No Matter What Chapter 97

Di Jiu looked at the wallet given to him by Jing Moshuang, there were ten silver coins and dozens of copper coins inside.

Using gold, silver and bronze coins was not new to Di Jiu, although Ji Guo was well developed in technology and had gold and silver coins as well, in addition to paper money.

Di Jiu thought that this money would be almost enough to support him for a few days, when he started looking for an inn in Silent River City, he realised that this amount of money he had was not enough at all.

The worst inns in Silent River City now cost one silver coin a night, and that didn’t include meals. Slightly better inns were over five silver coins a night. The main thing is that this is only the price, in fact, it is impossible to find any inns to stay in Silent River City, almost all of them are overcrowded.

As a result, Di Jiu had no choice but to come to the Deng Xian Square, and was prepared to spend the night at the edge of the square.

Deng Xian Square was originally called Silent River Square, but the name was changed to Deng Xian Square because Silent River City hosted an event to recruit disciples for the Immortal Sect. Not only that, the square was also expanded. The expanded square was more than ten times the size of the original square.

When Di Jiu arrived here, he realised that there were many people like him who did not have a place to stay. As the middle of the square was not allowed to stay overnight, many people had set up simple tents at the edge of the square.

It was only for one night, and Di Jiu planned to find a slightly empty place at the edge of the square to deal with it. Before his meridians were broken, sometimes it would take him half a month to cultivate once. Finding a place to sit for a night like this was nothing.

After searching most of the way around, Di Jiu couldn’t find a suitable place to sit down, really because he had come too late.

“This big brother, now you can’t find a place, I came two hours earlier. Why don’t you just deal with it next to me for the night.” A slightly thick voice called out to Di Jiu.

Di Jiu stopped and he saw a grey and black mat, which had been picked up from somewhere and was spotted and dirty looking. Sitting on top of the mat was a tall, large man, who saw Di Jiu looking at him and stroked his short hair a little unkindly, he was the one who had just called out to Di Jiu.

Beside this big man, there was indeed an open space, which was not large enough for Di Jiu to deal with for one night.

“Thanks a lot then.” Di Jiu walked over to the big man and sat down.

The big man hurriedly took out another smaller, dirtier mat from the tarpaulin bag beside him and said, “Brother, you can sit on my big mat, I have another one here.”

Di Jiu hurriedly waved his hand, “No need, it’s fine just like this.”

To be honest, the green stone slab under his bottom was much cleaner than this big man’s mat.

Di Jiu was afraid that the big man would continue to enthusiastically give him his mat and hurriedly asked, “You came two hours early and occupied this small place?”

“No, no, I was occupying that place and then let it come here.” The big man pointed to the piece of land not far away.

That area was obviously a little more open and airy than this one, and was occupied by two youths at the moment.

“You’re not right either, even if you gave the place to someone else, isn’t there still room next to it?” Di Jiu asked in confusion.

The big man rubbed his head again and said, “I gave up a few more times later and finally let it come here.”

Di Jiu was a bit speechless, this big man could have won a trophy for helping people. Rather, it was because this big man was helping people that he had gained a place.

Seeming to see that Di Jiu didn’t quite understand, the big man smiled nervously, “My mother told me that I should learn to be courteous and humble outside.”

Di Jiu was not familiar with this big man, so he had to say, “What your mother said is right, but what belongs to you, don’t take it out so easily.”

He could see that this big man was kind at heart, and Di Jiu had experienced too many things to know that people should be kind, but that also depended on the person. It was as if this big man had kindly given up a few seats and ended up being squeezed into this corner. Not everyone knew how to be grateful, and many people felt that you should let him be.

“Yes, yes, big brother my name is Geng Halberd Flower, and you?” Geng halberd flower had a good personality and didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with Di Jiu’s words.

“My name is Di Jiu.” Di Jiu did wonder about the name Geng halberd flower, a big Angzang man with the word flower on his name.

Geng Jiehua was very talkative, and without Di Jiu asking, Di Jiu knew that he came from a mountain village far away, and by chance heard about the opening of the Immortal Gate in Silent River City, and travelled for half a year to come here.

Di Jiu didn’t know much from Geng Jiehua’s mouth. Geng Jiehua came from a remote mountain village and didn’t know anything about the pattern of the continent or the change of dynasties. As for the information on the Immortal Sect, I’m afraid it’s not even as much as he knows.


The night pa*sed quickly, and Di Jiu had just squinted his eyes for a while when the surrounding area became noisy. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Geng Jiehua had already put away his mat and was looking at the entrance of the great immortal sects with an excited look on his face.

Seeing Di Jiu wake up, he hurriedly took out a water jug and handed it to Di Jiu, saying, “Brother Jiu, wash your face, I heard that when the Immortal Sects recruit disciples, they must be neatly dressed.”

“Okay, thanks.” Di Jiu briefly wiped his face and also straightened his clothes, following Geng Jiehua into the square.

“Big brother, I don’t know which clan is better.” Looking at the rows of sect symbols, Geng Halberd Flower rubbed his hands together with a longing glint in his eyes.

Di Jiu was also a bit confused, so he had to say, “I’m like you, I don’t know which are the big sects and which are the small ones. When the time comes, we will see which clan occupies the largest area, and that will be the big one.”

A voice next to him replied, “This time the top sects in the Northern Region are all here, look at the True Leaving Sword Sect, the Ni Kun Sect, and the Thunder Feather Sect these are the top big sects, the Sea of Surprise Sect, the Star River Sect, the Ten Thousand Dharma Palace, and the Lurid True Valley are all second cla*s sects, the rest are all considered third or fourth cla*s sects.”

When Di Jiu looked, it was true that these sects, the True Leaving Sword Sect, the Ni Kun Sect and the Thunder Feather Sect, occupied the largest area and had the most luxurious atmosphere.

“Brother Jiu, let’s go and queue up too.” Seeing that many people were already queuing up for the test, Geng Jihua couldn’t help but say.

Di Jiu also wanted to know earlier what level his Spiritual Root had mutated into, “Good, just stand behind the True Leaving Sword Sect.”

There were the most people behind the True Leaving Sword Sect, and it looked like the True Leaving Sword Sect was also the largest sect.

Although there were many people who came here to participate in the Immortal Ascension Gate, Di Jiu saw that the test was very fast. For those who took part in the Immortal Ascension Gate, they just had to stand on an instrument and put their hands in two grooves. A pillar of light would flash out from behind the instrument. Those who flashed out one pillar of light had a single spiritual root, while those who flashed out two pillars of light had a double spiritual root. In order, there were three spiritual roots and four roots.

After looking at the instrument for a while, Di Jiu concluded the good and bad spiritual root signs for disciples recruited by immortal sects. The True Leaving Sword Sect had recruited a genius with pure wood spirit roots, which was a single spirit root, and the green pillar of light was a foot high and dazzlingly green in colour.

But not all single spirit roots are good. If the pillar of light is not pure colour, but dappled, it will not be recruited as well.

There was another participant with double spiritual roots, one with a red pillar of light just under three feet, and the other with an earthy yellow pillar of light that was likewise close to a fathom high. Because the earthy pillar of light was not half-coloured, it was also recruited as a genius.

The three spirit roots were also recruited, and all the disciples recruited had one characteristic, that is, one of the pillars of light must be very prominent, at least more than half a foot, and the colour of the pillar of light must be pure, there must be no miscellaneous colours.

There were fewer Four Spiritual Roots being recruited, only one, and Five Spiritual Roots Di Jiu also saw a few, but none of them were recruited in.

“Brother Jiu, it’s my turn.” After seeing the people in front of him finish testing, Geng Jihua greeted Di Jiu excitedly and walked up to the True Leaving Sword Sect’s testing bit in a few steps.

“Cheer up.” Even though Di Jiu knew that there was no point for him to call out cheer, he still called out cheer.

Geng Jihua stepped into the testing apparatus and placed his hands on the apparatus groove, and a blue pillar of light with mottled colours rushed out two metres upwards.

Di Jiu looked at the blue pillar of light behind Geng Jiehua in amazement, he had observed a couple of hundred people so far in the test, and this was the first time he had seen blue light.

“Huh, the Iso-Thunder Spiritual Root …… Unfortunately, this Spiritual Root is too patchy and unpleasant. Otherwise, you would be the first genius here ……,” the cultivator who helped Geng halberd flower test shook his head and said after gesturing for Geng halberd flower to come down, “Not qualified, next.”