No Matter What Chapter 107

At the same time, the middle Qi cultivator who followed along also reacted and grabbed a long sword, followed by rolling up several sword maces and wrapping them towards Di Jiu.

Di Jiu was even more upset about the longsword in his hand, if the one he was holding was not a longsword, he would have killed half of Qi Shao with that sneak attack just now. As long as Qi Shao was restrained, he would not need to bother at all to kill the rest of them.

Unfortunately, the longsword was unable to bring out the power of the Feng Xiao Blade, leaving Di Jiu in a pa*sive position even though he had sneaked in front of him.

Di Jiu didn’t care about the guy behind him who had made a move on him, if he didn’t finish off Qi Shao first today, he would definitely die. As for the guy behind him who had made a move on him, Di Jiu was fighting to get injured.

Having made his decision, Di Jiu simply avoided the vital points and then covered his back with true essence. After forming a true essence shield on his back, the long sword in his hand once again rolled up a swirling blade aura and rushed towards Qi Shao.

As Di Jiu succeeded in sneaking attacking Qi Shao, Qi Shao sacrificed his giant axe, and the guy behind him who was in the middle stage of Qi cultivation attacked Di Jiu, the tree root moved just as it did.

Its hands cut out two thick vines, and the vines unceremoniously locked up Qi Shao who was about to make a move on Di Jiu. Qi Shao’s huge axe was brought out, and before he could offer it up, it was wrapped in the tree root vines.

The only one who did not react was Geng Jiuxiang. It wasn’t just because of his low cultivation level, this was also the first time he met this kind of scene, and he was still standing there foolishly when everyone else had made their move.

“Well done.” After Di Jiu shouted in delight, the swirling blade aura blasted at Qi Shao’s head without reservation, he only needed the tree brother to lock Qi Shao for a moment.

The next moment Tree Brother’s roots locked Chi Shao, Chi Shao knew it was no good, the huge axe in his hand left his hand and turned into two sharp blades to tear at the roots wrapped around his body.

“Pffff!” The roots of the tree broke directly, and the tree disciple immediately wilted down.

But this was enough time for Di Jiu, his swirling blade aura completely blasted at Chi Shao’s head, and Chi Shao’s head exploded like a watermelon torn apart by the blades.

“Ka-chow!” There were a few more sounds of bones breaking, two blood mists exploded behind Di Jiu in quick succession, Di Jiu’s back was torn open by that mid Qi Practitioner cultivator, and the bones could be clearly seen.

Di Jiu secretly said that it was fortunate that he had avoided the vital points and had also covered his back with true essence, otherwise the opponent’s sword could have cut him off at the waist.

Geng Jie finally reacted and was about to rush towards the middle Qi Practitioner who had sneaked up on Di Jiu, when Di Jiu was already turning back with a swirling blade Qi, killing the middle Qi Practitioner with ease.

After grabbing the small tree root from his storage ring to give him the green vitality, Di Jiu took a bite and then threw out dozens of wind blades.

Two fellows who tried to rush up were torn apart by these wind blades, and the rest of the fellows hurriedly hid on the ground, not daring to move in.

This was an appalling thing for them to hear.

Di Jiu couldn’t care less, after grabbing the rings of Qi Shao and the middle Qi refining cultivator, he rushed up again and rolled his hands one after another. Whether it was the things on the shelves or the things locked by the jade cabinet, all of them were swept up in his ring.

From the ground floor to the first floor, it took Di Jiu just less than two minutes before and after.

“Go!” After collecting all the things, Di Jiu greeted Geng Jie and Shu Di and then rushed outside of Nushuhai Town.

Someone dared to rob the Qi family merchant building, at this time, even if there were cultivators who were more powerful than Di Jiu, they did not step forward to stop Di Jiu.

What Di Jiu had grabbed was more than enough, and he even had a tree spirit that everyone coveted. But all the people in Marsh Sea Town knew very well that if they stood out and stopped Di Jiu, they would not gain anything.

Because these things, after they snatched them down, they still had to give them to the Qi Family Merchant House. In case something was missing, it would be yellow mud falling into the crotch of their trousers, and it would be sh*t even if it wasn’t. What’s more, to them, the more the Qi family merchant house was robbed, the happier they were.

Almost half of the business in Num sea town was done by the Qi family merchant house, the rest of the families just dared not speak out in anger. The more the people escape from the town, the more they can sneak up on him and finish him off.


As soon as he left the forbidden space of the Swamp Sea Town, Di Jiu sacrificed his airship and then fired it up to its fastest speed.

There was no one to stop him from robbing the Qi family’s merchant house in Marsh Sea Town, and Di Jiu did not think that there would be no one to follow him after he left Marsh Sea Town.

After Di Jiu had launched his airship, his divine thoughts swept out that more than one person had followed him out of Marsh Sea Town. Di Jiu wasn’t worried about being caught up, his flying magic treasure was a top grade magic craft airship. His divine thoughts were more powerful than those of ordinary Qi cultivators, so unless his cultivation level far exceeded that of a guy, he would not be able to catch up with him easily.

Di Jiu didn’t guess wrongly, after his airship rushed into the Marsh Sea Forest two hours later, there were no more stalkers in his divine thoughts.

“Ninth Brother, I was useless and let you get hurt ……,” Geng Ji had been blaming himself since he came out of Marsh Sea Town.

Both Ninth Brother and Shudie had gone all out, and he was the only one who was like a fool. If he had been shrewder, he might have been able to hold back the guy who had made a move on Jiu behind his back.

The injury on Di Jiu’s back looked terrifying, but in fact the injury on his back was in the process of recovering rapidly at the moment. It was that he didn’t eat the Cyan Life, and his injuries were recovering quickly, and after eating the Cyan Life, he recovered even faster.

On the contrary, Shu Di, who had been chipped by Qi Shao’s axe, was shrivelled up till now.

“It’s not your fault, you’ll understand if you take part in more fights in the future. That axe of Qi Shao looks good, you refine it and use it. After we reach the Marsh Sea Forest, big fights should be a regular occurrence.” Di Jiu casually comforted.

There was no way for them to return to the clan now, and there was no way for them to be able to go back to Swamp Sea Town to resupply like other cultivators. As for how long they would need to stay in the Marsh Sea Forest, Di Jiu himself was not sure.


Di Jiu and Geng Ji entered the Marsh Sea Forest, and at this time, the entire Marsh Sea Town was in an uproar. The Qi family merchant house was robbed, and the real owner of the Qi family merchant house, Qi Shao, was killed in the third floor ……

Not to mention the tiny Marsh Sea Town, even in the entire Extreme Night Continent, the Qi Family Merchant House had never encountered such a thing.

When the Golden Dan Protector of the Qi Family Merchant House, Wan Ling, got the news and rushed to the Qi Family Merchant House, what he saw was the corpse of Qi Shao and the ruined Qi Family Merchant House.

Looking at the wretched scene, Wan Ling’s face turned a little white. He felt as if something was strangling his neck and it was difficult for him to breathe.

He was not angry, but scared. As an outsider Protector, he had actually allowed the Qi Family Merchant House to be robbed, and a direct descendant of the Qi Family to be killed, while he was left unscathed, a calamity he, Wan Ling, could not afford.

Trying to calm himself down, Wan Ling turned back to these Foundation Establishment cultivators who were also absent from the scene and yelled, “Go to the Marsh Sea Forest immediately, two Qi Practitioner mole crickets won’t get far in the Marsh Sea Forest.”

No matter what would happen to him in the end, Wan Ling knew he had to get the few perpetrators arrested as soon as possible. Perhaps then, he, Wan Ling, would still have a slim chance of survival.

The Qi Family Merchant House’s Protector had always been the best errand, but he never thought it would come to him with a leak.


“Not good, let’s hurry down and go, you can’t control the airship flight inside the Marsh Sea Forest ……” After the airship had been flying for most of the day, Di Jiu then took out the jade slip of the Marsh Sea Forest to check, after checking the jade slip, the first thing he knew was that he had done another stupid thing The first thing he knew was that he had done something stupid.

The tree brother who was controlling the airship however said, “Big brother, I know, but I have an innate sense of foreboding, I know which side is in danger and which side ……”

“Ka-ching!” Before the tree brother could finish his sentence, a twisting force churned the stern of the airship to pieces.

Di Jiu didn’t even have time to speak, he directly grabbed Geng Jie and the little tree man and jumped down from the air. Luckily, the airship wasn’t flying particularly high at the moment, and with Di Jiu’s true essence drummed up outside his body, he landed on the ground without any danger, even if he didn’t know any wind spells yet.

“What’s going on, big brother?” The tree brother was also panicking as it saw that the airship the three had just been in had disappeared without a trace.

Di Jiu said afterwards, “I can only say that a few of us still had some luck, we couldn’t fly at all over the Marsh Sea Forest, and we actually flew for most of the day before something happened. There are spatial blades everywhere over the Swamp Sea Forest, and there are also spatial seas and some weird demonic beasts ……”

These randomly met one and also turned into ashes.

“What’s a spatial sea?” Geng halberd grabbed the huge axe, which he hadn’t refined yet.

“I don’t know either, I only know that once you fall into the spatial sea, you will be wrapped in spatial power and churned to pieces.” Di Jiu said, he had seen all this from that jade slip just now.

Shu Di said with some embarra*sment, “I thought that with my intuition there was nothing wrong, fortunately big brother stepped in in time.”

Di Jiu said, “We were able to fly here for most of the day without anything happening, so I guess it has something to do with your intuition. What we encountered just now was probably a spatial blade aura, but fortunately the spatial blade aura was twisted from the side and back, allowing us to escape. I’m afraid this place is already considered deep in the Marsh Sea Forest, that’s not enough, Shu Di behind us will lead the way, let’s continue to go in.”