Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6427

He Yuanjiang seriously said, “Your Auntie Han’s parents and I are both gone, and after many years overseas, we don’t have any close elders, after returning to Jinling, to be honest, whether it’s the school I’m in, or your Auntie Han’s university for the elderly, our friends and colleagues around us are mostly utilitarian and elegant people, to say that if we ask any of them to be the witnesses, both of us would be a bit unworthy of it. We can’t even look at them.”

After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen, said very seriously: “But we are very recognised to you, and whether it’s Zhiqiu or Paul, to you are also very admired, at first, if not you went to Syria alone to Zhiqiu to save her out, she still can’t be alive now is an unknown, so we discuss to discuss to go, this witness, that is you are the most suitable, and also I hope you won’t refuse.”

He Yuanjiang said so, Ye Chen naturally didn’t have any opinion, so he said very quickly, “No problem Professor He, thanks to you and Auntie Han’s recognition of me, this witness, I’ll be it.”

When He Yuanjiang saw that Ye Chen agreed, he was extraordinarily excited, and quickly said, “That’s really thankful to you Ye Chen! Previously, you have been abroad, I’m too embarrassed to disturb you, so the wedding date has not been set yet, see if you still leave Jinling recently, if not, I’ll hurry to set the wedding date and choose the hotel to hold the wedding.”

Ye Chen then said, “You don’t need to worry about the hotel, Buckingham Palace’s Sky Garden is ready for you and Auntie Han at any time, let me know when you’ve chosen the wedding date, and I’ll arrange the rest.”

After hearing this, He Yuanjiang clasped his fist at Ye Chen and said seriously, “Ye Chen, words of thanks, Uncle He won’t say much, it’s all in his heart!”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “You and I don’t need to be polite at all times.”

He Yuanjiang added: “In terms of the wedding date, my personal idea is the faster the better, after all, I and your Auntie Han are not young, the domestic secular environment you also know, with the foreign countries and not too different, your Auntie Han is not young, and I’m not married, it is always hard to avoid letting people behind the back of the gossip, so I want to set this thing down early, but also be regarded as a real account for your Auntie Han, I just looked at the yellow calendar, next Saturday is a good day, back to me and your Auntie Han communication, I’ll be back to you to see when you’re ready. A real account, I just looked at the yellow calendar, next Saturday is a good day, turn around I communicate with your Auntie Han, if she does not have an opinion, we will run to this day efforts.”

Ye Chen admired He Yuanjiang’s sense of responsibility and acted with thunder and lightning, on the contrary, his own unlucky father-in-law, obviously loved Han Meicheng to death, but he just didn’t dare to cut off all relations with Ma Lan in the real sense, which led to Auntie Han and He Yuanjiang coming together.

Thinking of his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, Ye Chen carefully asked, “By the way, Uncle He, the matter of you and Auntie Han getting married has not been announced to the public yet, right?”

“No.” He Yuanjiang said truthfully, “I just thought to wait for you to come back first to determine the time with you, you have no problem, we will set the wedding date and hotel, and then send out invitations to the public, if your Auntie Han has no problem with this time next Saturday, I’ll book the guest list overnight today, and then write out the invitations.”

Ye Chen gently nodded, he didn’t know if he and Auntie Han would send invitations to his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, but since Auntie Han was at the Senior University and was considered a colleague of Xiao Changkun, this matter, as long as it was made public, couldn’t be hidden from Xiao Changkun in any case.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen heart can not help but worry a little, his father-in-law if he knows this news, afraid that the whole person is going to collapse, right?