No Matter What Chapter 96

“Where can I ascend to the Immortal Gate?” Di Jiu still knew about the Immortal Ascension Gate.

In the cultivation world, when some cultivation sects started recruiting disciples was the Open Immortal Gate, and for those unusual disciples who wanted to enter the cultivation sects was the Ascend Immortal Gate. Only those disciples who were selected afterwards could be considered successful in ascending the Immortal Gate.

The ugly girl gave Di Jiu a faint glance, still explaining, “This time it is most of the immortal sects in the Northern Region that are recruiting disciples, and the entire Northern Region will be there to participate. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the ability to say to take you away.”

The Immortal Sects were recruiting disciples, it was normal for a small person like Di Jiu not to know. She didn’t lie to Di Jiu either, if it wasn’t for the Immortal Sect of the Northern Region recruiting disciples, she wouldn’t have a reason or excuse to leave the Jing Family. Even after leaving the Jing Family, she could not just let Di Jiu go.

That little trick of the Zhong Family’s Zhong He Tian was just ridiculous in her eyes.

Di Jiu had already sorted out what had happened, originally it was Zhong He Tian of the Zhong family who wanted to join the Jing family and marry this ugly girl. It turned out that Zhong He Tian did not want to come here, so he found him instead, and all this was not hidden from the ugly girl in front of him. The ugly girl in front of him obviously did not care about this matter either, which means that she also did not take this marriage seriously.

Luckily, this ugly girl had a good heart, and not only did she not blame him for being a thief, she was even prepared to release him when she left the Jing family three days later.

As for how he got to the Zhong family and was finally caught by Zhong He Tian to come here in place of the groom, Di Jiu already had a vague idea in his mind.

When he first used the chopper to cut down the formation pattern of that killing array pillar in the Heavenly Dipper Palace, he heard the voice of the woman in the jade coffin drinking to stop, only he had no way to stop.

The woman in the jade coffin in that great hall had slept for an unknown number of years and could actually still wake up, so it was evident that she was an extremely strong existence. He had landed in Zhong’s house, and it was most likely that woman who had done it. This was definitely not the Fairy Planet, and from what Di Jiu knew, the best way to get from one planet to another was to teleport.

Perhaps the woman had dropped her inside a one-way teleportation and accidentally teleported to the Zhong family, which ended up treating him as a thief.

Although Di Jiu was a level four formation master, he had never been to the real cultivation world after all, and did not know that with this level of cultivation if he teleported in one direction without any protection, the possibility of being torn apart by the void was over 90%.

“Thank you for not revealing me, my name is Di Jiu.” After Di Jiu understood this, he hurriedly clasped his fist to the ugly woman and thanked her.

The ugly girl said calmly, “It’s nothing, in fact, you’ve helped me. If it was really that Zhong He Tian coming here, it would be even more troublesome for me.”

This ugly woman was really the same as what Zhong He Tian thought, and was also unwilling to marry the other party. Di Jiu hurriedly said, “I still don’t know what sister’s name is?”

“My name is Jing Moshuang.” After the ugly girl finished speaking, it seemed that she was afraid that Di Jiu wouldn’t understand, she even made a point to explain, “It’s the double of a pair of two pairs, not the frost of the frosty sky and snow.”

“Sister Shuang, let me ask you a favour first. Can you take me to the site of the Immortal Ascension Gate to have a look?” Di Jiu didn’t understand why Jing Moshuang had to make a point of explaining the word double, but he didn’t care about that, what he cared about was whether or not he could also go to an immortal gate wherever he came to.

Di Jiu’s understanding of cultivation was that if he didn’t go to an immortal sect, then he could only be a casual cultivator. In the history of cultivation, except for the very few casual cultivators who had very big chances, most of them would not end up doing much.

“You want to go to the Immortal Sect?” Jing Moshuang looked at Di Jiu in confusion.

Di Jiu rubbed his hands together unkindly, “Yes, I also want to try my luck, if it really doesn’t work out then let’s talk about it.”

Jing Moshuang was a very dry character, she stood up, “Okay, then when we get to the Immortal Gate Square, we will separate again. Also, you can call me by my name, you don’t need to call me Sister Shuang.”

Looking at Jing Moshuang who stood up, Di Jiu secretly sighed, this Jing Moshuang’s figure was the best among all the women he had seen. Even if it was just an ordinary dress on her body, it could highlight the perfect proportions of a woman to the fullest. Even Zhen Man, whom he could not forget back then, was far from being comparable to her.

God had given her a perfect body and such a face. With Di Jiu’s level of medical skills, he naturally saw at a glance that Jing Moshuang’s face had been disfigured by someone. When Jing Moshuang’s face was disfigured, poison was used to corrode her skin.

Even at his level, he could not restore Jing Moshuang’s appearance.

It was not that his level was not good, but that he did not have the herbs to restore her face. He had once read in a medical book that a medicinal herb called Van Aloe Fruit could be used with the rest of the medicinal herbs and then evenly applied to the face to remove all wounds. He had only heard of this herb and had never seen it before.

“You sleep on the big bed, I’ll rest next to you.” After Jing Moshuang finished speaking, she raised her hand and pressed on the wearing side, a curtain was automatically pulled up.

Jing Moshuang didn’t go behind the curtain, and there was no more sound.

This woman is really well cultivated, Di Jiu said secretly. Given his current status, it was already remarkable that Jing Moshuang could take him away. It was obvious that Jing Moshuang did not see him as inferior, and even offered him the bed.

Di Jiu tried, his own meridians were broken and he was unable to run the Zhoutian meridian at all. He sighed and could only fix his body up first.

Three days pa*sed in a flash, and during these three days, neither Jing Moshuang nor Di Jiu left this small newlywed courtyard. Jing Moshuang said very little, except for a few words with Di Jiu on the wedding night, she did not say a word to Di Jiu for three days.

In the eyes of others, this was the newlyweds being as close as they could be. Only Di Jiu knew that he had done nothing during these three days, except trying to repair his broken meridians.

To Di Jiu’s delight, after three days had pa*sed, his broken meridians finally started to heal slowly. It had nothing to do with him repairing himself, but rather the meridians began to heal automatically. That grey stone was indeed something heaven defying, even the broken meridians could recover on their own without treatment.

As a healing master, Di Jiu knew all too well how difficult it was to recover his meridians.

Three days later, Jing Moshuang just went out to tell the truth, not knowing what means he used, and when he returned, he took Di Jiu and left the Jing family.

Di Jiu was still worried that someone would recognise that he was not Zhong He Tian of the Zhong Family, but the truth told him that he had worried too much. When Jing Moshuang left, not even a single farewell person came over, let alone someone checking up on him. It seemed that the lively wedding a few days ago was not hers at all, Jing Moshuang’s.


After leaving the Jing family some distance away, Di Jiu’s depressed mood was finally a little lighter. It wasn’t until she and Jing Moshuang got into a beast carriage that Di Jiu really couldn’t help but ask, “Moshuang, where is the Immortal Ascension Gate? How long do we have to walk for?”

This time, without Jing Moshuang having to answer, another older man on the beast carriage took the initiative to answer, “This time, the Northern Region Immortal Ascension Gate is in Silent River City, the beast carriage will take a day.”

“Yes, I heard that the previous Immortal Ascension Sects were all in Desolate City. If it’s Desolate City, we’ll have to leave at least a month earlier to get there.” Another person chimed in.

People who didn’t know each other originally were together, and once they got talking, it was all about the Immortal Gate recruiting disciples.

Di Jiu listened on the side and gained a lot of useful things. At least he knew that there were more than ten immortal sects coming to Silent River City this time, and two of them were very big ones.

When twilight came, the beast carriage Di Jiu was in also arrived at Silent River City.

Even though it was late in the day, Silent River City was still bustling with activity, and the lights reflected the whole city as if it had just woken up. Every street in the city was full of people, and every shop on both sides of the street seemed to be doing a good business.

Jing Moshuang got down from the beast carriage, took out a black money bag and handed it to Di Jiu saying, “Let’s part here, the Immortal Ascension Gate has three consecutive days, I hope you are lucky and can enter the Immortal Gate.”

Di Jiu could be said to be penniless, he was worried about where to get some money when Jing Moshuang brought him a money bag, he accepted it without ceremony, “Moshuang, thank you. I also wish you good luck in entering the First Cla*s Immortal Sect.”

After hearing a lot on the beast cart and combining what he understood, Di Jiu was not worried about entering the Immortal Sect. The first thing the Immortal Sect cared about when recruiting disciples was the goodness of their spiritual roots. After obtaining the grey stone, Di Jiu believed that his spiritual roots were very good. Otherwise, his cultivation speed could not be so fast.

Jing Moshuang didn’t say much to Di Jiu and quickly squeezed into the crowd, quickly disappearing.