A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2241

As she spoke, the Chu family’s old lady handed over the books in her hands, to Tang Yun for safekeeping.

“Grandma Chu, you must not.”

“This Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, which is an unheralded treasure of your Chu Family, is of immeasurable value.”

“How can I, Tang Yun, an outsider, keep such a divine object.”

“Please, Grandma Chu, take it back.”

Hearing Grandma Chu’s words, Tang Yun was instantly terrified and shook her head repeatedly, not daring to accept such an item at all.

This was the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book!

Although, this was also the first time Tang Yun had seen such a divine object.

However, since she was young, she had heard the legends about the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book more than once.

Her own teacher, throughout her life, had been searching for this book.

Even to his death, he had never seen it, let alone possessed it.

And now, Grandma Chu was going to give it to her.

For so many years, the Chu family’s successive heads had dreamed of this but could not get it, and now it was in her hands.

How could Tang Yun not be shocked, and how could she not be afraid?

Old Mrs. Chu did smile blandly, “Take it.”

“It’s not like I’m giving it to you, it’s for my great-great-grandson.”

“You’re just holding it for him.”

“But Grandma Chu, I… I’m an outsider after all…” Tang Yun still didn’t dare to take it.

The Cloud Dao Heavenly Book was only passed down to descendants of Yunyang, this was the ancestral motto.

Just like the Tang Family’s Cloud Smoke Sword Skill, it was only passed down to the descendants of the Tang Family.

How would Tang Yun dare to transgress the ancestral motto set down by the Yunyang ancestors?

Hearing Tang Yun’s words, Old Dowager Chu knocked Tang Yun’s head with great dissatisfaction.

“You have children with that brat, and you still call yourself an outsider?”

“What, being my Chu family’s daughter-in-law is not a loss to you?”

Old Mrs Chu’s words were tinged with rancour.

Tang Yun was suddenly speechless, her pretty face flushed red as she couldn’t say anything.

But in her heart, there was an inexplicable sense of belonging.

Grandma Chu, she had accepted herself as the daughter-in-law of the Chu family.

All these years, although Tang Yun had never dared to think about it.

After all, Ye Fan was a man with a wife and family, and their generations were one generation apart, plus the enmity she had with Ye Fan.

Tang Yun then felt that her destiny with Ye Fan was just a sinful destiny that would not lead to anything.

However, Tang Yun did not expect that she would end up becoming a member of the Chu family, as Grandma Chu called her.

That was a very strange feeling.

It was as if, one had a new home and a new group of relatives.

Is this what it’s like to have an in-law family?

Terrified, elated, affectionate…

At this moment, Tang Yun could be described as having mixed feelings.

However, the novelty only lasted for a very short time, and soon, a touch of depression and sadness came over her heart.

“Grandma Chu, is Ye Fan he really already, no longer there?” Tang Yun suddenly lifted her head and asked in a low voice.

Old Mrs. Chu’s emotions then sank lower as well.


“Did you hear about it too?”

Old Taijun Chu sighed and turned to look out at the heavens and earth.

“Let’s just say that hope is very slim.”

“Unless a miracle happens, otherwise, Little Fan is afraid that he has really ….”

Old Mrs. Chu’s heart was heavy.

She now had some regrets.

At the beginning, if she hadn’t advised Ye Fan to stop the Dragon Gate plan.

That guy, would he not have incurred the scourge of killing himself.

“It was my mistake.”

“I had thought that if Little Fan made any more noise, it would at most alert that one of the God Ranking powerhouses within Yanxia.”

“But I didn’t expect that the other party’s killing intent towards Little Fan would be so heavy.”

“As soon as they struck, the four giants all came together.”

“It even cooperated with the secular forces to strike.”

“I’m half to blame for Little Fan’s end today.”

Old Taijun Chu’s heart was filled with self-recrimination.

Ye Fan was all set to retire from the martial arts world, if she hadn’t spoken too much, by now Ye Fan would have retired to the mountains and lived a quiet and peaceful happy life.

But now…

“He who abandons me, yesterday’s day shall not remain. He who disturbs my heart, today’s day is full of worries.”

“What is past, let it be past.”

“For the rest of your days, you two mothers, live well.”

After a short period of grief, Old Mother Chu soothed.

Tang Yun whispered, and gave a muffled sound.

But who could know the kind of regret and guilt in her heart?

In the end, Ye Fan probably didn’t even know that Chu Lin was the flesh and blood he had with himself, right?

Old Mrs. Chu had already gone to cook dinner.

After Tang Yun became familiar with Chu Lin, she watched the boy play in the courtyard.

Looking at the little boy alive and well, all aura, a smile of satisfaction appeared on Tang Yun’s pretty face.

This was, I guess, the joy of family life.

It was a pity that, in a family of three, one person was missing after all.

“Ye Fan, are you really dead already?”

Tang Yun turned around and looked towards the distant sky, murmuring in a low voice.

How could there be no regrets?

After all, there was not even one last face to see.



Time, continues to pass.

The news of Ye Fan’s fall, at the beginning, caused a violent reaction though.

But the torrent of time, in the end, mercilessly swallowed up all traces of it.

Until, all the marks left by certain people in this world were erased.

Someone once said that a person’s life is like walking on a beach.

Everywhere you go, you leave distinct footprints on the beach.

But time, like the waves, is eroding the beach and eating away at the rocks.

When the waves have erased your last footprints in the world, then the world will have forgotten you completely.

Just like the former Chu Tianfan.

Even if he was as amazing as he was in life, after his death, he was still inevitably forgotten.

In the beginning, the people of Jiangdong would still grieve for him.

But after a long time, everyone gradually forgot about him.

They went to school, worked, fell in love, got married and had children as usual.

Everything looked the same as it always did.

Life goes on, the sun still rises in the east, the birds still chirp.

When they first learned of Ye Fan’s death, the people of Jiangdong still felt that their sky had collapsed.

But as time went on, they found that it seemed just like that.

The world, without anyone, can still function as usual.

The only difference, perhaps, is that there is a new set of people in power in Jiangdong.

The Li family in Yunzhou, the Chen family in Jianghai, the Lei family in Fenghai…

The three great families of Jiangdong in the past seemed to have disappeared into obscurity after Ye Fan’s death.

Li Er, who always liked to make a name for himself, stopped showing his face, and the Li Group and the Mu Fan Group, which he was in charge of, were all declared bankrupt. Chen Ao also quit most of his properties in Jianghai, and Lei Lao San sold his mansion in Fenghai and returned to his hometown to live in seclusion.

After the exit of these bigwigs who had reigned over Jiangdong for decades, another family rose to prominence, the Zhao family, as they are called in Jiangdong.

Nearly all of Mr. Chu’s estate during his lifetime came into the hands of the Zhao family.

For quite some time, the talk of the people of Jiangdong had changed from the fall of Ye Fan to the rise of the Zhao family.

Many people were speculating as to what the identity of this Zhao family was.

Surprisingly, in just a month, they had stepped on the Li family, the Chen family and the Lei family, all of which were old and powerful families.

Some people said that it was Li Erzhang and the others who took the initiative to back out, and that the Zhao family had picked up the slack.

Some also said that this Zhao family had big connections in Yanjing.

But no matter what, the era that belonged to Mr. Chu had completely passed.

The future of Jiangdong ushered in a brand new pattern of power.

And the world, full of hope, went on to embrace a new era and to welcome their new king.

The world, as always, is forgetful.

There are, however, those who remember the old.

For example, the man who once fought and was fought by Ye Fan for the rest of his life, the Little Boxing Emperor Mo Wu Ya!

“Little Fist Emperor, I can’t figure out why you are stopping me from killing Li Er and Chen Ao’s group of Jiangdong remnants?”

“Hall Master Chen has said that he wants to completely sweep away Tian Fan’s remaining villains in Jiangdong.”

“These people have followed Chu Tianfan for many years and can be considered to have committed many sins, they must die!” Zhao Zhenlu asked Mo Wu Ya, the Little Fist Emperor in front of him, in disbelief.