No Matter What Chapter 108

The Swamp Sea Forest gets its name because, for one thing, most of the area is a dense forest of trees, with no boundaries. Secondly, the forest here is different from other places, in that any place in the Marsh Sea Forest can be part of the Marsh Sea. A place that looks like nothing can be a hidden swamp if you step on it. Once you step into a hidden swamp, it is very difficult to escape.

If it wasn’t for Shu Di’s sensitivity to danger, Di Jiu and Geng Ji had no idea how many times they would have fallen into the swamp. With Shu Di, the three of them only met some demonic beasts along the way and did not fall into a dangerous situation.

Even so, after two days of walking, Geng Jie still fell into the swamp.

It was clearly a huge boulder, and Geng Jie just stepped onto that boulder. The boulder melted away in an instant and in an instant the swampy pulp was all around Geng Ji. There was no way for Geng Jie to climb out of this mud at the second level of Qi practice.

Di Jiu tried to fly with his flying sword, but the result was the same as what was described on the jade slip, there was no way to fly in the swamp formed by the Swamp Sea Forest. Not only that, once he entered the top of the swamp of the Swamp Sea Forest, he would immediately be sucked down by the swamp.

“Don’t move, I’ll refine a rope before you do.” Seeing Geng Jiab struggle just a little bit before sinking in another foot or so, Di Jiu hurriedly called out.

“It’s too late ……” Geng Jiab knew it was too late, and by the time Di Jiu refined a rope to pull him, he would have long since sunk into the swamp. He was experiencing the joy of cultivation when he didn’t expect to die inside the Swamp Sea Forest. His mother would have been devastated if she knew he died here.

Deep in this swamp, even if he didn’t move, it was the same as falling into the water, sinking continuously.

Without waiting for Di Jiu to speak, Shu Di had already produced a tree vine, which rolled up the Geng halberd in the swamp and curled up in the air, landing on the periphery of the swamp.

Di Jiu was overjoyed, he had actually forgotten about the little tree man.

Geng Jie came back from the dead and even kept saying to Shu Di, “Thank you, Shu Di, if it wasn’t for you I’d be dead.”

Being able to make a handful of appearances, the tree brother was very proud of itself, it was trying to find a few words to set off its greatness out, when a tumble in the swamp followed a huge fiery red demon beast rushing out.

“Hurry up and run, this demonic beast is not something we can fight.” As soon as Di Jiu saw the aura of this demonic beast, he knew he was no match. This fiery red demonic beast was also described on the jade slip as a swamp lion.

The swamp lion also had a disadvantage, that once it escaped further away, it could not go ashore to chase it.

“Brother Nine, where are we going now?” After the three of them escaped from the dangerous range of the swamp, Geng Ji was still a bit scared.

“We’ve travelled further than the average person because we flew for most of the day. The map I bought didn’t mark the direction of where we were either, so I mean to keep going deeper. Cultivate as we go.” Di Jiu still didn’t feel safe, this place was too close to Marsh Sea Town.

Both Shu Di and Geng Jie were now Di Jiu’s main priority.


“Poof!” Di Jiu slashed down a swamp lion and turned back to Geng Jiab who killed another swamp lion in the distance, “Let’s find a place to cultivate around here for a while, and I’ll also sort out my stuff.”

“Good.” Geng Ji and Shu Di had already killed another Swamp Lion as they replied.

It was three months after they had entered the Swamp Sea Forest, and during these three months, Di Jiu had only found a top grade magic weapon long sword to refine among the looted magic treasures, and had not bothered to sort out anything else.

Di Jiu, who had fled, knew very well that the most valuable time to flee was the first month or so. Now that they had escaped for three months, they should theoretically be considered safe.

This place was considered the deepest part of the Marsh Sea Forest, and during their three months of escape, they had met powerful demonic beasts more than once. Once Di Jiu suspected that he had even met a great demon that surpa*sed the Golden Dan, but fortunately that great demon could not see the three of them as small crickets and did not make a move.

This was still under the leadership of Shu Di, if it wasn’t for Shu Di, Di Jiu reckoned that Doubt would have been eaten by the demon beasts and become fertilizer for the Marsh Sea Forest.

For more than three months, they fled while killing demonic beasts. Di Jiu’s cultivation level had once again returned to the seventh level of Qi cultivation, and with his long history of casually arranging spell formations, he could now easily refine formation flags for arranging level four spell formations. As for Qi training materials and various low-grade spiritual herbs, his Spiritual Medicine Garden was almost full.

Tree Brother’s progress had also been great, and according to his cultivation level, Tree Brother had reached Qi Practitioner Perfection. In the category of demon beasts, it is considered a peak level one demon beast. In a little while, Shu Di will be able to cross over to the level two demon beast category.

The biggest change was in Geng Ji’s cultivation level, which had reached the third level of Qi cultivation. The speed of cultivation was even better, as the three had never really settled down to cultivate for a period of time in the Marsh Sea Forest. At most, they would only cultivate for half a day after a few days, and then continue on their way.

What had really changed for Geng Jie was his fighting ability; when Di Jiu had made a move against Qi Shao, he hadn’t even reacted. Or if he had reacted, he didn’t dare to make a move.

Now with that huge axe of his, he had killed more than ten demonic beasts even at the middle and late level one. As for the weaker demonic beasts, he had killed even more.

Geng Ji did not have an axe technique now, relying solely on his own mellow true qi. Di Jiu sighed, if the current Geng Jie was put on the battlefield, he would be a natural warrior.

It was because they were getting deeper and deeper into the Marsh Sea Forest and the demonic beasts they met were getting stronger and stronger that Di Jiu wanted to find a place to cultivate for a while. The three of them had seen their combat experience skyrocket, but their strength was so weak that their experience simply couldn’t make up for it.

Not only did Geng Jie need spell techniques, he needed them just as much.

“I’ll find the place.” The Tree Brother was the most alert and sensitive, and more than 90% of the credit for the three being able to walk this way unharmed should be counted on it.

Tree Brother didn’t brag, and it only took most of the day to find a deserted swamp cave.

In the Swamp Sea Forest, the most dangerous place was the swamp, and the safest place was also the swamp. Almost over ninety percent of the swamps in the Swamp Sea Forest were flightless, and there were demonic beasts hidden in them. Only a very few swamps were normal swamps, and among such swamps, there were very few hidden caves for cultivation, and this was the first one that Shu Di discovered.

Because the caves were deep in the swamp, it was difficult for ordinary people to find them.

Once one finds such a cave and goes in to cultivate, one is basically considered safe.

The swamp cave that Shu Di found was not big, nor was it the smallest kind. It could barely be cut off into three cultivation chambers, one for each of the three.

As soon as the two of them entered the cave, they immediately started to cultivate like crazy.

Di Jiu, however, set up various spell formations and prohibitions outside the cave. He would not set up a spirit gathering formation, this kind of formation could only make the demon beasts come a little faster. He set up a warning formation in the swamp, another trapping and killing formation under the swamp, and a defence formation outside the cave. Not counting these, he also set up a concealment formation.

The most important function of the concealment formation was that it could conceal the aura fluctuations when cultivating.

After suffering a loss in Marsh Sea Town, Di Jiu would naturally not make a similar mistake again.

After all the spell formations were set up, the first thing that Di Jiu did when he returned to his cave room was to sort out his harvest from the Qi Family Merchant House.


North Ridge City, the largest cultivation city in North Region State, was not one of them.

The Qi Family Merchant House’s headquarters in the Northern Region was located in North Ridge City, and in a place like North Ridge City, where every inch of land was gold, the Qi Family Merchant House stretched past and occupied almost half of the main street.

There were not only the various shops of the Qi Family Merchant House, but also the Qi Family Merchant House’s cultivation cave complex.

Qi Zhijian was very satisfied as he walked out of the cave dedicated to his cultivation. After half a year of seclusion, he was already at the fourth level of the Yuan-Soul perfection realm, and with one more step, he could cross over to the fifth level of the Yuan-Soul.

The head of the Qi Family Merchant House in North Ridge City was not Qi Zhixian, but Qi Zhixian was the one with the highest status here. As one of the Qi Family’s Ten Greatest Yuan Soul Ancestors, Qi Zhixian had enough power to speak in the Qi Family Merchant House.

“Wenbin, what’s going on?” What puzzled Qi Zhizhang was that he had just stepped out of his cave when he saw Qi Wenbin, the head merchant of North Ridge City. Qi Wenbin was waiting outside the cave where he was in seclusion, so there must be something going on.

Qi Wenbin, a seventh level Jindan cultivator. Without enough potential to cross into the Yuan Soul realm, he became the head of the North Ridge City Merchant House.

“Elder Wounded, three months ago bad news came from Num sea town, someone robbed the Num sea branch of the Qi family merchant building and killed young master Shao ……” Qi Wenbin’s tone was somewhat frightened and uneasy.

He was very clear about the status of Qi Shao in the eyes of this Qi Family Yuan-Soul ancestor in front of him; Qi Shao was the first grandson of Qi Zhi-Huang, or one of the most promising grandsons. The reason why he had left Qi Shao in a remote place like Numahai Town was because Qi Shao was competitive and Qi Zhixian wanted to cultivate a true talent. With that, he still sent a Golden Dan cultivator, Fang Ling, to guard Qi Shao’s side.

Now that Qi Shao had actually been killed, there was still someone who dared to rob the Qi family merchant house!

“Good, good, good ……” Qi Zhixian said three good words in a row, the killing intent around his body could no longer be contained, even Qi Wenbin, who was at the seventh level of the Golden Dan, felt chills all over his body, and his body was chilled.