No Matter What Chapter 95

Lan Ru did not immediately put away the Big Dipper, she was not a cruel and murderous person. In addition to this guy in the Big Dipper Palace whose meridians and bones had all been broken, there were still at least a couple of thousand people trying out on the Big Dipper.

In the midst of her planet, she could only allow some demonic beasts that existed by default for her; she simply did not want strangers to exist on her planet.

But this was the vast void, and throwing these guys with low cultivation levels into the void would only cause them to quickly turn into ashes and then stash away in the void.

Three days later, Lan Ru’s divine thoughts swept up to an azure star-land. Without hesitation, Lan Ru rolled up all the people on the Big Dipper Star and collected it.

As she got closer and closer to this azure star-land, the rules of the universe became more and more oppressive. Obviously, with her current strength, she was not yet able to enter this star continent.

However, Lan Ru did not want to enter this star continent, and as soon as she brought her hand around, the thousands of cultivators who were trying out were dropped into the various corners of this star continent as if they were dumplings.

All those who were thrown down, including Yu Jie and Zeng Bei Zi, were looking blankly at the sky. The Fairy Star Square had been breached by the frenzied demonic beast swarm, and then they had fled into Fairy Star.

After hiding in Fairy Star for about a year, almost every one of them had increased in strength several times over, and many of those who could not adapt had been eliminated by the law of the jungle. Originally they thought they would just keep pa*sing like this and return to Earth in the future when they had the strength to do so.

A few days ago there was a sudden rotational shock on Andromeda and they had to find somewhere to hide.

Not long ago, they were again seemingly swept up by a soft force that seemed to roll them away from Andromeda, and then one by one, like dumplings, they landed in an unfamiliar place.

Was this still Andromeda?


After Lan Ru had left all of them behind in this strange continent, his gaze fell on Di Jiu.

Di Jiu hadn’t woken up yet, which made it a little difficult for her to do. If she didn’t like killing, Di Jiu would have been killed by her long ago. Thinking that she had woken up early because of Di Jiu, she intended to spare Di Jiu’s life.

But in this situation, leaving Di Jiu behind on this star-land like the rest of them, I was afraid that it would still take Di Jiu’s little life.

Di Jiu’s bones and veins were all broken, and it would be strange if he could survive in such a state on a land of cultivation.

Standing on the outskirts of the Azure Continent, even though she had suppressed her realm, Lan Ru still felt the power of the rules suppressing her getting bigger and bigger. She decided to help Di Jiu search for thirty more breaths, if she didn’t find a place for Di Jiu to live in thirty breaths, she would leave Di Jiu randomly in the middle of this star continent.

This group of low-level trial cultivators did not know which planet they came from and wasted too much of her time.

In less than thirty breaths, Lan Ru’s divine thoughts landed in the middle of a huge courtyard complex.

This courtyard complex was decorated with lights and colours, obviously there was a happy event to be held. And inside one of the small courtyards, a young man with a gloomy face was walking anxiously back and forth. At the entrance of the small courtyard, there was also a green-clothed boy standing.

“Qi Ting, hurry up and help me think of a way, in a little while, the sedan chair from the Jing family will come to pick up the people.” The youth turned around a few times, obviously not coming up with a good solution, and could only ask the youthful clothed boy.

“My lord, I do have an idea.” The youthful clothed boy called Qi Ting hemmed and hawed a little and whispered.

“Speak quickly.” The young man grabbed the youthful clothed boy and called out eagerly.

Qi Ting lowered his voice, “My lord, you find someone to join that Jing family instead of you. As long as those people are sent away, your son can leave home secretly.”

The young man frowned and said, “But where can I find someone who looks similar to me?”

Qi Ting said in a hurry, “My lord, why do you need to be the same? That ugly girl from the Jing family hasn’t seen you either. Anyway, when you get into the sedan chair, no one will check. By the time the Jing family has gone through all the rituals it will be dark, enter the cave, and once the big quilt is covered, no one will be able to change the truth.”

“The Jing family ate this kind of smothering loss, certainly will not be good enough to rest, and I am not very high in the Zhong family, this matter ……”

Before the young man could finish his words, Qi Ting gave another heated smile, “My lord, with your qualifications, sneaking away from home, you can definitely join an immortal clan. After you join an immortal clan, what can that Jing family do even if they are more powerful?”

“Right ……” The young man shook his fist, he had planned to join an immortal sect, it was just that his status in the Zhong family was too low and he had no chance to join an immortal sect at all. This time, if he secretly left the Zhong family, he would surely be able to join an immortal sect easily. His good qualifications were not his own guess, but the words of a pa*sing immortal master.

Of course, that pa*sing immortal master had also said that many people in the Zhong Family had good qualifications, but what did it matter?

“Where can I find such a person now? Is there still time?” The more the young man thought about it, the more he felt that he had a bright future ahead of him, and that in the future he would be just like those rumoured immortal masters, stepping through the air on their flying swords. At this moment, his voice became a little excited as he spoke.

Qi Ting said unhurriedly, “Don’t worry, Your Excellency, a thief was caught yesterday at the Zhong family compound, the thief was severely beaten up and is being held at this time, I can easily bring that thief in with a few taels of silver ……”


Lan Ru withdrew her divine thoughts and grabbed Di Jiu and said indifferently, “That Jing family is also considered good, just give you a peace of mind for the rest of your life.”

After saying this, she casually tapped a message into Di Jiu’s memory, and then tapped several times on Di Jiu’s broken bones one after another before throwing Di Jiu into the Zhong family cell and throwing out the original thief from the Zhong family.

What seemed to be wrong? While throwing Di Jiu down, Lan Ru frowned. She had just tapped some linguistic information into Di Jiu’s memory and seemed to sense an arcane rule aura in Di Jiu’s Purple Mansion.

The pressure of the rules around her was growing, and Lan Ru panted, guessing that she should have slept for too long, and that was why she had this illusion. A mere mole, where would there be any arcane rule aura? Thinking of this, she moved her body and then disappeared into the vastness of the boundless universe.


Di Jiu was shaken awake by a bump, his divine thoughts wanted to sweep out, he soon found that his sea of consciousness was in pain and he was unable to penetrate his divine thoughts at all. The first thing he noticed was that all of his meridians were shattered, but most of his broken bones had recovered.

Di Jiu didn’t care about his bones breaking and recovering, he had a powerful self-healing ability ever since he got the grey stone with the golden lightning bolt.

The only thing that worried Di Jiu was his meridians, could they still recover after they were all broken?

No, he should be in that Heavenly Dipper Palace in the Fairy Star, how did he appear in ……

It was a palanquin, and Di Jiu quickly identified where he was. His eyes looked out through the gap and there was indeed a palanquin. The bustle around it made Di Jiu’s heart sink, this was the faction of a flunky?

Di Jiu didn’t know how many times he had seen this situation in Ji Guo. He was clearly in the Fairy Star, right? Because of a lapse in judgment, it moved the killing array pattern in the Heavenly Dipper Palace ……

The palanquin stopped and Di Jiu focused his attention on what was in front of him.

He was wearing a coronet on his head, and the golden ta*sel beads hanging down covered his features. Not only that, but he was also wearing a coronet, with a heavenly river belt around his waist.

“The auspicious time has arrived, a pair of good people worship the parents of heaven and earth ……”

Di Jiu was a*sisted down and began the tedious ceremony. If his strength was still there, Di Jiu would have immediately pulled off his coronet and turned around.

Now he couldn’t do anything, and he began to think again in his mind why he was here, and where the hell was this? Was it still in Fairy Star.

He didn’t know how long he had been tossed around, but Di Jiu was sent inside a room with a faint fragrance.

Sensing that there seemed to be only one woman inside the room, Di Jiu raised her hand and grabbed the coronet off her head and threw it aside.

With the coronet removed, which had been covering his eyes, Di Jiu felt much more relaxed. He began to look at the woman sitting across from him. The woman did not have any ornaments on her head and did not look much like a woman who was newly married to him.

Her face was covered in scars all over, a small part of her left ear was missing and some of her lower lip had been cut off. It gave Di Jiu the impression of only one word, ugly.

The woman didn’t even seem to care that Di Jiu’s gaze was measuring her, but calmly waited for Di Jiu to finish looking at her before slowly saying, “What did you steal from the Zhong family, get caught by the Zhong family, and join my Jing family in place of Zhong He Tian?”

Her voice was actually very clear and melodious.

“What?” Di Jiu looked at this ugly girl in astonishment, he stole something? And what’s this about replacing the Zhong family to join the Jing family?

Huh, how did he understand all of this woman’s words? He remembered that the language jade slip he had learnt before didn’t have this kind of language ah.

Seemingly sensing that Di Jiu’s surprise was not fake, the ugly woman said in a still calm tone, “It seems that you really don’t know, the one who was supposed to come in to my Jing family was Zhong He Tian. He should have disliked me for being too ugly, so he found someone else instead. You went to the Zhong family yesterday to steal something and were caught and locked up by the Zhong family, so Zhong He Tian let you come and join my Jing family instead of him.”

Di Jiu understood some of the ugly girl’s explanation, Zhong He Tian was not willing to join the family to this ugly girl, which was normal to think. What he could not figure out was how he could be locked up by the Zhong family as a thief. One more thing, Di Jiu suspected that he had left Fairy Star.

“In three days, I’m leaving the Jing family to take the Immortal Ascension Gate test. You can stay with me for three days, and after three days, I will take you away from the Jing Family, and you can go anywhere you like on your own.” Seeing that Di Jiu still didn’t say anything, the ugly girl didn’t care and continued.