No Matter What Chapter 109

“At that time, Fang Ling was doing another thing with two Foundation Establishment cultivators, which allowed that Qi Practitioner cultivator to catch a chance and sneak up on Young Master Shao ……”

Without waiting for Qi Wenbin to finish his words, Qi Zhi Huan interrupted him, “Let Fang Ling and those two Foundation Establishment stewards be buried with him.”

“Yes ……” Qi Wenbin definitely did not dare to speak for Fang Ling at this time, even if Fang Ling was also working for the Qi Family Merchant House, but if something went wrong with Qi Shao, whom he was protecting, he would need to be buried with him.

“What about the man who was captured?” Qi Zhi Huan took a breath and collected his killing intent. No matter who killed Qi Shao, he would make that person regret coming into this world, or even regret living one more breath of time.

Qi Wenbin said even more fearfully, “The man has not been caught yet, I heard that he escaped inside the Marsh Sea Forest. The Qi Family Merchant House has now issued a mission, and three Jindan and a dozen Foundation Establishment members of the Qi Family have gone to the Marsh Sea Forest to search for the whereabouts of the murderer. Fang Ling and the two Foundation Establishment Stewards are also searching in the Marsh Sea Forest.”

“Follow the foot.” Qi Zhijian was not even willing to say one more word.

In his eyes, those who went to the Swamp Sea Forest were a bunch of rice buckets. A mere Qi practicing cultivator could also rob the Qi family’s merchant house and flee after killing his grandson, Qi Shao?

This was not only a disgrace to him, but also to the Qi Family Merchant House.

Sensing that Qi Zhijian’s anger had been restrained, Qi Wenbin breathed a slight sigh of relief in his heart, “One of these two men is called Di Jiu and the other is called Geng Jihua. At that time, they also brought a tree spirit with them ……”

“A tree spirit?” Chi Chi hurt repeated in a shocked voice.

He completely understood what the conflict was all about, something like a tree spirit, even if it was far from being transformed, would be of unparalleled use to Qi Shao.

Qi Shao had always wanted to build his foundation without using the Foundation Establishment Pill, and he knew it very well. If Qi Shao could obtain a tree spirit, he would definitely be able to build a top-notch foundation. That kind of development potential was far too powerful than an ordinary genius disciple.

This was all the more reason for Qi Zhijian to capture Di Jiu and Geng Jihua to slowly torture them to death, and it didn’t matter to him whether or not Qi Shao wanted to rob others. The Qi family had the qualification, and the Qi family had the ability to do so.

Qi Shao could snatch the tree spirit, but you could not touch the Qi family’s people, this was his Qi Zhi Huan’s theory of the strong. In the Extreme Night Continent, the strong were rightfully to be respected.

Qi Wenbin responded, “It is indeed a tree spirit, it should still be a first grade tree spirit, and it is estimated that it has recognized that Di Jiu as its master. The origin of Di Jiu is unknown, so far we have not found out, we only know that he stole something from the Zhong family of the Hengyi Kingdom, was caught by the Zhong family, and then joined the Jing family in place of Zhong He Tian to give Jing Moshuang. Jing Moshuang took him to Silent River City and then separated him.

The next day, when the clan was recruiting disciples, Jing Moshuang was accepted as an outer disciple of the Xinghe Sect because of her three spiritual roots. Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua were not included in the sect because their qualifications were too poor, but as a result, Yu Jiangyan, an elder of the Xinghe Sect, made an exception and accepted Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua on the grounds that Di Jiu knew Jing Moshuang.”

“Humph!” Qi Zhi Huan coldly snorted, “Do you think an old thing like Yu Yan would make an exception to admit two poorly qualified guys because of an outer disciple of the third lineage? Also, a guy with poor qualifications could kill Qi Shao in just a few months of initiation? It looks like those two were originally casual cultivators who had cultivated.”

Qi Wenbin hurriedly said, “Elder Wounded, when Di Jiu and Geng Jihua went to Marsh Sea Town, it had only been a few days since they joined the sect. At that time, they stayed in a casual cultivator’s inn, and when they checked in, Di Jiu was at the fourth level of Qi cultivation, and Geng Hanhua seemed to have not yet started cultivating. By the time Young Master Shao looked for them five days later, that Di Jiu was already at the fifth level of Qi cultivation, while Geng Halberd Flower was a cultivator at the second level of Qi cultivation.”

Qi Zhili became more and more certain that Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua had big secrets in their bodies, and he had to catch these two ants in his hands to force them to ask a thorough question.

“You continue to speak.”

“Yes!” Qi Wenbin also guessed that Di Jiu and Geng Jihua had secrets, but he didn’t care much, how big could the secrets on a Qi cultivator be?

“That Geng halberd flower comes from a remote small mountain village called Velvet Yield Village. He had a mother, a brother and a sister. The village all called his mother Qi Niang, his brother was called Gai Wu and his sister was called Gai Yin ……”

Chi Zhi Huan interrupted Chi Wenbin, “Are you saying that Geng Halberd Flower and his younger brother and sister do not share the same surname?”

Qi Wenbin replied respectfully, “Yes, it is said that Geng halberd flower and Gai Wu and Gai Yin are related. After Geng Halberd Flower went in search of the Immortal Gate, Geng Halberd Flower’s mother, Qiniang, took Gai Wu and Gai Yin and left the village of Jomei, not knowing where they were, and our people have erased the village of Jomei.”

When speaking of wiping out the village of Jomei, Qi Wenbin spoke as if he was talking about drinking a gla*s of water as easily and simply as if he didn’t care half as much.

Chi Zhi Huan obviously wouldn’t care about this matter either, instead he nodded, “Then how did the Jing family deal with it?”

The reason why he didn’t ask about the Star River Sect was that he knew that he should be the one to lead the way over to a sect like the Star River Sect.

“Jing Moshuang has two sisters, one is called Jing Mosue and the other is called Jing Mo Bing. They worship under the discipline of the Half Sword Peak Master of the True Leaving Sword Sect, Over Zi Jian, so ……”

Qi Wenbin’s words did not continue, Qi Zhijian understood what he meant, he frowned, after a while before saying, “I’ll go to the Xinghe Sect.”

The True Leaving Sword Sect was the number one sect in the Northern Region State, although the Qi family would not be weaker than the True Leaving Sword Sect. Even though the Qi family was not weaker than the True Divorce Sword Sect, they could not just provoke the True Divorce Sword Sect, not to mention that this matter really had nothing to do with Jing Moshuang. Since the Jing family had something to do with the True Divorce Sword Sect, the Jing family would be left alone for the time being.

However, the Xinghe Sect could not be spared, Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua were disciples of the Xinghe Sect, and the disciples of the Xinghe Sect had killed a direct descendant of his Qi family, so the matter was not finished.

“Five Jindan have been arranged on this side to go to the Xinghe Sword Sect with Elder Wound.”

Qi Zhi wound waved his hand, “No need, a mere Star River Sword Sect, I can just go there alone.”

The Star River Sword Sect was only a second-rate sect, and I heard that the First Supreme Elder of the Star River Sword Sect had gone into seclusion a hundred years ago to impact the Yuan Soul realm, and after a hundred years had pa*sed, there was still no news, so it was estimated that he had fallen.

Moreover, even if that Supreme Elder of the Xinghe Sect had crossed into the Yuan Soul Realm, so what? He, Qi Zhijian, was only one step short of the fifth level of the Yuan Soul.


In the great hall of the Star River Sect’s sect’s council, there were at least twenty people sitting at this moment.

Apart from the sect master Xiang Tian Yi, the five inner peak masters, the six outer peak masters, and several hall masters were all here.

“This time, the battlefield of the Extreme Night Sky Market happened suddenly, my Star River Sect lost two Golden Dan and Elder Yu was also seriously injured. However, in the final distribution of the spoils of war, my Star River Sect almost had the smallest harvest. It is clear that without the strongest elemental souls, we have no say at all. I have decided that this time, no matter how much it costs, my Xinghe Sect must go in search of a Soul Origin Fruit. Someone from my Star River Sect must cross over to the Yuan Soul, and only then will we have a voice in the Extreme Night Continent.” Xiang Tian Yi’s tone was gruff.

This time, he personally led the team to the Extreme Night Heavenly Ruins Battlefield, and after paying so much for it, the Xinghe Sect could only end up picking up some things that others had picked.

The crowd didn’t say anything, what was the Soul Origin Fruit, no one who could sit here didn’t know. It was the main spirit herb used to refine the Soul Condensation Pill, the Soul Condensation Pill was the pill that a Golden Dan cultivator had to take to cross over into a Yuan Soul cultivator.

“Boom!” As Xiang Tian Yi wanted to continue, the sect’s grand formation emitted a violent shaking.

Xiang Tian Yi’s face changed as he suddenly stood up, and all the Jindan cultivators in the main hall also stood up in shock. Is this someone attacking the sect’s protective formation? Attacking a sect protection formation is not a trivial matter. If a clan protective formation was attacked, it would mean a great feud of life and death.

“All Golden Dan cultivators, follow me to guard the clan.” Xiang Tian Yi’s divine thoughts saw the person who had come to attack the sect’s formation, a tall, thin, middle-aged man with a goatee.

He felt a threat of a strong man from this man, not a threat to him, but a threat to the sect.

In almost the shortest possible time, all the Jindan cultivators of the Xinghe Sect gathered at the entrance of the sect’s protective formation. Even the Foundation Establishment cultivators, ten out of **ten of them, had also come here.

If the sect’s great formation was attacked, it would mean a great matter of life and death for the sect.

“So it’s Elder Hurt, my Star River Sect has always admired the Qi Family Merchant House, I wonder why Elder Hurt attacked my Star River Sect’s sect protection formation for no reason?” Xiang Tian Yi’s tone was not overbearing, and he even clasped his fist a little in question.

Although his tone was still calm, the anger within Xiang Tian Yi was almost burning out in flames.

It was really because the strength of his Xinghe Sect was a little too low, if the Xinghe Sect still had the strength, he would not hesitate to kill this Qi Zhijian in front of him, what did he care about the reason?

The current situation was that the Qi Family Merchant House was too strong, and it wouldn’t take much effort at all for the Qi Family Merchant House to exterminate his Xinghe Sect.

“Hahahahahaha ……” Chi Zhi Huan burst out laughing, “For no reason, your Star River Sect’s outer disciples Di Jiu and Geng Jihua killed my grandson Chi Shao in Nushuhai Town, and robbed my Nushuhai Town’s branch of the Chi Family Merchant House, this is called for no reason? You call that unprovoked?”