No Matter What Chapter 110

Xiang Tian Yi was confused, and he subconsciously turned back to ask who was Di Jiu.

“It’s true that they killed my nephew’s grandson.” Instead of waiting for an answer, Xiang Tian Yi heard Ouyang Mufei’s gnashing of teeth.

“Peak Master Ouyang, who killed your nephew?” Xiang Tian Yi was even more puzzled.

Ouyang Mufei gave a salute to Xiang Tian Yi before he said in a hateful voice, “It was Di Jiu and Geng Halberd Flower, the wounded elder of the Qi Family Merchant House just mentioned, these two were lawless and had just entered the sect when they a*sa*sinated my nephew Ouyang Tao. After they killed Ouyang Tao, they snatched away Ouyang Tao’s things. In addition to that, they also killed Qiao Sa ……”

After Ouyang Tao was killed, Ouyang Mufei checked all the records of that day. Qiao Sa had claimed a quest for Raging Wind Ridge, and the quest was recorded as Ouyang Tao and Qiao Sa going. After Qiao Sa, Di Jiu was the one who received the mission, and Di Jiu’s mission was to the Thousand Floating Fortress.

Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua had only just joined the clan, even if they followed Ouyang Tao out of the clan backwards and forwards, they were excluded by Ouyang Mufei, these two were not qualified to a*sa*sinate his nephew Ouyang Tao. Now, it seemed that Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua, whom he had excluded, were really the ones who had killed his nephew.

“That’s impossible, that Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua were recruited by me, they had no cultivation at all, no cultivation at all, how could they have killed Ouyang Tao? Even more so, they couldn’t have gone to Marsh Sea Town and be rude to Duke Shao.” Yu Jiangyan hurriedly said.

Di Jiu had actually cultivated, but at that time, his meridians were all broken, and Yu Qianyan didn’t look carefully, so he didn’t see that Di Jiu had cultivated at that time.

“What the hell is going on?” Xiang Tian Yi also felt that something was wrong with this matter.

Yu Qianyan explained, “When I was recruiting disciples for the Star River Sect, I happened to go to Silent River City. Di Jiu and Geng Jihua had very poor qualifications and no sect wanted them. At that time, I was in a good mood after winning a bet with Elder Restore, so on account of the fact that Di Jiu and Geng Hanghua knew Jing Moshuang, a newly recruited disciple of the Xinghe Sect, I made an exception and accepted the two of them as outer disciples, who had indeed not cultivated at that time.”

After Yu Jiangyan said this, he simultaneously transmitted his voice to Xiang Tianyi, “Sovereign, in fact, that Geng Hastily Flower’s qualification may be a rare pure thunder spirit root of a different colour that is rare in ten thousand years, rather than an impure thunder spirit root. Di Jiu’s Spiritual Root tested out to be pure black, which I suspect is also a Spiritual Root that has never appeared in the Extreme Night Continent before. Nowadays, the Extreme Night Continent is in turmoil, and my Star River Sect is getting worse by the day. If we can’t find any more talented disciples to join us, I am afraid that there will be many things like this in the future, and one day my Star River Sect will even be extinguished.

Unfortunately, I received an urgent report from the Sovereign at the Extreme Night Sky Market at that time and hurried to the Extreme Night Sky Market. When I came back, I was going to personally go and take them as disciples because of the sect meeting and never went.”

Xiang Tian Yi was shocked in his heart, if it was really like what Yu Jiangyan said that Di Jiu and Geng Jiehua had never cultivated before, and after joining the sect for two to three months, they were able to kill Qi Shao, the young master of the Qi Family Merchant House, and could kill Ouyang Tao, then these two were no longer considered simple geniuses.

If there were really such disciples, he, Xiang Tian Yi, would risk his life to not let these two genius disciples fall into the hands of the Qi Family Merchant House.

This is still Xiang Tian Yi did not know that Di Jiu and Geng Jihua killed Qi Shao three months ago, he still thought that Di Jiu had cultivated for a few months before he killed Qi Shao.

“Haha ……” Chi Zhi Huan let out a burst of wild laughter, his face was not half smiling, his body was even more surging with murderous aura, “Indeed, Xiang Tian Yi, for the sake of you being the head of a clan, I will give you a choice. Hand over Di Jiu and Geng Jihua, Yu Jiangyan will kill himself, and you will disband the Xinghe Sect.”

If there was still room for manoeuvre if he handed over Di Jiu and Geng Jihua, then Qi Zhijian’s later words were a real intention to destroy the Xinghe Sect.

Xiang Tian Yi took a deep breath and said in a calm tone, “Although my Xinghe Sect is weak, it is not an existence that is at the mercy of others. The Qi Clan Merchant House is indeed more powerful than my Xinghe Sect, if they are going to casually kill my Xinghe Sect’s disciples without any justifiable reason, my Xinghe Sect will never give in and fight to the end only.”

“Seeking death!” The killing power around Qi Zhijian swept out, a Kun Yun Axe was offered out, and the powerful axe intent instantly enveloped all the Jindan cultivators present. Instead of slashing out the Kun Yun Axe, he threw out a fist, which was aimed at the Jindan Elder, Yu Jiangyan.

“Boom!” While the other Jindan cultivators were trapped, even if Yu Jiangyan had sacrificed his defensive magic treasure, he who was already seriously injured was unable to block this punch from Qi Zhixian.

With just one punch, Qi Zhixian made Yu Wengyan’s flesh explode into a bloody mist.

“Kill, my Star River Sect only has clan members who die in battle ……” Seeing Yu Wenyan being killed by Qi Zhixian, Xiang Tianyi’s jealousy split and he frantically sacrificed a lance to lunge at Qi Zhixian.

Except for Ouyang Mufei who pretended to resist the killing intent of the axe and was unable to rush up, at this moment all the Golden Dan cultivators of the Xinghe Sect sacrificed their magic treasures to frantically attack Qi Zhijian, and the killing array outside the Xinghe Sect’s protective formation was also opened.

All of a sudden, the entire sect was overflowing with killing energy and various spells were exploding. Even with the help of the killing array, three Jindan cultivators were killed one after another, even though the Xinghe Sect had no Yuan-Soul cultivators. Together with Yu Jiangyan, the Xinghe Sect had lost four Jindan cultivators in a short period of time. After Xiang Tian Yi also had an arm split off, Qi Zhi Huan was finally blasted by Xiang Tian Yi’s spear at his waist, shooting out a bloody arrow.

Qi Zhijian let out a roar of rage, he thought that it would take little effort at all for him, a strong man of the fourth level of Perfection of the Yuan Soul, to come here and kill some Jindan crickets. He did not expect Xiang Tian Yi to be so crazy, daring to risk the consequences of everyone in the Xinghe Sect being killed and leading the Jindan cultivators of the Xinghe Sect to fight against him.

If he didn’t completely wipe out the Xinghe Sect today, he, Qi Zhijian, would have cultivated to the Yuan Soul in vain.

A violent axe intent began to gather, and a violent killing power pervaded Qi Zhixian’s body.

Xiang Tian Yi’s heart sank to the bottom, even though there was the Xinghe Sect’s killing formation here, the Xinghe Sect’s power was still too weak compared to Qi Zhixian’s. If the Xinghe Sect is destroyed, he will definitely kill this wretch Qi Zhixian today.

“Boom!” Just at this moment, a powerful and violent aura rose up into the sky. This aura erupted from the depths of the Star River Sect’s clan, as if there was an anger brewing.

The furious Qi Zhixian immediately sensed this raging aura and his heart trembled, this was definitely the aura of a Yuan-Soul cultivator.

There were Yuan-Soul cultivators in the Xinghe Sect? If there were Yuan-Soul cultivators in the Xinghe Sect, then he would definitely die here today if he did not leave.

A Yuan-Soul cultivator he was not afraid of, plus there were numerous desperate Jindans here, and a killing formation, he would not end up well.

But if the other side really had a Yuan-Soul cultivator, why hadn’t they come out at this time?

Xiang Tian Yi and the others were just as surprised, this kind of aura was clearly the aura of a promoted Yuan Soul. The Star River Sect has a Supreme Elder who has been in closed-door seclusion for over a hundred years. According to normal deduction, he should have fallen long ago.

Now this Yuan-Soul aura, could it be that this Supreme Elder had not fallen and had already crossed over into the Yuan-Soul?

“My clan’s Elder Liu has crossed over to the Yuan Soul realm, let’s all leave this piker behind.” After losing an arm, Xiang Tianyi was even more frantic.

Almost at the same time as Xiang Tian Yi said these words, a grey figure rushed out from the depths of the Xinghe Sect.

“Kill!” Xiang Tianyi was the first to rush up to Qi Zhijian, and none of the rest of the Xinghe Sect’s Golden Dan cultivators lagged behind, even Ouyang Mufei, who had deliberately not stepped forward before, also rushed up.

Qi Zhijian, who originally wanted to kill all the Xinghe Sect cultivators, finally calmed down, without the Yuan-Soul cultivator, he might have succeeded today. With the Yuan-Soul cultivator, if he didn’t leave, it was a certain death.

As soon as the thought of leaving came to him, Qi Zhixian instantly collected his killing momentum and turned around to rush out of the killing formation. Even though he was a fourth level Yuan-Soul cultivator, he had to leave an arm behind before retreating under the desperate rush of 20 to 30 Jindan cultivators. Before he left, however, he also killed one more Jindan cultivator.

For a Yuan-Soul cultivator, dropping an arm was not a big loss if it was picked up immediately. After Qi Zhijian dropped an arm, he didn’t manage to take it with him and his strength would plummet.

In the days to come, not to mention impacting the fifth level of the Yuan Soul, even if he remained at the fourth level of the Yuan Soul, it would take some effort. As for the impact on the fifth level of the Primordial Soul, if he did not have a better opportunity in his lifetime, I was afraid that he would have to stagnate. The most urgent thing for him now was not to go after Di Jiu, but to find heavenly treasures to repair his broken wall.

As soon as Qi Zhijian retreated, an old man in grey landed in front of the crowd.

“Taishang Liu! Congratulations to Taishang Liu for crossing into the Yuan Soul realm.” All the Jindan cultivators came forward to greet each other.

Even though the Star River Sect had lost five Jindans and Xiang Tian Yi had lost an arm in this battle, it would be worth it if a Yuan Soul cultivator appeared in the sect.

“The one who just left was Qi Zhi Huan of the Qi Clan?” The grey-clothed old man asked in a deep voice as he looked at the direction Qi Zhi Huan had left.

Xiang Tian Yi’s arm was stirred up by Qi Zhi Huan and could not be attached, so he could only salute with one hand, “Yes, it is none other than Qi Zhi Huan of the Qi Family Merchant House.”

He vaguely felt that although Tai Shang Liu had crossed over to the Yuan Soul, his mental energy did not seem to be good, and he was afraid that there was something wrong here. And what worried him even more was that he did not see the thunderbolt of Taishang Liu.

“Should we close the mountain gate?” A Jindan cultivator spoke with some concern.

“If we close the mountain gate, my Star River Sect will still be extinct in a few decades. If my Star River Sect can’t live with a bang, then we will die with a bang. In that case, why close the mountain gate?” Xiang Tian Yi said without hesitation.

The old man in grey nodded, “Sovereign Xiang is right, seal the mountain gate, they will still think that my Xinghe Sect is afraid. There is no need to talk about this matter here, go back to the sect hall first.”