No Matter What Chapter 93

“No, no, big brother you won’t starve to death. You still have that green vitality, just one bite at a time, it can last for years ……” The tree brother sensed Di Jiu’s bad mood and said several won’ts in quick succession.

If Di Jiu starved to death, it would die just the same.

Thinking that he still had that greenish life for an unknown number of years, Di Jiu was overjoyed. As long as he couldn’t die of hunger, he could find a way to get out sooner or later.

“Shu Di, tell us what this Heavenly Dipper Palace is all about.” Di Jiu was in a great mood, and even though he knew full well that the little tree man wouldn’t know too much, he casually asked another question.

It was true that the tree brother didn’t know what this Heavenly Dipper Palace was all about, from the memories it had obtained. The Heavenly Dipper Palace was remarkable, and countless people were searching for it. As long as they could enter the Heavenly Dipper Palace, they would be able to obtain great opportunities.

Farting chance, Di Jiu couldn’t help but curse, and after taking the little tree man around the Heavenly Dipper Palace a few more times, he finally came to the conclusion that if he didn’t forcefully attack this Heavenly Dipper Palace, he could only learn the Dao of Formation.

The totems on the thirty-odd pillars in this great hall seemed to be some very remarkable formation patterns diagrams. Di Jiu was also considered an introduction to the Dao of Formations, and he could not understand any of these formation diagrams.

Luckily, Shudie’s knowledge base of formation dao was very remarkable, and Di Jiu had also obtained a jade slip of formation dao from it.

The only regret was that Di Jiu did not have any materials to learn how to refine formation flags.

He could only study the Dao of Formation while repeatedly and continuously bringing the limited few materials he had with him to refine. Normally, after materials were refined into formation flags or magic treasures, it was very difficult to recover them. In order to learn, Di Jiu didn’t care if he could recover them, he just refined them repeatedly.

As for the jade coffin in the middle of the main hall, Di Jiu never thought of touching it. When Zhai Jie’s hand touched the jade coffin, he inexplicably lost a hand, and he didn’t want to repeat the same mistake.

Time pa*sed day by day, and Di Jiu was caught up in repeatedly deducing the formation dao. If there was something he didn’t understand, he asked Shu Di, and when he was hungry, he ate a bit of green vitality.

In the beginning, the tree brother was able to guide Di Jiu a little, but at the end, it could only watch Di Jiu’s arcane hand techniques with dry eyes.


Yu Jie raised her hand to wipe the blood that covered her eyes and watched somewhat dully as countless demonic beasts broke through the protective wall of the Fairy Star Square to her side. A large bear, nearly two feet tall, grabbed two warriors and threw them into the mouth.

Fairy Star Square was finished, this was Yu-jie’s only thought.

“Poof!” A sword light sliced in front of Yu-jie, and a long-handed otter that tried to grab Yu-jie was split back.

“Sister Yu, let’s hurry and retreat, the square has fallen.” It was Zeng Bei Zi who spoke.

She had come to the Fairy Star Square two years ago after her father had lured the beasts away. Now she was already at the complete Earth level and was only one step away from crossing over to the Heaven level.

In two years, she didn’t know how many times she had fought with demonic beasts. The youthfulness and fear from back then had long gone from her face, replaced by a fruitful determination.

Yu Jie murmured, “Let’s go ……”

Her gaze fell outside the Fairy Star Square, almost all of them were frantically rushing towards the depths of the Fairy Star, staying in the Fairy Star Square was indeed a dead end.

Immediately afterwards, Yu Jie saw in panic that a four-tailed demon fox had actually grabbed a martial artist with a dozen demonic beasts and entered a quantum air-sky plane.

“I can’t go, I have to destroy those planes ……,” Yu-jie screamed anxiously.

No need for Yu-jae to destroy, a shell flew towards the airport from afar.

But Yu-jae’s heart sank as she clearly saw the plane that the four-tailed demon fox had entered take off before the shells fell.

“Boom!” In the dust of the violent explosion, Yu-jae saw a plane rushing out of the smoke in a shaky manner.

Yu-jae clenched her fist, there was nothing she could do, she hated that guy who was scared to death. That guy who was being held hostage by the fox demon would never have taken off so soon if he wasn’t afraid of death.

Zeng Bei Zi wiped her eyes, knowing as well as she did that it was a desperate thing to do. Once the demon beast entered the earth, it was a disaster of disasters. She still had her senses and pulled Yu Jie, “Sister Yu, let’s hurry up and go, in the future, once our cultivation level really improves, we will have the chance to return to Earth again and drive away those demonic beasts that have gone.”

Yu Jie sighed, she knew that she could only go now.

The two rushed down the crumbling protective wall and followed the many people who had scattered in all directions, disappearing into the boundless Fairy Star.


Another year had pa*sed, and at this moment, the protective wall had long since fallen into disrepair in the Square of Fairy Star. There wasn’t a single person inside the square either, and weeds were growing everywhere.

Wu Cheng’s law of jungle survival after becoming the dean had still not been able to save the Fairy Star Square. Back then, the humans of Earth ambitiously came to Andromeda and built the Andromeda Square, wanting to turn Andromeda into a living planet of Earth, where the humans of Earth could transfer to Andromeda in the future.

Now it seems that this was after all a fantasy. Andromeda is still here, but the square has long since disappeared. All the humans who were here back then are also gone.


“Ka-chow!” The material in Di Jiu’s hand turned into crumbs.

It was one of the two horns on the head of the horned lion, and after all these years of Di Jiu repeatedly and continuously refining the formation flag, the last piece had now disappeared.

Di Jiu did not care to throw away the crumbs in his hand and stood up with a long whistle, his hair was already very long and he had a scruffy look all over his body.

“Big brother ……” The little tree man on one side was not much better than Di Jiu, it could absorb auras, and these auras only kept it alive. Right now, it was all dried up and without any semblance of spiritual energy.

Its only hope lay in Di Jiu, and Di Jiu’s only hope was in his deduction.

The moment Di Jiu stood up, he felt a barrier within his body being broken, the barrier of cultivation that had been stuck at the sixth level of Qi training dissolved and disappeared, and following that, Di Jiu felt his cultivation level rising dramatically.

Even if he hadn’t practised for a few years, Di Jiu knew what was going on and he hurriedly sat down again to carry out the Heavenly Circuits.

Half a day later, Di Jiu opened his eyes with joy. He had been pushing the Dao of Formation for several years, and he did not expect that his cultivation would also cross into the seventh level of Qi Training at this time when his Dao of Formation had just crossed into the fourth level.

The seventh level of Qi training and the sixth level of Qi training were not at all the same concept, one was the middle stage of Qi refinement and the other was the late stage of Qi training, and it looked like those green-coloured vitality were useful for more than just keeping him from starving to death. It was a pity that he didn’t have any spirit stones now, if he had any, he would have continued his cultivation and might have been able to cross over to the eighth or even ninth level of Qi cultivation in one go.

“Big brother, you’ve advanced?” The little tree man rose up happily.

Di Jiu said joyfully, “I just broke through to the fourth level formation master and crossed into the late Qi cultivation stage, not bad, not bad. How many years have I been in seclusion?”

As he spoke, he also patted the little tree man’s head. There was no force this time, he took a lot of credit for breaking through this little tree man.

“Big brother, we’ve been in for three years. How many levels has big brother’s formation dao crossed? Can we go out now?” The tree brother rubbed his hands, it was just as eager for Di Jiu to take it out, this place where birds don’t sh*t is not as good as the old nest it had before.

According to what the little tree man knew and what Di Jiu had read from the jade slip, the formation dao was divided into nine levels, levels one to three were formation masters, levels four to six were formation masters. Levels seven and eight were Formation Masters, and level nine was Formation King.

For Di Jiu to cross into a level four formation master in three years was definitely one of the few, and could even be described as a genius among geniuses.

Di Jiu did not know how much time it would take to cross over from a Formation Dao Initiate to a Formation Master, and he was certain that his time was not considered long.

Formation deduction was the most complicated, and Di Jiu could ask Little Tree Man for advice at first, but later he could only rely on himself.

Every time he got stuck, or when he was observing the formation patterns on the 34 columns and could not continue, his divine thoughts touched the grey stone on his chest, he would have a new harvest and gain a new insight. There seemed to be something in the stone in his chest, something that could help him gradually build out his own theoretical system, formulate a new way of rules that would allow him to find answers.

Without the grey stone with a golden thunder arc on his chest, Di Jiu was certain that he would not have been able to cross over to the rank of Formation Master in three years’ time.

Di Jiu placed the stone hanging on his chest in his palm again, the golden arc in the grey stone seemed to be faintly flowing, it was not the first time this stone helped him.

“Big brother, this is good stuff.” Treebeard said with a fawning face off to the side.

“You know nothing about balls.” Di Jiu scolded, he was thinking that the little tree man didn’t understand.

The tree brother hurriedly said, “Big brother, my original body has at least lived for billions of years and has felt the most primitive aura of planet formation. There is an initial kind of embryonic aura on this stone, just like ……”

It seemed like for half a day, but Shu Di couldn’t come up with a good description.

Primitive embryonic breath? Di Jiu’s heart twitched, during these three years, every time he got stuck and couldn’t continue his deduction, when his divine mind touched this grey stone to look for an answer, he also had this feeling, like a primitive embryonic aura.

And that golden lightning, was it because this stone was not simple that this had landed in this stone to survive?

“Shu Di, you seem to be somewhat right, this thing is a treasure, do you have any way to make this treasure recognize its owner or something?” Di Jiu’s eyes brightened up.

If he got this thing to recognize its owner, he wouldn’t need to hang it on his chest every day, right?