A Man Like None Other

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Ping was a disappointed time and time again, unknown to everyone he would take the world by a storm. He leaves everyone’s mouth wide open enough to stuff 2 eggs.


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28 thoughts on “A Man Like None Other”

  1. A man like none other is more of a psycho-spiritual book showcasing the explanatory metamorphosis of a disciplined leader and seeker of power. It is a great learning tool for anyone.

    • The novel is great and the twists are well set out with wonderful suspense inbuilt. But really appreciate if more chapters are translated per day to get a richer feel of the saga.

  2. This is actually my first time of reading a long chaptered book and it’s so intriguing that I wouldn’t want to stop, now everyday I look forward to the update. All thanks to author of this great book. The suspense is masterclass

  3. Thanks so much this incredible time consuming piece of art in a unique style. It’s a pleasure to have been able to bounce my head on this one.
    On chpt 3008 now; waiting for more follow-up chpts to be up loaded.


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