Yu was in a good mood that day when he won a bet with the resumption elder. It just so happened that he met these two guys to test, and these two guys happened to know Jing Moshuang, so Elder Yu casually said something about it, allowing these two lucky guys to join the outer sect of the Star River Sect.”

Hearing Qiao Za’s explanation, Ouyang Tao sighed in relief, then added, “When this side is done, find a chance to do away with that Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua.”

“Brother Tao, don’t worry, two guys who can’t cultivate, I’ll find a chance to finish them off even if you don’t say so.” Qiao Sa smiled grimly.

Di Jiu was furious at hearing this, these two b*****ds, if he didn’t come to hear about it, he wouldn’t know that he was being missed for no reason.

“Huh!” Ouyang Tao suddenly looked down and gave a startled eek.

“What?” Hearing Ouyang Tao lower his head and eek, Qiao Zha hurriedly asked.

Ouyang Tao snorted coldly, “It looks like this woman has some suspicions, she actually went to the Quest Hall and took the Quest to find the Heavenly Tong Flower, she should be trying to escape. Qiao Zha, you go and take up the mission for Raging Wind Ridge right away. Since she doesn’t want to wait a day, then let’s make it happen.”

“Okay.” Qiao Sa quickly pushed the door out, and outside Di Jiu could see clearly that he should have gone in the direction of the mission hall.

After Qiao Sa left, Ouyang Tao also left quickly, Di Jiu saw that the direction he went was exactly where he left the sect.

This time Di Jiu didn’t go to follow him, originally he just wanted to investigate what was going on and whether he wanted to disadvantage Jing Moshuang.

Now that Ouyang Tao wanted to kill him, he didn’t have the slightest intention of avoiding him. If he wanted his life, he would naturally take it in exchange.

Leaving the sect had to be an excuse if it took long, and Di Jiu likewise intended to take up a mission.

Di Jiu ran as fast as he could to Geng Jie’s door and tapped it a few times calling out, “Geng Jie, go wait for me outside the sect immediately.”

After saying these words, Di Jiu didn’t even wait for Geng Jiab to answer before he hurriedly ran towards the mission hall.

Just as Di Jiu walked into the Mission Hall, he saw Qiao Sa walking out of the Mission Hall, looking like he had received a mission from Raging Wind Ridge.

“I’ll take quest number 109.” Di Jiu didn’t even look at what the quest was, he just looked at the deadline for completion behind the quest.

The deadline for completion behind mission number 109 was half a year, and after he went out to do Qiao Sa and Ouyang Tao, it would be best for him to stay out for a while longer and come back. Hearing that Ouyang Tao said, what kind of uncle could still let Qiao Sa go to some river gold peak, it looked like the status was not low, he’d better be careful.

“You want to take mission 109?” The female cultivator in the mission hall looked at Di Jiu in surprise and thought she had heard wrong.

Di Jiu said in a somewhat impulsive tone, “What’s the problem?”

Originally, she wanted to tell Di Jiu that this mission was dangerous, but when she heard Di Jiu’s tone, the female cultivator didn’t hesitate to say, “Give me your identity card, I’ll register it for you.”

Di Jiu handed over his identity card, after the female cultivator looked at Di Jiu’s identity card, she shook her head speechlessly, a new outer sect disciple actually dared to accept the mission of Thousand Floating Fort, was he looking for death?

Di Jiu only hoped that it would be done as quickly as possible, and after he got the mission tag, he turned around and left without hesitation. He was worried that if he took too long, he wouldn’t be able to catch up with Ouyang Tao.


“Brother Jiu, I’m coming.” As soon as Di Jiu reached the place where the clan exit was, he saw Geng Jie who was waiting there.

“I’ve taken a mission, go out together to do the mission, get some sect points and come back to exchange them for spirit stones for cultivation.” Di Jiu gave Geng Jiab a pat on the back.

Geng halberd didn’t understand what it meant, accelerated a few steps to Di Jiu’s side and said in a low voice, “Brother Jiu, I saw that Qiao Sa just now, he hurriedly went that way.”

After saying that, Geng Jie also pointed to a direction outside the square.

“I know, let’s go find trouble with Qiao Za.” Di Jiu quickened his pace.

Qiao Sa and Ouyang Tao obviously didn’t expect anyone to follow them out, and as soon as Di Jiu and Geng Jiab walked out of the square, they saw Ouyang Tao and Qiao Sa who had converged together.

“Brother Jiu, that Ouyang Tao is very powerful.” Geng Jident spoke with some worry when he saw Di Jiu leading him to follow Ouyang Tao and Qiao Za.

“They are going after Senior Sister Mo Shuang, they are just powerful, we have to go after them too.” Di Jiu grunted.

Geng Jiab immediately nodded, “Right, we definitely can’t let them go after Senior Sister Mo Shuang.”

Geng Jiab was not very bold, but the man did have some gusto.

Under Di Jiu’s intentional exposure, not far from the sect, he and Geng Jiab were discovered by Ouyang Tao.

“Brother Tao, why don’t we use flying magic treasures to chase?” Seeing that Ouyang Tao had walked for half a day and had not sacrificed that airship magic treasure, Qiao Sa somewhat couldn’t help but ask.

Flying magic treasures, which many disciples with perfect Qi training did not have either, and even some inner disciples who had just crossed into the Foundation Establishment stage did not necessarily have them. Ouyang Tao had an airship, and that was because his uncle, Ouyang Mufei, was the master of the River Gold Peak.

Ouyang Tao smiled grimly, “There are two gnats to die, how dare they follow me, so I’ll take them to a remote place and bury them.”

“One fellow is Geng Halberd Flower.” Qiao Sa also spotted the two people following behind him.

Ouyang Tao nodded, “It looks like the other one should be Di Jiu, why are these two guys following us?”

“Could they have found out that we were there to follow Jing Moshuang?” Qiao Sa said suspiciously.

“Whether it is or not, we’ll know after a while.” Ouyang Tao quickened his pace.

“They’ve found us.” Seeing Ouyang Tao speed up his pace and change direction, Di Jiu knew that his aim had been achieved, at least Ouyang Tao wouldn’t suddenly use his flying magic treasure to fly away.

After only half an hour had pa*sed, Ouyang Tao lost his patience and stopped Di Jiu and Geng Ji behind a small hill.

“Brother Jiu, they found us a long time ago.” Geng Jie was an afterthought and only woke up when he was stopped.

“Qiao Sa, go and cut the legs off these two little gra*shoppers and carry them over.” Ouyang Tao had no intention of doing it himself.

Qiao Sa comprehended Ouyang Tao’s meaning, he likewise did not look at Di Jiu and Geng Jie in the eye, and with a single hand, two wind blades were thrown out.

In his eyes, the two ants who had just been initiated and had not yet cultivated would definitely have their legs cut off under his wind blades.

“Pffff!” The four wind blades collided in the air, and the true essence exploded with a poofing sound in the air.

“What’s going on?” Qiao Sa froze for a moment, and before he could come back to his senses, Di Jiu once again raised his hand and waved out a wind blade.

“Poof!” Blood splashed out and Qiao Sa was cut off by Di Jiu. A fireball then landed on Qiao Sa, who was instantly wrapped up in the fireball, emitting an odd smell. Qiao Sa was only a mere third level Qi practitioner, when Di Jiu was at the third level of Qi practice, he could have finished Qiao Sa, not to mention that Di Jiu was once at the seventh level of Qi practice, and now that his cultivation had dropped, he was even stronger than when he was at the seventh level of Qi practice.

“You actually practiced?” Ouyang Tao was shocked and grabbed out a long sword with his open hand. The longsword shook in his hand and split into a dozen sword maces wrapped towards Di Jiu.

Di Jiu had once had a top grade magic weapon chopper, and once he took a look at Ouyang Tao’s longsword, he knew that it was a top grade magic weapon.

“Brother Jiu ……” Geng Jiuzhi also looked at Di Jiu in shock.

Di Jiu grabbed out the lower grade magic weapon flying sword, which was treated as a long sword by Di Jiu, and slashed down with one blow. Di’s third blade, Di’s whirlwind blade.

The flying sword rolled up a swirl of sword qi, forming circle after circle of sword qi to clash with Ouyang Tao’s splitting sword mane.

“Ka-ching!” The sound of the sword aura shattering was clearly visible, but Di Jiu was relieved. Ouyang Tao looked like he should be in the late stage of Qi cultivation, he was worried that Ouyang Tao was out of the clan and was more powerful than him, a casual cultivator. With this impact Di Jiu knew that Ouyang Tao and him were still far apart.

The swirling sword qi rolled all of Ouyang Tao’s sword aura together and directly churned it up.

The fact that Di Jiu had cultivated it was enough to shock Ouyang Tao, but now Di Jiu had churned up his sword aura with a single sword. At this point, how could Ouyang Tao not know that he was no match for Di Jiu and he immediately had to retreat.

Di Jiu was very experienced in combat, so how could he let Ouyang Tao get away? The flying sword in his hand once again brought him back, and both of Ouyang Tao’s legs were cut off by Di Jiu.

Ouyang Tao fell to the ground, looking at Di Jiu in panic, and actually did not beg for mercy for a while.