No Matter What Chapter 98

Looking at Geng Jiehua’s lost soul, Di Jiu patted his shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, there are many other sects here. Wait for me, I’ll test it first and then accompany you to other sects.”

Only then did Geng Jihua slow down and only knew how to nod, without any initiative.

Di Jiu sighed and before he could say anything, he heard the cultivator in charge of the test from the True Leaving Sword Sect drink, “Hurry up, you’d better mind your own business.”

Di Jiu knew that the other party was a little upset, not just because he was a little slow, but more importantly because he actually said in the True Leaving Sword Sect that he would go to another clan to take a look.

Regardless of his spiritual root qualification, Di Jiu naturally needed to try it out first. He walked up to the apparatus magic treasure for testing his spiritual roots and placed his hands on the groove.

A clear black pillar of light shot up into the sky and went straight to the very top. The testing cultivator suspected that if this testing magic treasure was not only about two feet, this black pillar of light would have shot up even higher.

It was clear that the pillar of light behind Di Jiu was unmistakable, but the testing cultivator was still confused.

A black pillar of light? What kind of spiritual root is this?

Even in the entire Extreme Night Continent, I had never heard of any spiritual roots that showed a black pillar of light, not to mention in the True Leaving Sword Sect.

As the testing cultivator was about to call the elders to take a look, the black pillar of light actually began to fade, and as time pa*sed, the black pillar of light completely disappeared.

“This is the collapsed spirit root.” A nearby cultivator in charge of recruiting disciples called out.

“What’s a collapsing spirit root?” Someone asked out.

A thick voice said, “A collapsed spirit root is where the spirit energy quickly collapses away after absorbing it. It cannot be coalesced and transformed into cultivation.”

As the voice fell, a middle-aged man in a grey cultivator’s robe walked over.

“Deacon Ming.” Several cultivators in charge of recruiting disciples hurriedly bowed and saluted.

The middle-aged man said to Di Jiu, “You go down and then come back up to test and see.”

Di Jiu was also a bit confused, he had good qualifications, and it hadn’t taken him much time to cultivate to the seventh level of Qi cultivation. According to the advancement time described on that cultivation jade slip, his speed was definitely considered fast. From this, it could be seen that his qualifications were also good, how many times did routing his spiritual roots mean?

“Good.” Hearing that the Deacon of the True Leaving Sword Sect asked him to test again, Di Jiu did not hesitate to walk up to the testing spell once again.

Another black pillar of light shot up into the sky, while Di Jiu’s gaze was firmly fixed on this deacon. As long as this Deacon Ming said one word, he would be able to enter the top great sect, the True Leaving Sword Sect. If Deacon Ming said no, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to enter any sect.

It was still really a black pillar of light, what kind of spiritual root was this? Deacon Ming was just as dumbfounded.

He had been cultivating for over a hundred years and had seen all colours of spirit roots, just not black ones. The five spirit roots of gold, wood, water, fire and earth represented the colours of gold, green, light white, red and yellow respectively. The colours represented by the mutated spirit roots wind, thunder and ice are grey, blue and snow white respectively ……

Today was really an eye opener, he saw the black pillar of light for the spirit root test.

Soon he saw the black pillar of light behind Di Jiu begin to collapse, the same as the first test.

Normally, when testing for spiritual roots, as long as the tester was still inside the testing magic treasure, the pillar of light would not dissipate. If the pillar of light collapsed, it would mean that it was a collapsed spiritual root, and even if the collapsed spiritual root absorbed spiritual energy quickly, it would eventually collapse and not turn into cultivation. Even if one tries hard, one’s cultivation will still progress slowly because every time one absorbs spiritual energy, it will collapse by 90%.

Deacon Ming said to Di Jiu after showing him the test spell, “Your spiritual roots should have too many miscellaneous colours, which eventually caused them to be black. That’s fine, the key is that you still have collapsed spirit roots, you failed the test.”

Di Jiu stepped down from the magic treasure and didn’t argue. If he wasn’t black spirit root, he even wanted to tell this deacon that he could also cultivate, and at a fast speed.

But black spiritual roots were able to cultivate, what if the other party checked his sea of consciousness? There were secrets hidden in his sea of consciousness. It was he himself who was very puzzled as to why his spiritual root was black in colour.

“Ninth Brother, let’s change houses.” Geng Jiehua, whose mood had calmed down a lot, walked over.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you to try another house.” In his heart, Di Jiu wasn’t going to test anymore, he wanted to join the Immortal Sect, at least until he could figure out why his spirit root colour was black.

As for the routed spirit root, he didn’t care at all. Because he knew he wasn’t a routed spirit root, he could absorb spirit energy to cultivate and it wouldn’t go to waste at all.

Di Jiu accompanied Geng Jihua to leave from the True Leaving Sword Sect, to the Ni Kun Sect, the Thunder Feather Sect and then to the Sea of Surprise Sect, the Ten Thousand Dharma Palace and the Spiritual Man ……

Almost all the sects said the same thing to Geng Jihua, your different lightning spirit root is too patchy, the test failed.

After one round, Geng halberd flower was also dropping his head, he knew he had no chance.

“There are two more, if it really doesn’t work, we’ll think of another way.” Di Jiu decided that if Geng Jihua did not pa*s one round of the test, he would teach him his Da Xing Men Record and we would all be casual practitioners together. Anyway, Geng Zhifa also had spirit roots, impure spirit roots were just slower to cultivate.

“Mo Shuang, you pa*sed the test?” Di Jiu dragged Geng Hanghua to the testing place of the Xinghe Sect, and saw Jing Moshuang standing at the back.

Jing Moshuang was able to stand in the Star River Sect’s premises, so it was obvious that she had pa*sed the test.

With a sigh in her heart, Jing Moshuang took two steps forward and said, “Yes ……”

She didn’t know what to say, her Spiritual Root wasn’t good, it was a three lineage Spiritual Root. The good thing was that she had one lineage of pure spiritual roots and was accepted as an outer disciple by the Star River Sect.

She was different from Di Jiu and Geng Jihua. Before she came to the square to look for the sect, she knew that she was a three-lineage spirit root, with the water spirit root standing out a bit. With her three spiritual roots and one of them being a pure spiritual root, it was not really difficult for her to enter the Immortal Sect.

That was why she had chosen her sect, the Star River School, before she came. Many people who knew their spirit root situation would have chosen a sect in advance, just like Jing Moshuang. Those who were like Di Jiu and Geng Jihua, who were like headless flies, testing to whichever sect they could, were basically rookies who didn’t know anything about immortal sects.

She was standing here and had long seen Di Jiu and Geng Jihua testing all over the square.

“Di Jiu, how about I help you talk about coming to the Star River Sect as two miscellaneous disciples?” When Jing Moshuang said this, her heart was also a little apprehensive, she didn’t know if she, an outer disciple, could intercede to make Di Jiu and Geng Hanhua become miscellaneous disciples.

In any case, Di Jiu was considered an acquaintance.

“Haha ……” Before Di Jiu could answer, a cheerful laugh came over, “Mo Shuang, so you know the two of them, how about this, I’ll do it… …By the way, what are your names?”

The one who laughed brightly was an elegant man who looked not too young, standing not like a cultivator, but like a scholar instead.

Di Jiu hurriedly saluted and said, “My junior Di Jiu, his name is Geng Jiehua.”

“Good, good ……,” the elegant man said two good words one after another before turning to the cultivator recruiting the disciples and saying, “Since Di Jiu and Geng Halberd Flower know each other and our clan’s Foam Twin, both are recruited as outer disciples, right? ”

“Yes, Elder Yu.” The cultivator who recruited the disciples could no longer understand in his heart, but he could only hurriedly stand up and bow.

Elder Yu nodded again to Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua before turning around and leaving. In his heart, he was secretly happy, he had been watching these two guys for a long time. It was just that these two guys had not arrived at the Star River Sect until they were about to turn around all the sects in the square. In the middle of this, he was really worried that some sects had recruited these two guys.

The other sects’ testing disciples thought that Di Jiu and Geng Jihua were one of the festering spirit roots and the other of the impure foreign spirit roots, but he, Yu Qianyan, did not think so. It’s true that he doesn’t know what kind of spiritual root the black one is, but it’s certainly not unusual. He had seen the collapse of a collapsed spirit root before, and it was never the way Di Jiu had collapsed.

As for the Geng halberd flower, the thunder spirit root was impure, but the impurity of the Geng halberd flower was not really impure. He was sure that in this square, Geng Jiehua’s spiritual roots were the best.

Di Jiu hurriedly said to Jing Moshuang, “Thank you, Senior Sister Moshuang, otherwise I’m afraid that Halberd Flower and I wouldn’t even be able to be an outer disciple.”

While his mouth was thanking Jing Moshuang, Di Jiu was very suspicious in his heart. He had some doubts whether Jing Moshuang, who had just joined the Xinghe Sect, had the face to let an elder step in and recruit him and Geng Hanghua as outer disciples.

Jing Moshuang also hurriedly waved her hand and said, “It was your sincerity that impressed the elders, and that’s why they broke the rules and let you join the sect, it has nothing much to do with me.”

She was so clever and perceptive that she was sure that she had nothing to do with Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua joining the Xinghe Sect. Every single quota for disciples recruited by the Immortal Sect was precious, and it would never be possible to add two more outer disciples just because of the face of a newly initiated disciple like her.

“Ninth Brother, we’re finally Immortal Sect disciples too.” After the Xinghe Sect’s disciple recruiting cultivators had finished registering, Geng halberd flower grabbed Di Jiu in excitement, trembling all over.

The Immortal Sect, ah, he, Geng Halberd Flower, could actually become a disciple of the Immortal Sect one day. He had to know that before this, even a child from the village looked down on him. No, even his own brother and sister looked down on him.

Di Jiu was also relieved that no matter what, he had finally entered a cultivation sect.