No Matter What Chapter 106

For an ordinary Qi cultivator, if they used it sparingly, it would take years to use up four or five hundred spirit stones.

Di Jiu and Geng Ji plus a small tree man, the three of them used up a large portion of them straight away in just five days.

Di Jiu had once crossed into the fifth level of Qi training, and in five days, his cultivation level had once again returned to the fifth level of Qi training. Geng Jie was even more exaggerated, as he had already arrived at the second level of Qi training when Di Jiu crossed into the fifth level of Qi training. The slowest cultivator was Shu Di.

He was already not good at absorbing spirit stones, and now that he was using them to cultivate, he was simply not good enough compared to Di Jiu and Geng Ji. This was still the case when Di Jiu and Geng Jiab were cultivating, sweeping large swathes of spiritual energy over, otherwise, his speed would be even slower.

“Boom!” When the defensive ban outside Di Jiu’s door was impacted, he woke up with a start, and then suddenly stood up.

Di Jiu stood up and moved too much, and both Geng Jie and the little tree man stopped their cultivation.

“Brother Jiu, what’s going on?” Geng Jiab was also considered a cultivation fanatic, and if it wasn’t for unexpected circumstances, he would have kept cultivating until he ran out of aura or was hungry.

“Someone has directly bombarded our defensive prohibitions.” Di Jiu said with a frown.

“Ah ……” Geng Jie also gave a startled ah, seemingly not quite convinced. After three days of lessons, he still understood basic cultivation principles.

The greatest hatred between cultivators was when someone was in seclusion and cultivation and you suddenly went to destroy their cultivation. This kind of hatred was almost not much different from killing one’s parents, without a reason it was a situation of no death and no rest.

“Boom!” This time, an attack directly blasted on top of Di Jiu’s protective formation.

“Ka-ching!” The protective formation cracked open a gap, and two people appeared at the entrance of Di Jiu’s room. Di Jiu could see clearly that this second attack had blasted right at the center of his protective formation. It looked like the guy who attacked was also a proficient in formation dao.

“I am here in seclusion and cultivation, I have no enmity with the two of you, what do you mean by this?” Di Jiu grabbed that long sword of Ouyang Tao’s in his hand.

Geng Jie was at the second level of Qi training and hadn’t cultivated any magic techniques yet, Di Jiu didn’t expect him to help.

“My name is Qi Shao, I come from the Qi family merchant house in Numahai town. As for why I blew through your protective formation, I thought you should know the reason. I snapped the ban a few times and you didn’t even respond.” Before Qi Shao came to blast Di Jiu’s protective formation, he had inquired about Di Jiu’s situation.

Two foreign cultivators who had just come here, one was only at the fourth level of Qi cultivation, and the other seemed to have no cultivation. Now it seemed that Di Jiu was only at the fifth level of Qi cultivation. The other one looked like he was still at the second level of Qi cultivation and his realm was still a bit unstable.

“Huh, tree spirit ……” Before Di Jiu could say anything, Qi Shao saw the tree disciple behind Di Jiu, and his eyes immediately sprang up with a fiery glow.

An ancient tree tree spirit taking form, even if it had recognized its owner, was still priceless.

“Haha, it was really stolen by you, I said where did the tree spirit that my Qi Family Merchant House had just gotten in the Marsh Sea Forest go, it turned out to be stolen here by you two mere ants.” Qi Shao laughed loudly, the surprise in his eyes completely impossible to erase.

Seeing the large number of onlookers, the fellow of the Scattered Cultivator Alliance hurriedly said loudly, “Guests, these two guests have affected others by cultivating and setting up the Spirit Gathering Formation in my Rest House, I wanted to warn them, but I didn’t expect them to have the audacity to steal the tree spirits from the Qi Family Merchant House. Chi Shao searched for this place, then after snapping the doorway ban several times without response, Chi Shao then broke the ban, and now this tree spirit is really inside.”

Di Jiu reacted, when he set up the protective formation, he had shielded the restraining system of the resting building. So he couldn’t hear when someone was snapping the forbidden system outside.

But no matter what, breaking his protective formation was a life and death feud.

“You better come with me to the Qi Family Merchant House now and make things clear, or don’t blame me for doing it now.” As Qi Shao spoke, his aura was released directly, the tree brother was fine, it was not the first time it had seen such a scene, but it was Geng Ji who was suppressed and took several steps back.

“Your family owns a commercial building?” Di Jiu suddenly asked an irrelevant question.

Qi Shao laughed again, “You are right, my family owns a commercial building ……”

In the middle of his laugh, Qi Shao opened his hand and an axe appeared in his hand, the blade of the axe emitting a hint of killing aura that made people’s skin tremble.

Chi Shao was most proud of the fact that he was different from the rest of the disciples of the Chi family, the rest of the Chi family were flowers who sat at home cultivating. Most of his strength came from killing inside the Swamp Sea Forest. Although he had someone escorting him when he entered the Swamp Sea Forest, when he was not in danger, it was always him killing on his own.

He did not need an axe to deal with Di Jiu, a mid-stage Qi practitioner, and the reason he took out his axe was to intimidate him.

Seemingly frightened by Qi Shao’s axe, Di Jiu hurriedly reached out to stop Qi Shao’s movements, “Don’t do it here, let’s go to your merchant building with you and open our eyes by the way.”

Qi Shao nodded in satisfaction, “Not bad, some acquaintance.”

Di Jiu smiled, “In that case, what are you waiting for? Lead the way.”

Hearing Di Jiu’s words, Qi Shao was surprised and looked at Di Jiu some more, convinced that Di Jiu was at the fifth level of Qi practice and was not in any danger, then he hummed and turned around and left.

The cultivator who came with Qi Shao, however, stared at Di Jiu and Geng Jie, until Di Jiu and Geng Jie followed behind Qi Shao with Shu Di, and only then did he walk at the end.

There was a sigh of relief among the crowd, who all knew that Di Jiu would disappear and disappear once he was gone. Some of the cultivators who often fought in Marsh Sea Town shook their heads, in their opinion, Di Jiu did not know whether to live or die on his own.

The Qi family merchant house is indeed in a very strong position in the swamp sea town, but as long as you don’t mess with them and don’t expose your treasures, generally speaking, the Qi family merchant house won’t find your head for no reason is all.


Di Jiu’s eyes lit up as soon as he walked into the Qi Family Merchant House with Geng Jiab and Shudi.

The brand outside of the Qi family merchant building Di Jiu did not care, but the things inside the Qi family merchant building were simply a treasure trove for Di Jiu.

Pills, techniques, magic treasures, materials, spiritual herbs ……

Di Jiu’s divine thoughts swept to the first floor, and he found that the things on the first floor were better. Moreover, he found that there were no strong people here, not even a single Foundation Establishment Cultivator. The one with the highest cultivation level was this Qi Shao in front of him, and in Di Jiu’s opinion, Qi Shao should be at the peak of Qi cultivation. If he hadn’t cultivated the Star River Skill before, Di Jiu doubted if he was Qi Shao’s opponent, but now he had a gut feeling in his heart that Qi Shao was not his opponent.

“Let’s go to the third floor to talk.” Qi Shao turned around and gave Di Jiu a heated smile, his tone was even softer.

“I need to talk to the Foundation Establishment Master on your side, or the Foundation Establishment Senior.” Di Jiu said with a straight face.

He knew that foundation building and Qi cultivation were two concepts, don’t look at his cultivation of the Star River Skill, compressing his true essence, and even forming a starry sky inside his body when he cultivated. Once he met a strong Foundation Establishment practitioner, this point of his cultivation should not be enough to see.

“Hahahaha ……” Qi Shao laughed again, “Not to mention the Foundation Establishment, even if you talk to a Jindan cultivator, I have here …… ”

Di Jiu’s heart sank, before he could say anything, Qi Shao said again, “You just need to wait here for a little longer, I have two Foundation Establishment cultivators here to talk to you.”

Hearing that the Foundation Establishment cultivators were not here, Di Jiu was inexplicably relieved in his heart. He was sure that the Jindan cultivators were not here, and if the Jindan cultivators were here, his divine thoughts could have sensed it long ago.

“Hurry up.” Seeing that Di Jiu did not move, Qi Shao once again urged.

Di Jiu suddenly said aloud, “All guests who are here, leave the Qi Family Commercial Building immediately. Young Qi has said that this place will be closed up soon, if anyone doesn’t get out first, kill without amnesty ……”

As Di Jiu spoke, the long sword in his hand slashed out, he missed his chopper even more at this moment. If the chopper was in his hand, his strength would be at least one level higher.

When the cultivators in the merchant building heard that there was no amnesty for killing and then saw Di Jiu and Qi Shao together, where did they dare to stay? Almost in the shortest time, they rushed out of the Qi family merchant building. When some of the cultivators rushed to the entrance, they saw that Di Jiu actually dared to make a move against Qi Shao, and they even accelerated their speed.

Who didn’t know that the Qi Family Merchant House was in Marsh Sea Town?

“You seek death?” Only then did Qi Shao react that Di Jiu dared to drive people away in the Qi Family Merchant House.

Before he could make a move, he felt a threat of death.

Qi Shao was at least a complete Qi practitioner, and he knew in an instant that Di Jiu was backstabbing him. At this moment, he was furious with Di Jiu, a mere fifth level Qi practitioner who did not know what he was doing, and dared to backstab him in the Qi family merchant building.

Before Qi Shao could offer his huge axe, Di Jiu’s sword qi transformed into a terrifying slash in space and fell down. The moment Di Jiu struck was his fourth blade, the Wind Xiao Blade.

“Poof!” Even if Qi Shao was quick enough to react, the two sword maces that turned into sword qi went straight through his waist and two tents of blood mist exploded out.

Di Jiu was secretly shocked in his heart, this guy’s reaction was really fast enough, he hadn’t finished him off with his sudden sneak attack.

“If I don’t bruise you to death, I am not a son of the Qi family.” Qi Shao had already sacrificed his giant axe, he didn’t care about his injuries at all, he stared at Di Jiu and said almost word for word.