No Matter What Chapter 100

After Geng Zhifa left, Di Jiu immediately closed the door and started to recover his meridians.

Although he was a level 4 formation master, but that was mostly in theory, he had not yet set up any real spell formations. Plus he couldn’t set up any spell formations right now, so he could only shut the door first.

After the Great Xingmen Record began to run in full circumference, Di Jiu felt his veins healing at a rapidly accelerating rate.

At this rate, he would only need two days at most to fully recover.

As two hours pa*sed and true essence began to fill his dantian, Di Jiu suddenly thought of the Grand Xing Sect Record that he had obtained from Earth. The Star River Sect was a real cultivation sect, so if he used the Star River Skill to cultivate, he wondered if it would be better than the Grand Hsing Sect Record.

Both the Star River Skill and the Grand Hsing Gate Record only had Qi cultivation stage techniques, and on the contrary the Grand Hsing Gate Record he could not find the successor technique, the successor technique of the Star River Skill was definitely in the Star River Sect, and as long as he advanced, he would have the chance to obtain the successor technique.

In this case, what else could he cultivate? Di Jiu hurriedly stopped his cultivation and took out the Star River Technique.

“There are stars in the universe, chaos opens up rivers; the star river turns, like the ascension of the body …… Star River, the five elements intertwine, reversing the nine directions, the way of change! The Star River Dao is one to open the spirit veins, two to open the cave veins, and three to open the star river veins ……”

Di Jiu was dumbfounded after reading the opening chapter, it wasn’t that he couldn’t read it, he didn’t expect at all that there were actually as many as three ways of cultivating the Star River Dao.

According to the conventional cultivation method, it was naturally to open the spiritual veins ah. Absorbing spiritual qi to run around the circumference of the sky, the spiritual qi forming a circumference in the meridians, and after one circumference, the absorbed spiritual qi turning into cultivation.

It looked like he should be going to a cla*s tomorrow, otherwise he wouldn’t even understand the first chapter.

In any case, he would have to try it himself.

What Di Jiu would naturally do was the first way, opening the spiritual veins. Following the line of Qi movement on the Star River Technique, he began to absorb the Spiritual Qi and then circulate around the sky.

Soon Di Jiu was dumbfounded, the spiritual qi he absorbed was not compatible with the Grand Xing Men Record. Or rather, the spiritual qi he absorbed did not fit in with the true essence he had already transformed through the Great Xingmen Record, and before he could complete one small circumference, it was directly stuck in his veins.

When Di Jiu tried to force his way through the stuck place, a tearing pain came, a pain that was like it was going to break open his sea of consciousness and his entire body’s veins again, it was simply unbearable.

After just one attempt, a fine layer of sweat broke out on Di Jiu’s forehead from the pain.

Di Jiu’s heart sank, and he doubted that even if he told the elders in the cla*s about his situation, it might not necessarily be resolved. The most important thing was that he could not tell the elders. He was already at the seventh level of Qi training, so if he told the elders, it would mean that he had practiced.

It didn’t matter if he had practised, the clan would definitely investigate his followings. He had no history, so how could he be investigated?

If there had been a successor to the Da Xing Men Record, it would have been fine if he had continued to practise the Da Xing Men Record. There was no successor gong method to the Grand Hsing Clan Record, and besides, he felt that when he cultivated the Star River Skill to absorb spiritual energy, the pattern was much more majestic than the Grand Hsing Clan Record.

With some reluctance, Di Jiu once again ran the Star River Skill and then tried to mobilise the grey stone in his sea of consciousness.

Almost as soon as Di Jiu’s divine thoughts touched the grey stone in his sea of consciousness, the circumference of the Star River Skill ran as if it had found a way out, instantly rushing into that grey stone and then coming out of it into a new vein, forming a circumference cycle.

“Boom!” At the same time, Di Jiu then felt his body tremble with a boom, and a tiny river that appeared as if it was hidden in his circumstantial circulation.

No, it wasn’t a river because there was no river water in it, it seemed like an extremely compressed version of the illusionary starry sky.

When cultivating, an extremely compressed version of the starry sky was formed in his body, this had never been heard of before for Di Jiu.

Di Jiu’s knowledge of cultivation was pitifully small, as long as he could cultivate. Moreover, not only could he cultivate now, the speed of absorbing spiritual energy was also faster than before by several times.

After the Star River Technique was running he noticed that his meridians began to expand, and no matter how much spiritual qi was absorbed in, it all seemed too little in the shrunken version of the starry sky that ran through the circumference of the heavens.

After cultivating for only a few circumferences, Di Jiu’s injured veins were completely healed. It didn’t take two days, or even two hours, just a few weeks of running his injuries were completely gone.

Di Jiu was ecstatic in his heart, the Star River Skill was more than ten times more powerful than the Great Xingmen Record.

He was now at the seventh level of Qi cultivation, and at this rate of cultivation, it would not take him long to cross over to the eighth level of Qi cultivation. But Di Jiu soon realised that his thoughts were too naive, as his Star River Skill ran around the sky and kept absorbing spiritual qi. Not only did he not cross into the eighth level of Qi training, his cultivation level also dropped straight down to the seventh level of Qi training, becoming the sixth level of Qi training.

This was not all, his cultivation level was still falling when he reached the sixth Qi cultivation layer.

What was happening? In panic, Di Jiu hurriedly stopped his cultivation. Immediately afterwards, he felt a surging aura of true essence in his body, and he even had a feeling that he could touch it.

Even if Di Jiu didn’t know anything about cultivation, he knew that his cultivation level had decreased while his strength had skyrocketed.

He cultivated the Star River Skill, and because he had communicated with the grey stone, a faint illusory shadow of the starry sky had formed within his body during his circumstantial cultivation. As a result, after the absorbed spiritual qi pa*sed through that illusory starry sky, it began to compress his original true essence, and as his true essence was compressed, his cultivation level would naturally drop.

As his cultivation level dropped, the quality of his Yuan Qi became higher and his strength naturally increased.

Di Jiu panted, he was afraid that this was a big secret, this must not be leaked out. It looked like he still had to go to tomorrow’s cla*s, he had recovered from his injuries early now anyway.

There was still some time before dawn, Di Jiu didn’t waste any time and continued to absorb spiritual energy to compress his true essence for cultivation.


The night pa*sed quickly, and Di Jiu, who was immersed in his cultivation, would not wake up.

When it was just after dawn, Geng Jihua stood at Di Jiu’s door, and when he saw that Di Jiu’s door was tightly closed, he could only rub the back of his head and muttered, “Still not awake, I’ll go first then.”

Di Jiu had reminded him of this, so he remembered that he couldn’t go and disturb Di Jiu’s rest.

The outer disciples’ preaching hall was at the outermost mountain peak, which was also called the Star River Preaching Peak.

Geng Jihua lived at the outermost edge of the outer disciples, a little too far from the Dao Transmission Peak. Even if he got up early, he had to walk for most of an hour to get from his residence to the Star River Dao Transmission Peak. By the time he arrived, the inside of the Daoist Preaching Hall had already been filled with people.

Without a seat, Geng Zhifa could only stand at the end. Luckily, he was tall, so he could stand here without being blocked from seeing much.

Most of the people in the hall were new disciples, chattering and introducing each other to where they came from and where they were from.

After another half hour or so, a cultivator in black preaching robes entered the hall. The cacophony of voices in the preaching hall disappeared as abruptly as if it had been shut up.

The black-robed man walked onto the preaching platform and without any opening remarks, he said straight away, “The Star River Skill is the cultivation technique of my Star River Sect, and although my Star River Sect is only a second-cla*s sect in the Extreme Night Continent, the Star River Skill is the topmost technique in the entire Extreme Night Continent. The Star River Technique is very simple to begin with, so simple that as long as you have spiritual roots, you can practise the Star River Technique.

At the same time, the Star River Technique is the most uncomplicated cultivation technique, and there is no other technique like the Star River Technique, which has three types of cultivation. When you start to cultivate the Star River Skill and choose one of these ways, then you will all cultivate in that way in the future until the end. Today, I will talk about these three cultivation methods of the Star River Skill and what differences exist.”

There was silence in the Hall of Evangelism as all the people listened quietly to the black-robed man’s insights.

After being handed out, every outer disciple had read the Star River Technique and knew that there were three ways of cultivating it. Even if this black robe did not speak very carefully, everyone guessed which way to choose would have a great impact on the future.

“The first way of cultivating the Star River Skill to open the spirit veins is the simplest, just like the ordinary cultivation techniques, it is all about absorbing spirit energy and running around from the spirit lanes. This way is also the cultivation method chosen by more than 90% of my Star River Sect disciples, including myself. The second way is to open acupuncture points and veins, which is the way to cultivate by opening up nooks and crannies. The cultivation pathway, when the circumference of the sky is running, the spiritual qi will go in the orifices, this way of cultivation achievement will be greater than the first way of cultivation ……”

When they first join the Immortal Sect, many disciples have their hearts higher than the sky. As soon as they heard that opening acupuncture veins was a greater achievement than opening spirit veins, many of them were thinking whether to choose to open acupuncture veins to cultivate.

It was as if the black-robed cultivator did not see the many disciples whose eyes were glowing, and he still said to himself, “The third cultivation method is to open the Star River Vein, this cultivation method is to form an illusory star river shadow in the body during the circumference of the sky, and the absorbed spiritual qi will then form the circumference of the sky through this illusory star river. This is just an example, not the formation of a real river of stars. This cultivation method is the most powerful cultivation method of my Star River School, and its future achievements are unlimited, and it can even cross the realm ……”

The black-robed cultivator seemed to sense the eagerness and desire of all the disciples in the great hall as he swept his gaze towards the crowd and said in a warmthless tone, “I just said the wrong thing, that is, after you start cultivating the Star River Skill, it is not which way you choose to cultivate the Star River Skill, but which way you are suitable to cultivate the Star River Skill through. Ever since Old Man Xinghe started his sect, the only person who could cultivate through the Xinghe Vein was just Old Man Xinghe.”