No Matter What Chapter 99

Because he had some suspicions in his heart, Di Jiu thought that after he and Geng Zhifa joined the sect, that Elder Yu would definitely come again. As long as that Elder Yu came back to look for them, then he would be able to know why Elder Yu had broken the rules and accepted them.

What puzzled Di Jiu was that when the three days were up and the Immortal Sect’s recruitment of disciples was over, he hadn’t even seen Elder Yu.

After Geng Jihua boarded the huge immortal ship magic treasure, he was still in a state of excitement as he touched the east and the west.

Di Jiu kept his eyes peeled for Elder Yu, but he did not see him again until the immortal ship took off.

The immortal ship was very fast, and that was how it flew for a day and a night before it stopped at a huge square.

“Brother Jiu, this place is really like an immortal realm.” Geng Jihua followed behind Di Jiu, looking at the vast aura of the Immortal Sect, and became excited again.

He had been excited for a few days before because he had joined the Star River Sect, and as a result, he slept hard for a day and a night after the immortal ship took off. Now that he got off the ship, he slept well.

Di Jiu had also never seen a cultivation sect before, although he was not as excited as Geng Zhifa, and was equally emotional.

Standing on the wide square and looking at it, the three words of the Star River Sect seemed to be inside the clouds and mist, with a majestic atmosphere. At the end of the square a green stone path several feet wide led all the way to the bottom of those three words of Star River Sect. Di Jiu could not see half of the situation inside the Star River Sect, and he guessed that it was a sect protection formation.

According to his understanding, the Star River Sect was just a sect that barely crossed the second-rate level. This showed how great the aura of that first-cla*s sect was.

A somewhat older male cultivator wearing a deacon’s robe stood in the square and said to those who had just disembarked, “All outer sect disciples, follow me now.”

The crowd parted and only then did Di Jiu notice that at least a hundred outer disciples had been recruited by the Star River Sect this time. The square was relatively empty at this time, and he still didn’t see Elder Yu.

Di Jiu really couldn’t help himself, staggered a step and walked up to the cultivator who was testing his spiritual roots, saluted and asked, “This senior brother, may I ask why I haven’t seen Elder Yu?”

He and Geng Jiehua were recruited by Elder Yu on an exceptional basis, so far Elder Yu had not come to them, so Di Jiu naturally had some doubts in his heart.

“Three days ago, Elder Yu received an urgent report and temporarily went to the node with the elders of the rest of the clans.” The testing cultivator gave Di Jiu a glance, said casually and turned to leave.

As a spiritual root test cultivator, he hated cultivators like Di Jiu who had poor spiritual roots and relied on connections to get in. If Elder Yu wasn’t really powerful, he wouldn’t even bother to answer Di Jiu’s words.

What was the node, Di Jiu was tempted to ask, but once he took a look at the attitude of this testing cultivator, he knew that it would be futile for him to ask.

The green stone path at the end of the square leading below the words ‘Star River Sect’ did not look long, but Di Jiu and the others followed the deacon for half an hour before entering the sect and arriving at a large hall.

Although Di Jiu’s meridians were damaged and his divine thoughts could not be stretched, he could feel that each and every one of these cultivators was very strong. Compared to him, it was not known how much stronger they were.

As soon as they walked into this big hall, Di Jiu felt several divine thoughts sweeping around him repeatedly and constantly.

A male cultivator in brown robes in the main hall took two steps forward and stood in front of Di Jiu’s group of disciples who had just entered and said aloud, “My name is Zheng Jinghui, the outer sect deacon, I will be in charge of all your matters from now on. Welcome to my Star River Sect. Before I talk about the rules, I would like to congratulate the four disciples among you. Because you are the luckiest ones and will be accepted as true disciples by the four peak masters of my Star River Sect ……”

There was a chattering sound in the crowd and Di Jiu was a little confused. In three days he had already inquired sort of clearly, all the disciples who joined the Star River Sect should be outer disciples only. How come when they arrived here, there were still true disciples appearing?

“Be quiet.” Zheng Jinghui drank and waited for the crowd to quieten down. Only then did he turn to the four cultivators who had stood up and said with a salute, “Please ask the four peak masters to choose their own disciples.”

The first person on the left was a male cultivator who was built like a bamboo pole, he looked at the jade slip in his hand, then looked up and asked, “Who is Fang An Dude ……”

Di Jiu secretly said in his heart that this was really the case, Fang An Du he knew, he should be the guy with the best spiritual roots recruited to the Star River Sect this time, pure single fire spiritual root.

Fang An Du was not tall and his skin was as fair as a woman. At this moment, when he heard his name called, he immediately took a big step out with joy and knelt down on the ground in a good manner, “Disciple Fang An Du sees Master.”

The thin, bamboo-like male cultivator nodded in satisfaction and, with a casual gesture, was already leading Fang An Du across the hall.

The crowd was looking enviously at Fang An Du who was leaving, a true disciple as soon as he entered the door, this was only possible for a very few disciples with exceptionally good spiritual roots.

Following out was a Daoist nun carrying a long sword, her gaze swept past the crowd before saying, “Wei Shanshan come out, from now on you will be my disciple of River Lotus Peak.”

“Many thanks, Master.” A woman in a red dress ran out excitedly and fell to her knees.

The third disciple to be taken away by the Riverwood Peak Master was Jin Chisheng, and the fourth to be taken away as a disciple by the Riverwater Peak Master was Ping Yao, not half as different from what Di Jiu had guessed.

Wei Shanshan, Jin Chisheng and Ping Yao all had double spiritual roots, one of which was a pure spiritual root.

After the four true disciples were taken away, Zheng Jing Hui then said loudly, “Everyone be quiet, you can’t envy good or bad spiritual roots. The four true disciples just now certainly have better prospects for development, and you may not necessarily not have the chance to become inner disciples either. Like that Fang An Du, it is not impossible to become a true disciple of the inner peak, or even a core disciple.”

At this moment, both those who understood and those who did not, were listening to Zheng Jinghui’s words in silence.

Zheng Jinghui continued loudly, “It is also not the case that once you enter the Star River Sect, you are waiting to become an inner disciple. The rule of my Star River Sect is that no matter how good your spiritual roots are, as long as you are not chosen to become a true disciple in the first place, then you can only be an outer disciple. If an outer disciple fails to cross into the fourth level of Qi training within three years, he or she will automatically become a miscellaneous disciple or leave the sect.”

Zheng Jing Hui’s words made the hearts of many who had become outer disciples and still did not know the rules tighten, it looked like even if they entered the Star River Sect, they would not be able to rest on their laurels. It was good that they didn’t know the concept of three years to the fourth level of Qi training yet, otherwise, they might be even more nervous.

“All outer disciples, as long as you succeed in building your foundation, you can apply to be an inner disciple ……”

Di Jiu secretly said in his heart, becoming an inner disciple was really difficult. As far as he could remember, building a foundation was not an easy task. His Di family’s old ancestor had left the Ji country for the sake of building the foundation and didn’t know where he had gone to that nook. As for whether or not the foundation building had been successful, he was not sure.

“When you become an inner disciple, you can apply for a separate cave.” Speaking here, Zheng Jing Hui saw the relaxed expressions of the crowd and said with a cold laugh in his heart, “Up until now, no more than five or six percent have been able to build the foundation in my Xinghe Sect, which means that in the future, among this group of you, there will only be five or six people who will be able to build the foundation.”

These words were like a pot of cold water poured over the heads of the crowd. According to this Elder Zheng, excluding the four true disciples who were more likely to build the foundation, only two or three of the hundred or so of them would be able to build the foundation ……

Zheng Jinghui obviously did not think about the mood of the crowd, and said to himself, “Now according to the good and bad spiritual roots to distribute the residence ……”

Zheng Jinghui spoke for more than an hour before Di Jiu and Geng Jihua received the basic items for cultivation. It was only two outer disciple daoist robes, an identity plate, a book of cultivation techniques for the Xinghe Technique Qi cultivation stage and a lower grade magic weapon longsword. This made Di Jiu a little nostalgic for his chopper, which must have been taken away by that woman from the Tiangang Palace.

As for the spirit stones, that needed to be collected only once a month, one at a time. Other than that, spirit stones could only be obtained through sect missions.

In the absence of Elder Yu, there was no one to take care of them, so Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua were sent to the worst area for outer disciples without any surprise.

Di Jiu didn’t care about this place, the spiritual energy here was much stronger than on Earth.

“Brother Jiu, shall I come to call you first thing in the morning?” Geng Jihua took a look at his place and ran over to Di Jiu’s side. His excited nerves hadn’t calmed down since he joined the Xinghe Sect until now.

Di Jiu knew what Geng halberd flower meant, tomorrow morning was the first cla*s for outer disciples, the introduction to cultivation.

“I’m not going, you go ahead. And I’m going to rest for a few days, remember when I’m resting, you don’t disturb me casually.” Di Jiu said.

Di Jiu didn’t go not just because he was all at the seventh level of Qi training, but because he could now perform circumambulation. He tried it just now, and when he circumferentially ran the Great Xingmen Record, his meridians healed faster by more than several times.

So the first thing Di Jiu had to do now was not to go to the lecture, but to hurry up and recover his meridians and cultivation.