No Matter What Chapter 102

“That’s Senior Sister Mo Shuang.” When he was pa*sing an area where the outer disciples lived, Geng Jiuxiang suddenly called out.

Without Geng Jiab speaking, Di Jiu also saw Jing Moshuang.

In the large open area of the outer disciples’ residence, Jing Moshuang was standing here somewhat nervously. Apart from Jing Moshuang, there were at least twenty to thirty other outer disciples here.

“Brother Jiu, there’s also the guy who robbed Senior Sister Moshuang of her storage bag, the one in yellow. Huh, that robbed storage bag seems to be hanging in the middle ……” Geng Ji finally got some enlightenment and stopped calling that guy who robbed Senior Sister Jing Moshuang’s storage bag Senior Brother.

“Walk over and take a look.” Di Jiu immediately walked over.

In the middle of this open space, a storage bag was hanging in the middle, besides this storage bag, there was a small pile of spirit stones, Di Jiu took a brief look, there were at least thirty of them. Beside this small pile of spirit stones, there were several jade bottles.

“Senior Brother Tao, this is all I have with me. I shouldn’t have forced to buy Senior Sister Foamy Shuang’s storage bag, Senior Brother but if you have a reprimand, I’ll take it all.” The yellow-clad cultivator said respectfully, his tone revealing trepidation and anxiety.

A tall man with a cultivator’s bun on his head walked out, and he shouted angrily at the yellow-clothed cultivator, “Get lost, keeping trash like you in my Star River Sect is a disgrace to my sect.”

After this tall man finished speaking, he said to the clasped fist and arched his hand to the surroundings, “My Star River Sect is all about unity and fraternity. Qiao Sa, as a cultivator at the third level of Qi training, openly snatched an outer disciple who had just joined the sect. Unfortunately, I am not a sect enforcer, if I were a sect enforcer, I would have told such scum to get out of the Star River Sect long ago. Now I will take back Qiao Sa’s things and return them to Senior Sister Mo Shuang. As for those spirit stones and pills, they will be counted as compensation for Senior Sister Mo Shuang’s expenses.”

“Senior Brother Tao is mighty!” The surrounding cultivators applauded together, with respect in their tone.

When Di Jiu saw this scene, he was really a bit stunned. The disciples of the Star River Sect were actually so righteous? And cared that a newly initiated disciple was robbed of his things?

The man known as Senior Brother Tao nodded to the surroundings before turning his head to Jing Moshuang and saying, “Senior Sister Moshuang, you can take these back.”

Jing Moshuang hurriedly bowed, “Thank you senior brother Tao for helping me out, I have just started, so this storage bag will be given to senior brother Tao.”

Di Jiu looked at Jing Moshuang even more incomprehensibly, Jing Moshuang had just entered the sect, she should also know the value of a storage bag, ah. It was originally hers, why should she casually give it to senior brother Tao?

“Haha ……” Senior Brother Tao laughed and patted the storage bag on his waist and said, “If I ask for Senior Sister Mo Shuang’s storage bag, the many senior students will still think that I, Ouyang Tao, am here for this storage bag, Senior Sister Mo Shuang I don’t want to make things difficult for me. Besides, I also have my own storage bag.”

Jing Moshuang once again saluted and said, “Then I will take my storage bag away, I don’t dare to ask for anything else.”

After saying that, Jing Moshuang was about to go forward to take the storage bag.

Not waiting for Jing Moshuang to get the storage bag, Ouyang Tao had already put the spirit stones and two jade bottles into the storage bag, and sent the storage bag to Jing Moshuang’s hand, “Senior sister Moshuang, don’t worry, although my Star River Sect is a second-rate sect, we all love and help each other.”

“Then, thank you, Senior Brother Tao.” Jing Mo’s hands gave a beat, but she still put the storage bag away and gave another thanks.

“Alright, let’s all disperse. In the future, if you have any matters, all senior students can go and look for me, Ouyang Tao.” With a wave of his hand, Ouyang Tao spoke with a tone of sincerity and honesty.

“Many thanks, Senior Brother Tao.” The crowd joined together in thanks.

Geng Jiab rubbed his hands together, “Brother Jiu, this Senior Brother Tao is really a good man, this is the real Senior Brother of my Star River Sect.”

Di Jiu also thought at first that Ouyang Tao was someone who had come to truly help Jing Moshuang, just like him. After all, Jing Moshuang was disfigured and didn’t have any backstage. However, when his divine thoughts landed on Jing Moshuang, he sensed that something was wrong.

Jing Moshuang’s hands were shaking a little when he was putting away his storage bag.

Moreover, his divine thoughts sensed that Jing Moshuang was very nervous, one could even say that she was very scared. Not only that, Jing Moshuang had never looked up at the surroundings from the beginning to the end, and after taking the storage bag, her steps in leaving were a bit messy. It was only logical that Jing Moshuang would be happy to have her storage bag back, with a few dozen more spirit stones?

“Geng Jiuxiang, go back to your residence first and wait for me, I’ll go out for a bit and come back.” Di Jiu had experienced life and death many times, so how could he not know that Jing Moshuang had something on her mind.

If it was an ordinary person, it would be fine, but Jing Moshuang was kind and had helped him a few times. If he could help her, Di Jiu didn’t mind doing Jing Moshuang a favour.

“Good.” Geng Jiuxiang was a gutless person who wouldn’t think too much at all.

As the crowd dispersed, Di Jiu deliberately sighed as he was sandwiched between a few cultivators, “Senior Sister Mo Shuang is also lucky to get a storage bag and to get help from Senior Brother Tao. When will I also have this kind of luck and be able to answer the questions that no one knows how to answer?”

A slender-eyed cultivator walking beside Di Jiu laughed heatedly, “Don’t even think about it, that question will be asked by Master Xun every time he teaches the Dao, and so far, only Senior Sister Mo Shuang has answered it. It shows that if you want good luck, you also have to have good talent.”

Asking every time? Di Jiu didn’t continue to ask, he felt that there was something odd about this matter.

Di Jiu’s divine mind was powerful now, he was careless and hung far behind Jing Moshuang. Jing Moshuang’s residence wasn’t remote, it was also in an outer disciple’s living area. Her spiritual roots were not that good, and naturally she was not on the same level as Di Jiu and Geng Ji, so her living quarters were also better than Di Jiu and Geng Ji.

After Jing Moshuang entered the house and closed the door, Di Jiu waited outside for a while to make sure that no one was following him before he landed at the back corner of Jing Moshuang’s house and gave himself a few concealment bans.

He was now a rank four formation master, even if he had very little practice yet, the concealment bans he had made with his hands, in this outer disciples’ living area, it was estimated that no one would be able to see them.

After concealing himself, Di Jiu’s divine thoughts landed in Jing Mo Shuang’s room. Jing Moshuang was sitting on the bed with his storage bag in his hands, somewhat dazed.

However, Di Jiu was a little surprised, he only noticed the aura fluctuation on Jing Moshuang’s body at this time. According to his understanding, Jing Moshuang was at least a cultivator at the first level of Qi cultivation.

It had only been a few days since Jing Moshuang had entered the Xinghe Sect? How fast did she have to be to cultivate? He did not believe that Jing Moshuang had acquired that heaven defying grey stone like him. This kind of cultivation speed, was it really the Three Spiritual Roots?

Could it be that Jing Moshuang had a secret that was known to Ouyang Tao? Was this why Ouyang Tao wanted to contact Jing Moshuang? After about half an hour, Di Jiu still hadn’t seen that Ouyang Tao come over, and he was a bit doubtful if his judgment was correct.

Just when Di Jiu was about to enter Jing Moshuang’s house to say hello, a shadow suddenly appeared in Di Jiu’s divine thoughts.

The shadow was very fast and arrived outside Jing Moshuang’s house in the blink of an eye.

It was that Ouyang Tao, Di Jiu immediately recognised the visitor, he had not misjudged, Ouyang Tao must have had another reason for saving Jing Moshuang.

Ouyang Tao knocked on the door and called out in a soft voice, “Senior sister Mo Shuang, are you there?”

Di Jiu’s divine thoughts clearly saw Jing Moshuang’s hand tremble slightly, then she regained her composure and hung her storage bag on her waist before quickly taking a few steps to open the door. When she saw that it was Ouyang Tao, her eyes showed surprise and she said, “Senior Ouyang, hurry up and please come in.”

Ouyang Tao did not enter the room, instead he stood at the door and said, “Senior sister Mo Shuang, I won’t go in. The day after tomorrow, I’m going to the Raging Wind Ridge Trial with Senior Sister Wang Qi and Senior Brother Yue Chi, so you can go along too.”

“But I’ve only just joined the sect, I don’t have any cultivation at all ……” said Jing Moshuang with some trepidation.

Ouyang Tao waved his hand, “It doesn’t matter, it’s because you have a low cultivation level that you have to go to the trial, that’s how I followed senior brother Ving in the trial at the Raging Wind Ridge. Alas, the sect is so big that there are some people with bad character after all. You have another storage bag, I just hope you can step into the middle stage of Qi training quickly, by that time trash like Qiao Sa shouldn’t dare to do anything to you.”

Obviously, Ouyang Tao meant that he wanted to help Jing Moshuang to quickly raise his cultivation level so that Jing Moshuang could keep what he had.

“Ah ……” Jing Moshuang gave a surprised ah, and then bowed and saluted, “Thank you senior brother Ouyang, I understand senior brother’s meaning, senior brother can’t always stay inside the sect all the time. Then I will prepare tomorrow and go to Raging Wind Ridge with my senior brothers and sisters the day after tomorrow.”

“Good, I’ll go first, let’s wait for you at the Mission Hall the day after tomorrow. Before we go, we’ll take a sect mission for Raging Winds Ridge on the way. Our Star River Sect’s points are most important, so if we can get some points back this time, Senior Sister’s cultivation will improve a little faster.” Ouyang Tao said another sentence before turning around and leaving.

After Ouyang Tao left, Di Jiu did not intend to continue talking to Jing Moshuang, he was about to go and follow Ouyang Tao when he saw Jing Moshuang quickly pack up her things and then walked out of the house and quickly went away in the opposite direction of Ouyang Tao.

Di Jiu didn’t care where Jing Moshuang went, he was curious to know what Ouyang Tao meant by counting on Jing Moshuang. Jing Moshuang only had a storage bag, if he wanted the storage bag, he would have given it to him before, but he didn’t ask for it. If he said he liked Jing Moshuang, then Di Jiu himself did not believe it.

Where Ouyang Tao lived, Di Jiu didn’t know at all. After following him for most of an hour, he found that Ouyang Tao had entered what seemed to be an outer disciple’s ordinary dwelling as well.

In Di Jiu’s opinion, Ouyang Tao’s cultivation level should be at the late stage of Qi cultivation, so it was reasonable that he would not live in such a rubbish place.

When Di Jiu’s divine thoughts landed on this house, he was a little confused. There was even Qiao Sa inside the house. Wasn’t Qiao Sa the guy who had robbed Jing Mo Shuang’s storage bag and then was taught a lesson by Ouyang Tao?