No Matter What Chapter 92

When Di Jiu’s divine thoughts wanted to penetrate into this jade coffin to see if this stunningly beautiful woman still had her breath, Zhai Jie sensed Di Jiu’s presence. He suddenly raised his head and his divine thoughts suddenly swept to the entrance of the main hall.

Knowing that Zhai Jie had discovered himself, Di Jiu didn’t bother to continue hiding.

“Who are you?” Zhai Jie asked in a stern voice, he was amazed in his heart, how did this young man come here?

Although the guardian demon beasts here were all lured away by him, an ordinary person would not be able to walk to the entrance of this cave.

Di Jiu ignored Zhai Jie as he stepped into the main hall and walked towards the jade coffin in the middle of the hall.

When he saw Di Jiu walking towards the jade coffin, Zhai Jie opened his hand and his flying sword turned into a sword mane and rolled directly towards Di Jiu. At the same time, he raised his hand and grabbed the jade coffin. Looking at his action, Di Jiu knew that this guy was afraid that his strength was good, so he would put the jade coffin away first.

There was only this one jade coffin in this hall, and no matter who the woman inside the coffin was, in Zhai Jie’s opinion, he would put it away first.

The kitchen knife in Di Jiu’s hand casually made a slash, and Zhai Jie’s flying sword was directly split by the slash and fell to the floor of the hall before it even returned to Zhai Jie’s hand.

With just one try, Di Jiu knew that Zhai Jie was a hundred thousand miles behind him. This guy was only able to drive a flying sword, he didn’t have any magic techniques or sword techniques. To kill him with his flying sword even with this was a dream.

When his own flying sword was simply split by Di Jiu, Zhai Jie was dazed, and before he could react, the whole hall was shaking.

“Boom!” Di Jiu and Zhai Jie both looked in shock at the entrance to the great hall they had entered, which had now disappeared.

Followed by Zhai Jie’s ah, he flew backwards and impacted on a stone pillar in the Great Hall.

Di Jiu saw that one of Zhai Jie’s hands had disappeared, and that hand was the one that had just been placed on the jade coffin.

Zhai Jie stared at his severed hand with the same shock, he had wanted to use this hand to bring the jade coffin into his storage bag, but as a result, just as his hand touched the jade coffin, the entrance to the Great Hall was suddenly sealed, then his hand hurt and a strong force surged towards him, knocking him off his feet. By the time he came back to his senses, his palm, together with his wrist, had all disappeared.

Di Jiu did not take Zhai Jie to heart, Zhai Jie’s strength was so much worse than his. He looked up at the huge night pearl at the top of the great hall, which was the source of all the light after the hall was sealed.

“Who are you?” Zhai Jie also understood that Di Jiu’s strength should be far beyond him, and his tone was already tinged with some fear as he asked Di Jiu for the second time who he was.

Di Jiu walked up to Zhai Jie and said indifferently, “Zhai Jie, you are very poisonous. To actually lure all the demonic beasts here to the Fairy Star Square, do you know how many times innocent people would die?”

Zhai Jie’s other hand quietly touched his storage bag, Di Jiu raised his foot and gave a blow.

Like a sandbag, Zhai Jie was kicked out by Di Jiu and blasted at the entrance of the Great Hall which had just been sealed.

“Boom!” As soon as Zhai Jie hit the entrance, a killing aura erupted from the entrance of the Great Hall, and in the next moment, Zhai Jie was like a piece of cloth that was torn to pieces by this killing aura.

Di Jiu drew a cold breath backwards, this was a killing formation that he could not even tell the level of. As soon as he attacked, it would immediately recoil into a frenzy of killing energy. Di Jiu was sure that with his current cultivation level, it would be a death sentence if he faced this kind of killing aura attack.

He hadn’t cared when this great hall was sealed earlier. In his mind, it was just a matter of a few more slashes, but now it seemed that he had been too naive in his thinking.

Di Jiu’s gaze once again fell on the jade coffin in the main hall, and he had a bad feeling in his heart that perhaps he was going to be trapped in here.

He had just gotten out from inside a tree cave, and in the blink of an eye, he was trapped in an inexplicable hall.


The protective wall of the Fairy Star Square, which was ten feet wide, was now pockmarked by demonic beasts, with the deepest pits being two to three feet. This is still because the protective wall is made of top quality steel, otherwise, I’m afraid it would have been blown apart long ago.

On top of the protective wall, demonic beasts were constantly being killed, and people from Fairy Star Square were constantly being swallowed by demonic beasts or falling off the protective wall to their deaths.

The whole area along the protective wall was all covered in blood and wolves.

Zeng Dongling, who was covered in blood, shouted sternly, “Did you get what was thrown in by Zhai Jie before? What is it?”

A cloaked Wudao Academy teacher grabbed a clump of something and quickly ran over, “Dean, it’s the body of a little monkey.”

The object in this Martial Dao Academy teacher’s hand was indeed a small monkey corpse, only this small monkey was too small and the hair on the small monkey’s body was pale yellow.

“I see.” Zeng Dongling slashed a wolf demon off the protective wall, then grabbed this small monkey corpse and said loudly, “I will go and lure these demonic beasts away, everyone be determined not to let any demonic beasts rush into the square.”

After saying that, Zeng Dongling slashed out several times again, then his whole body leaped straight down.

With a wall of nearly 100 metres, ordinary people could only die if they fell down. Zeng Dongling, however, used his toes to point at the edge of the wall a few times, and then landed on the ground.

Almost as soon as Zeng Dongling landed on the ground, countless demonic beasts rushed towards Zeng Dongling frantically.

Zeng Dongling didn’t even stop to listen, and directly chose a direction to run away rapidly.

After seeing Zeng Dongling flee, a tall golden demon monkey among the beasts pounded his hand on his chest several times one after another before hissing wildly and chasing after him.

After this golden demon monkey chased after him, almost all the demon beasts followed.

The previously precarious protective wall of the Fairy Star was instantly silenced. Only the bloody scent and countless corpses that filled the space could make it clear that this place had been a terrifying human-demon battle not long ago.

“I see, it should have been Zhai Jie who killed that golden demon monkey’s offspring and then used it to draw these demonic beasts to besiege my Fairy Star Square. If it wasn’t for Dean Dongling, our place would definitely have been overrun by the demonic beasts, and then all of us would have ……” said Fan Wenxing, who had lost an arm, with his heart pounding.

“But why did Zhai Jie do that?” Someone asked.

No one could answer that question, even though everyone wanted to know the answer.

Yu Jie looked at the direction where Zeng Dongling had disappeared, and her heart had long since lost any semblance of joy at crossing over to the Ascendant. It was only at this moment that she clearly understood that the Innate, no, Heaven cla*s was just a molehill to these raging herds of demonic beasts.

Zeng Dongling was a good dean, but he could only save Fairy Star Square once. After these demonic beasts came once, it wouldn’t take long for them to come back a second time, and then the third ……

The first time still needed a reason, the second and third time, there will be no need for a reason.

Fan Wenxing looked at the silent crowd and swept his gaze over the countless corpses again before he slowly said, “I am issuing a special order in the name of the secretary general of the alliance, from now on, students from any university on Earth with a martial arts academy can enter Fairy Star. Students who are not from martial arts academies can also enter Fairy Star as long as their strength reaches a certain level.

Anyone can enter and exit the Fairy Star Trials as they please, there are no longer any restrictions. Dean Dongling of the Fairy Star Martial Arts Academy has lured away demonic beasts for the sake of our Fairy Star Square. The Martial Dao Academy cannot be without a dean, so until Dean Dongling returns, Dean Wu Cheng will take over.”

Fan Wen Xing also knew that these demonic beast swarms were definitely not the only time they raged, the second and third time would come soon. Wu Cheng’s once worry became a reality, these demonic beasts were still only attacking the Fairy Star Square now, perhaps in some time, these demonic beasts will go to attack the Earth ……

As the secretary general of the Earth Alliance, Fan Wenxing has a monopoly right every year. However, this monopoly right is nullified as long as more than 70% of the elder group members oppose it.

Originally, there were still hooks and crooks in the Fairy Star Square, but at this time not a single member of the elder group stood out against Fan Wenxing’s words.


Di Jiu had already walked around this hall more than twenty times, and he had seen almost every part of the hall. The only conclusion he finally came to was that there was no way to get out of here.

There was only one jade coffin here besides the thirty-four tall stone pillars, and although the aura was still okay, he had nothing to eat and would starve to death sooner or later if he was trapped here.

Di Jiu had some regrets, he should have taken that storage pouch off Zhai Jie’s waist first before kicking it away. Who knew that the killing formation in this great hall was so terrifying that not only did it rip apart Zhai Jie’s bone scraps, that storage pouch was also missing, probably destroyed.

“Little Tree Root, I’m trapped here, do you have any good ideas.” Di Jiu called out his tree brother, he reckoned that the little tree man didn’t have any good solutions either, so now he could only ask this little tree man.

“Is this the Heavenly Dipper Palace?” The tree brother couldn’t resist Di Jiu for not calling it by its name, and almost subconsciously said the three words Heavenly Dipper Palace.

“What is the Big Dipper Palace?” Di Jiu asked.

The tree disciple hurriedly said, “I was acquiring part of the memories of that closed-door fallen cultivator, the Big Dipper Palace seems to be very remarkable, and many people are searching for it. I don’t know exactly what’s remarkable, I only know that the Big Dipper Palace has thirty-six huge Big Dipper pillars ……”

Di Jiu reckoned that he couldn’t ask for anything else, and it was great that Little Tree could call out the Big Dipper Palace, “You remembered correctly, there are indeed thirty-six Big Dipper Pillars here, and there are two more outside, we can’t get out of here at all if we are trapped inside. After a long time, we might be starved to death.”

The tree brother said weakly, “Big brother, I can’t starve to death, I can absorb spiritual energy just fine.”

Di Jiu said in a somewhat chilling tone, “Do you mean that I will be starved to death?”