No Matter What Chapter 101

Geng Jihua had been wandering around Di Jiu’s residence for a day, but Di Jiu had not opened the door, and he did not dare to knock on it. The joy of joining the Xinghe School was no longer visible on Geng Jiehua’s face.

This was already the fourth day he had come to the Xinghe School, and he had gone to the lectures for the previous three days, and he had tried to cultivate for three days in a row. After three days had pa*sed, he could not even feel the aura, not to mention which way he could cultivate the Star River Technique.

It was only at this point that Geng Zhifa was convinced that he really had rubbish qualifications. This was because the teacher who taught him the Dao had made it clear that everyone could cultivate the Star River Skill.

“Boom!” The anxiously wandering Geng Jiehua finally felt a vibration from Di Jiu’s house, and he hurriedly went to the door to listen to it.

After another full half hour, Di Jiu’s door suddenly opened.

“Geng Jiehua, what are you doing here?” Di Jiu looked suspiciously at Geng Jihua who was hovering at the door.

“Brother Jiu, I’m finished.” Geng halberd flower cried out, grabbing her hair, looking anxious and dishevelled.

Di Jiu, however, was in a good mood; in three days’ time, his cultivation level had fallen directly to the fourth Qi Practitioner layer. However, after reaching the fourth level of Qi training, his cultivation level started to rise, which meant that his true essence had compressed to the extreme and would not continue to compress.

At this moment, his divine thoughts released were more than twice as powerful as when he was at the seventh Qi cultivation level, an improvement that only Di Jiu himself could deeply feel.

“What’s going on, come in and talk.” Although Di Jiu was a little hungry, he still intended to help Geng Jiehua first.

“Brother Jiu, I can’t cultivate, I’m a spent spirit root.” Geng halberd flower said anxiously as soon as she entered the room, her tone almost ready to cry.

The first thing that came to Di Jiu’s mind was Elder Yu, he couldn’t solve the problem even if Geng Hanhua couldn’t cultivate, that Elder Yu had recruited them into the house with broken qualifications, but he had disappeared. The first thing that came to mind was that Elder Yu had recruited Geng Jiehua, so there must be a way for Geng Jiehua to cultivate.

After finding the only person he knew to speak out his inner anxiety, Geng halberd flower seemed to settle down a lot and said all the things he had listened to in cla*s over the past few days, adding that he could not absorb the aura at all according to what his Dao-teaching master had done.

“Wait ……” Di Jiu suddenly thought of his own way of cultivation, “halberd flower, you said that the third way was only done by Xinghe Lao alone? Then did the Dao-teaching teacher say anything about the fourth way to cultivate the Star River Skill?”

Geng Halberd Flower shook his head, “No, at that time, he said that the third way of cultivation couldn’t even appear, because there shouldn’t be any more geniuses who could cultivate through the third way in the Extreme Night Continent.”

Di Jiu frowned, he was sure that the way he cultivated the Star River Skill was not the third one. The third kind was to form an illusory star river within his body when he was running the Star River Skill, which filtered the spiritual qi and then ran around the sky.

The way he practiced the Star River Skill was to form an illusory star in his body, which filtered the spiritual qi and then formed a circumlocution.

Even though Di Jiu was dull, he could still distinguish clearly between a star river and a starry sky. A starry sky can have countless rivers and can be vast, while a starry river is only within a certain range and has an edge after all.

After he cultivated the Star River Skill, the formation of the starry sky within his body could be more than just his own senses, but there was a deep inner intuition that it was the starry sky.

“Ninth Brother, what about me?” The voice of Geng Zhifa speaking interrupted Di Jiu’s contemplation.

Di Jiu stood up and patted Geng Hanhua’s shoulder, “You don’t need to worry, there are still three years left. In the future, I will take some missions and go out to look for cultivation resources, and you will go with me. In the process, I will help you find how you can only cultivate.”

Di Jiu knew his own business, after cultivating the Star River Skill, he needed spiritual energy so terribly that even he couldn’t believe it himself. If he continued to stay in this isolated house and cultivate for many more years, I was afraid that he would only be able to stay at the middle stage of Qi cultivation.

If he wanted to cross over to a higher level, he had to go in search of cultivation resources.

“I’ll listen to Ninth Brother.” Geng Jihua was now at a loss for words, and simply did not know what to do.

Di Jiu said helplessly, “Halberd Flower, you are at least a man, don’t be so clueless about everything, have your own opinions about things. Also, I made the decision to change your name, from now on it will be called Geng halberd, the word flower removed.”

“Oh oh ……” Geng halberd oh a few times, seems to have something to tell Di Jiu, but some not quite dare to say general.

“Say what you have to say directly, don’t stammer and hesitate in the future.” Di Jiu felt that Geng Jiab was really too honest, this would not do in the cultivation world.

“Yes.” Geng Jiab said carefully, “The day before yesterday Senior Sister Jing Moshuang was beaten up ……”

Di Jiu was stunned, and then asked with some uncertainty, “Geng Xie, you said that Senior Sister Mo Shuang was beaten up? What happened?”

Inside his impression, Jing Moshuang was still very kind and very intelligent. With someone as smart as her, it was only logical that she wouldn’t get into trouble.

“After the cla*s the day before, the Daoist teacher asked a question, but no one could answer it. Later, the teacher took out another storage bag and said that if anyone could answer the question he asked, the storage bag would be his. Later on, Senior Sister Mo Shuang stood up and answered the question ……”

Di Jiu interrupted Geng Jie, “You said that so many people couldn’t answer it and only Senior Sister Mo Shuang could answer it? What kind of question was it?”

Geng Jiab started scratching his hair again and thought for a while before saying, “That question was very complicated and I didn’t understand it. It seems to be something like what to do if something goes wrong in the process of cultivating the Star River Skill.”

Di Jiu knew that with Geng Jiab’s big brain, it was probably hard to explain clearly, so he had to ask, “Did someone covet Senior Sister Mo Shuang’s storage bag and deliberately find fault with it?”

Geng Jiuxiang replied, “I guess so, after the end of the teachings, I saw two brothers stopping Senior Sister Mo Shuang on my way back, and one brother took out three spirit stones and said he wanted to buy Senior Sister Mo Shuang’s storage bag. When Sister Mo Shuang said she wouldn’t sell it, he said that since she wouldn’t sell it, she should return the spirit stones to me. I saw with my own eyes on the side that that senior brother did not give the spirit stones to Senior Sister Mo Shuang, but secretly put them away himself.”

Di Jiu’s face turned ugly, something that even he wouldn’t have done when he was rampaging through the streets of Ji Guo.

“Later on, he slapped Senior Sister Mo Shuang and sent her flying many miles away, and scolded the ugly b*****d, snatched away Senior Sister Mo Shuang’s storage bag, and seemed to have retrieved three more spirit stones from inside Senior Sister Mo Shuang’s sleeves.” After Geng Jiab finished, he hurriedly added, “I was planning to go and help, but they ended up walking too fast ……”

As soon as Di Jiu saw that Geng Jiabao did not dare to move, he hummed and said, “Geng Jiabao, I know you are timid. If you continue to be this timid, don’t follow me in the future. A great man should not be afraid to do something, otherwise why would he come out to cultivate immortality?”

Hearing that Di Jiu’s words were somewhat harsh, Geng Jiab hurriedly said, “Brother Jiu, next time I meet such a thing I will definitely rush up immediately.”

Di Jiu said speechlessly, “I’m not asking you to rush up when you meet something like this, you have to look at the target. We came to the Star River School because of Sister Mo Shuang, so what’s the difference between not returning a favour and being a beast? Of course, there is a difference in location. This is inside the Star River Sect’s clan, and even if those people had the guts, they wouldn’t dare to kill you. You went out then, and even if you were beaten up, those two guys would still be weak-minded. If you were outside the sect and met this kind of thing, you would have to look at the situation.”

“Yes, Ninth Brother, I know.” Geng Jie also said with some chagrin, Ninth Brother was right, what was the difference between not repaying a kindness and being a beast? Senior Sister Mo Shuang was a great benefactor to him, if it wasn’t for Senior Sister Mo Shuang, how could he have entered the Star River Sect?

As for whether Elder Yu was recruiting him and Di Jiu to the Star River Sect because of Jing Moshuang’s face, he couldn’t think of that much.

“Let’s go.” Di Jiu grunted.

“Where to?” Geng Jiab asked subconsciously.

Di Jiu said with a murderous aura, “Naturally, I’m going to find that senior brother who beat up Mo Shuang, he was blind to think that Mo Shuang was easy to bully when he had just entered the sect.”

Subconsciously, Geng Ji was about to retreat, but then he remembered what Di Jiu had just said and said with a beat of his chest, “Good, I, Geng Ji, will stand up for Senior Sister Mo Shuang even if I am beaten to death.”

“Can’t beat you to death.” Di Jiu was really helpless to Geng Jiab.

A guy who had robbed Jing Moshuang’s storage bag was only a mid Qi practitioner at most, and with his current strength, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t f*ck a mid Qi practitioner.