How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship


How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship

How to Apply For Canadian citizenship

Immigrants who meet the requirements can apply for citizenship in Canada and have their applications processed in accordance with IRCC deadlines. The requirements, processing time, fees, checklists, and benefits of becoming a Canadian are discussed in this section.

Benefits that are only available to permanent residents or those with temporary permits are available to Canadian citizens in full. If you want to become a Canadian citizen, you need to get information from the right place.

Let’s go over the specifics by looking at what you need to know to apply for Canadian citizenship. This will bring your knowledge up to date in a number of important areas.

Advantages of acquiring Canadian citizenship.
There are numerous ways that Canadian citizens can use their citizenship. As a result, if your application for Canadian citizenship is accepted, you will stand to gain greatly.

Take a look at the advantages of becoming a Canadian citizen, which include:

  • Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter a number of countries because of its international standing. Upon arrival, you only require a visa application.
  • Additionally, only Canadian citizens are eligible to apply for certain positions in Canada, such as those associated with the federal security agency or the Canadian government. The pay for these jobs is higher than for other jobs in Canada.
  • To vote for political candidates in elections, you must be a citizen of Canada if you are interested in politics.
  • You can also run for Canada’s federal legislative assembly because you are a citizen. When you eventually become a citizen of Canada, you can keep your previous citizenship status.
    In the end, maintaining one’s citizenship in Canada is simple.As a result, you will almost certainly never lose your Canadian citizenship.


Conditions for obtaining Canadian citizenship.
Do you intend to apply for citizenship in Canada? Because the eligibility requirement is what brings you to the application process, don’t let this frustrate you.

However, in order to be eligible for Canadian citizenship, the following requirements must be met: first, you must be a permanent resident of Canada.
Second, you must have lived in Canada for at least three years in the past five years.
In addition, the total number of days over the three years is 1,095. You can also keep track of the times you were a protected person or a permanent Canadian resident.

Additionally, you can include days spent outside of Canada working for the Crown or as a relative of a Crown servant.

Additionally, you must not be the subject of a fraud investigation. You can also leave Canada without a removal order.


Thirdly, you must file income tax returns (if necessary).

Fourthly, passing Canada’s citizenship test is a requirement.

A recognized proficiency test, such as the IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP, or PTE, or a certificate, diploma, or other form of proof of your language proficiency is required.

Note: If you are applying for your non-Canadian adopted child or on behalf of a child under the age of 18, additional requirements must be met.


If you were formerly or currently a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) applying through a fast-track process or if you were formerly a Canadian citizen who lost status for a reason, you may be required to fulfill additional conditions.


#1. Permanent resident of Canada.

Prior to anything else, you must have obtained permanent residency in order to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Additionally, you must have passed a medical examination in order to be eligible for permanent residency.


Additionally, after receiving your Canadian permanent residency card, you are required to evaluate the documents you received.


#2. filing tax returns.

If a permanent resident wants to become a Canadian citizen, they must file income tax returns for at least three of the last five years.


#3. passing the citizenship test in Canada.

Candidates for Canadian citizenship between the ages of 18 and 54 are required to take a citizenship test. Although it can sometimes be taken orally, the majority of the test is written.

In addition, you must successfully complete the 20-question test covering the rights and responsibilities of Canada’s government, economy, citizens, laws, geography, and symbols.

The citizenship test questions in Canada are also written in either English or French. You have 30 minutes to finish the test.

Additionally, you must answer at least 15 of the citizenship test’s questions correctly to pass.

By studying Canada’s official citizenship study guide, “Discover Canada,” you can prepare for the online practice test.

#4. Skills in the language are demonstrated.

You must demonstrate your proficiency in English and French, Canada’s official languages, in order to become a citizen.

You must demonstrate your proficiency in either of these languages.

In addition, applicants for Canadian citizenship between the ages of 18 and 54 must demonstrate proficiency in speaking and listening in a particular language.

In addition, the evidence of your language proficiency in your application will be used to assess you.

When you are called in for a session during the application process, the official in charge of granting you Canadian citizenship also considers your level of fluency.

Any recognized language proficiency test, certificate, or diploma can be used to demonstrate your language proficiency as a Canadian citizenship applicant.

As a result, you must meet the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) Level 4 minimum requirement.

tips for passing the language skills test during the citizenship application process in Canada

Below are hints that can help you meet Canadian citizenship applications’ language requirements.

  • You need to speak simple grammar and avoid using complex sentences in your speech
  • It would be best if you expressed yourself only through common statements and phrases.


Fees for being a Canadian citizen.
The cost of applying for Canadian citizenship varies depending on the applicant. However, given that the fees for citizenship have remained relatively constant, timing is not a factor in determining how much applicants must pay.

The various Canadian citizenship applicants’ application fees, costs, and other charges, which are frequently determined by status, are listed below.

  • Adult (for applicants over the age of 18): 630 dollars Canadian.
  • Minors (applicants under the age of 18): 100 dollars Canadian.
  • Adult who was born in Canada but is stateless: 100 dollars Canadian.
  • Certificate of citizenship or proof of citizenship: 75 dollars Canadian.
  • Your citizenship record search: 75 dollars Canadian.
  • Abandonment of citizenship: 100 dollars Canadian.
  • Taking back citizenship: 100 Canadian dollars for applicants under the age of 18 and 530 Canadian dollars for applicants over the age of 18.
    Citizenship right: 100 dollars Canadian.


Time taken to apply for citizenship in Canada.
The following is the response to your query: How long does it take to apply for citizenship in Canada?

The time it takes to process Canadian citizenship depends on several factors. Therefore, Canadian citizenship processing time can also be affected by COVID-19 impacts.

However, the following is the estimated processing time for various citizenship applications and requests.

  • Citizenship grant: 12 months
  • Canadian citizenship certificate processing time: 15 months
  • Resumption of Canadian citizenship: 16 months
  • Citizenship renouncement: 6 months
  • The search of citizenship records: 10 months


How to apply for citizenship in Canada.

You can apply for Canadian citizenship in person or online.


Canadian citizenship applications submitted online.

Canadian citizenship can only be applied for online by certain permanent residents. Therefore, you must confirm whether the online application is applicable if you prefer to apply for Canadian citizenship online.

In addition, online applications for Canadian citizenship are still being improved. In the future, it is hoped that all permanent residents will be able to apply online.


Paper applications for citizenship in Canada.

If you are unable to apply for Canadian citizenship online, you will need to submit your application on paper.


However, the procedure for applying for Canadian citizenship that applies to a foreign national may differ from that of another applicant.


On the IRCC website, various application packages for helping Canadian permanent residents become citizens can also be downloaded.


Status of a Canadian citizenship application

A free online tool is available from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to check on the status of Canadian citizenship applications. Select your application type to view your status and determine if there was a delay or if any requirements were missing.



Utilize the IRCC-provided checklist for the Canadian Citizenship application to ensure that all required documents are submitted. One of the forms you need to include with your application is the checklist for the citizenship document.


To determine whether you are required to provide all or any of the forms and documents on this checklist, check the Instruction Guide. Your application may be returned to you or the process may be delayed if any of the following documents are required. If you send multiple applications, this could also happen.


When you read through everything you need to know about applying for Canadian citizenship, you should be able to easily navigate your way into becoming a happy citizen.



We hope that the advice in this guide will make it easier for you to fill out and submit your application for Canadian citizenship online.


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