Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage

Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Chinese Novel

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36 thoughts on “Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage”

  1. I love this novel, i love the suspense, and the writer try to create a good mental picture of tbe situation

  2. This is by far the read I ever had. Wow the author have a great sense of imagination, It’s really gripping. Just when you think Lin Mo are done, then there’s Fireworks. Just a pity we get so little to read, but yeah what can we do , we are at your mercy Avra. I wil donate in a few days. Keep it up 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  3. This is one of the two best novels (the other one is Amazing Son-In-Law) that I had read with reasonable story contents that kept the audience suspense, not far-fetched (less fairy and fantasy tales that are totally not scientific) and sufficient explanation write-up on each characters. Keep up the good write-up of this novel.

  4. Can you please fix the translation? it’s kinda weird trying to dicipher what is going on with the story. Thanks.


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