No Matter What Chapter 91

“It’s senior Zhai Jie!” The sharp-eyed people on the protective wall of Fairy Star had already called out, and most of them had seen it at this moment. In front of these frantic demonic beasts, there was another person dashing towards the Fairy Star Square. And this person was none other than Zhai Jie, the fourth ranked of the Ten Great Innate Masters of Fairy Star who had disappeared earlier.

A woman said in a daze, “I see, it’s Zhai Jie, it must have been Zhai Jie who moved something in the Fairy Star that could not be moved, and as a result, provoked these demonic beasts to go crazy. Zhai Jie actually dared to lure these rioting demonic beasts to the Fairy Star Square, this ……”

“Zhai Jie, hurry up and change direction, do you know what you are doing?” Zeng Dongling shouted sternly.

All of them stared at Zhai Jie in anger, Zhai Jie was really too selfish, in order to escape the siege of these demonic beasts, he actually did such a shameless thing.

“Fine, I’ll get out of the way ……,” Zhai Jie said a few words before suddenly grabbing out an object and throwing it towards the protective wall of Fairy Star Square, then he flew straight up. From the side of the madly enraged beast tide, he quickly left.

Those demonic beasts did not continue to chase after Zhai Jie, still rushing madly towards the protective wall of Fairy Star Square.

“He flew up ……” All the people in the Fairy Star Square were frozen in shock.

It was rumoured that the Fairy Star had an Immortal Dao technique that could fly after cultivating to the extreme. Now Zhai Jie was flying right in front of their eyes, this was like a dream.

If Zhai Jie had not attracted these tides of beasts, then Zhai Jie would be a god-like existence in everyone’s heart at this moment.

“There seems to be a flying sword under his feet ……”

Another person said, no one cared what he said anymore as the tide of beasts crashed into the protective wall of the Fairy Star Square in an overwhelming manner.

Zeng Dongling tore his voice out and shouted, “Everyone go all out and deal with these demonic beasts. General Sehgal, you must guard those quantum airspace planes and destroy those planes as soon as there is any situation.”

This kind of air-sky planes could not be destroyed in time, that meant that the demonic beasts could possibly enter Earth through the planes after destroying the Fairy Star Square.

Zeng Dongling’s voice drowned out among the tide of beasts as a web of light from the laser wall shot out over the sky, but not all the demon beasts would be killed by the laser shots. Some powerful demonic beasts had pounced on the protective wall and even climbed to the top of it.

Bloody battles erupted at this moment, and death became commonplace at this moment. The bloody scenes made some people who had never seen it before start vomiting wildly, no one would care about that anymore. Now it was the students of the Martial Dao Academy who had to walk up the protective wall and join the crowd in slashing the demonic beasts and guarding the Fairy Star Square.


When the last batch of demonic beasts had pa*sed, Di Jiu reversed and rushed into the depths of the Fairy Star.

In this situation of a beast tide, it would be a death sentence for him to go back to help with this level of cultivation. Moreover, once that laser wall opened, he would be the same target for the laser wall if he went back to help.

Di Jiu did not have the consciousness to go back and sacrifice himself knowing that he would surely die.

In the future, when his cultivation level was high, he might still be able to stop the demonic beasts from invading the Earth. For now, there was nothing he could do.

The map was divided into two parts, one was the route indication, which was drawn on later and looked very intuitive. There was also a part that was originally there, which looked a bit ancient.

Di Jiu easily found a reference point described on the map, the Bent Hook Stone, below which was a river that had been dried up for an unknown period of time.

After walking along this dried up river for about half a day, Di Jiu saw a second reference point, three ancient trees intertwined together.

According to the description on the map, Di Jiu stood at the gap between the three intertwined ancient trees and looked over, and he could indeed see a mountain peak towering into the clouds in the distance.

The cave identified on the map was under that mountain peak.

Perhaps it was because most of the demonic beasts in the area had gone to Fairy Star Square, and Di Jiu made his way to the foot of the towering mountain peak with ease.

After arriving here, Di Jiu finally understood why no one had ever entered that cave and the news that had been pa*sed back was that there was a cave here.

This cave was really too obvious, in front of him there was a flat stone path that was three or four feet wide and a thousand metres long. Because there had been no sign of people for a long time, many weeds and thorn bushes were squeezed out in the middle of this flat stone road.

At the end of this road is a grand and luxurious cave gate, at the entrance of which there are two huge stone pillars with various totem signs carved on them.

On both sides of the flat stone path, there were all kinds of dead bones. Di Jiu clearly saw a tree vine wrapped around a skeleton, which also had camouflage clothing on it.

Di Jiu secretly sighed, it looked like this flat stone road was the death path. Even if all the demonic beasts had left, there were still a lot of deadly demonic plants here.

After observing for a full hour, Di Jiu then grabbed out his chopper, he was ready to go over and take a look. At this time, there was a fluctuation in his divine thoughts.

Di Jiu immediately flashed his body and landed in the middle of the gra*s to the side, while giving himself a simple concealment restriction.

This place was already dangerous, and Di Jiu had been in the middle of his divine thoughts going out. Now there were fluctuations in his divine thoughts, which meant that a cultivator was coming over quickly.

In just a minute or two, a tall man landed at the spot where Di Jiu was standing before, which was the entrance to the flat stone path.

What surprised Di Jiu was that this guy had come on a flying sword. Even if Di Jiu didn’t use his divine thoughts to scan this guy, he could tell that this was a cultivator above the fourth level of Qi cultivation and also possessed a magic flying sword.

The man had a fierce face and an extremely deep scar on his chin. As soon as he landed on the ground, he grabbed the flying sword in his hand and swept his divine thoughts out.

Obviously this guy didn’t know anything about formation dao prohibitions, his divine thoughts swept past Di Jiu’s simple concealment prohibitions and didn’t see Di Jiu at all.

In his heart, Di Jiu said, it looks like he will have to work harder in the future to learn formation dao forbidden means. After checking around and not finding anyone, the man then carefully walked towards the cave door.

Di Jiu’s eyes fell on a grey pouch on the man’s waist, which he suspected was a storage pouch.

The man walked very carefully, each step landing on the ground before taking a second step. The man had just walked less than ten metres when seven or eight vines swept over swiftly, and the vines even carried some fishy smell in their sweep.

This situation had been anticipated by Di Jiu, and he was about to see what the man would do when the flying sword in the man’s hand had already transformed into a dozen sword maces.

“Pffff!” All the vines that swept towards him were cut off, and the grey-green liquid splashed everywhere in the air, making the fishy smell in the air even stronger.

After the man had simply cut off all the vines sweeping towards him, he snorted coldly, “I have lured away some beasts that can move, even a few wild vines dare to block my Zhai Jie’s path.”

Di Jiu frowned for a moment, then he reacted, and the killing spirit suddenly flourished in his heart at this moment.

He finally understood what happened to the tide of beasts that had swarmed to the Fairy Star Square before, it turned out that this guy had led them there, this guy was called Zhai Jie ……

Di Jiu remembered, at the auction, the woman who hosted the auction had introduced it. Zhai Jie was one of the top ten innate talents of the Fairy Star, ranked fourth. I heard that he disappeared during the search for this cave. I didn’t expect that not only did this guy not die, but he was also so vicious, really a person like his name. I don’t know what means this guy used to lure those demonic beasts to the Fairy Star Square.

The purpose of luring these demonic beasts to the Fairy Star Square was obviously for this cave mansion.

A cave mansion might be remarkable, this guy actually did such a heavenly rage without even a bottom line for the sake of a cave mansion. One must know that once those beast tides had exterminated the Andromeda Square, it was very likely that they would find out where the Earth was.

This spacious flat stone road constantly had various plant demons rushing out to try to stop Zhai Jie, who apparently knew a sword skill, and all the plants that intercepted him were cut off by his flying sword.

Half an hour later, Di Jiu saw Zhai Jie enter the cave through the middle of the two totem stone pillars.

Di Jiu stood up and followed him, although he knew some simple formation dao, unfortunately he could not refine formation flags yet and could not set up a trapping formation. He could only put some trapping bans on the way to prevent Zhai Jie from escaping.

Zhai Jie walked ahead and killed many intercepting plant demons along the way, and it was much easier for Di Jiu to follow him. In just a few minutes, Di Jiu landed outside the two stone pillars at the entrance of the cave. He struck a few forbidden blocks between the stone pillars before he stepped into the huge cave.

Standing outside the stone pillars, Di Jiu’s divine thoughts could not sweep in at all, and now as soon as he entered through the pillars, he saw a scene he had never expected.

This was not so much a cave mansion as it was a large hall. The hall was huge, surrounded entirely by tall stone pillars, and in the middle of the hall, a jade coffin was placed.

It was not known how many years had pa*sed, but this jade coffin was still clean and free of dust. Even though Di Jiu was still far away from the jade coffin, he could see clearly that a stunning woman was lying inside it.

The woman’s arms were crossed over her chest, barefoot and wearing very little, with a pink ribbon running under her calves and around her stomach, landing on the pillow.

Her eyes were tightly closed, hidden by her long eyelashes, as if she were asleep. This woman looked somewhat familiar …… As the thoughts turned, Di Jiu understood why it looked familiar, this woman of extreme beauty was the fallen statue on the square of the Fairy Star.

Zhai Jie was already standing next to this jade coffin, his face all surprised, like Di Jiu, he did not expect this to be a jade coffin.