Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2909-2910

Chapter 2909

Some inner disciples may not have the opportunity to go to the head office once in their lifetime, and some elders are not even aware of it.

They all act on the orders of the law.

The inner disciples live for two hundred years and the elders live for five hundred years, which is the limit, unless they make a breakthrough in their strength.

But the Heavenly Dao Palace called for all disciples to converge on the General Servo once every five hundred years, and this meant that the General Servo was going to change places again, and after one gathering, it was immediately replaced, and with more than a hundred years to go before the latest General Servo gathering, he had at most a few decades to live.

Therefore, how could one know the location of the General Helm?


“Continue to contact the Heavenly Dao Palace, I’ll personally go to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, I’d like to see what kind of divinity is hidden in the Hundred Thousand Mountains!” Qin Yan flung a slap across the air, directly slapping Heavenly Elder Eight and vomiting blood, calling out directly to the wall, barely missing his back.

As the wind and clouds surged, Qin Yan’s figure had already disappeared from the spot.

Rolling down from the wall, Heavenly Old Eight wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and revealed a cold smile, “Ridiculous, fighting with the Heavenly Dao Palace, not knowing whether to live or die.”

The Heavenly Elder Eight took out a scroll and swiftly put what had happened? The earth covered the er dyeing Shanzha Wu Servant? The situation was transmitted, and the scroll glowed with a burst of golden light.

“Heh, done.” Qin Yan’s icy cold voice rang out abruptly.

Tian Lao B’s face paled and he hurriedly knelt down to beg for mercy, “Master, master I was wrong, listen to my explanation, listen to my explanation!”

However, there was no chance!

The black cloud transformed into a hideous beast and swallowed the Heavenly Old Eight in one bite, not even having the time to let out a scream, it was all over.

“If you weren’t used as bait, how would those shrunken-headed turtles from the Heavenly Dao Palace venture out? Ridiculous.” Qin Yan above the clouds revealed a grim smile as the clouds surged around him and Qin Yan’s figure dissipated into the dark clouds.

Cishan Village.

After a day of pleasant fun, Yun Qingya and Xu Linglong had already started packing up their things, Lin Hao’s side was busy cooking, after all, they would be leaving early tomorrow morning, Xu Linglong had to catch up on announcements and Yun Qingya’s side had to go to school.


Suddenly a wolf whistle suddenly appeared like a bolt from the blue, the villagers in the whole village were scared enough, this sound was so terrifying, it had to be a wolf king at least, right?


Lin Hao, Zhuque and Xu Linglong suddenly flashed into the courtyard, their faces staring in the direction of the village entrance with a grave expression, what a terrifying aura!

How could such a terrifying spirit beast appear in this place?

How could there be spirit beasts in this place when the spirit realm was all sealed off from the Earth’s space?

The Earth’s spirit energy is so thin nowadays, it can’t support the appearance of spirit beasts!

The viewers in the live broadcast room were a little confused.

“Damn, the sound of wolves barking! How can there be wolves here? And these wolves usually appear in places that are off the beaten track, they don’t even run towards populated areas!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, was that a clip or did the camera shake a bit just now?”

“I saw it too, Master Lin, Xu Linglong and another pretty girl, of which Master Lin and Xu Linglong were in another sub-camera, how come they appeared in the courtyard from different places at the same time in the blink of an eye? Mudd, is this with flash?”

“Hahahaha, are you trying to kill me with laughter upstairs? That’s not bad for a flash!”

“Seriously, they are not martial arts masters, are they? Or do they have psychic powers and can actually teleport?”

“Maybe, they’re all supreme masters too.”

Lin Hao looked grave: “Prepare for battle! Director Chen, hurry up and cut off the camera!”

“Holy shit, don’t ah Master Lin ah, we want to watch, our mental capacity can afford it, even if you shout out a dija and a big monster pops up we won’t be surprised!”

“Why Deja? Can’t it be Gaia?”

“I don’t care if it’s Deja or Gaia, I want to see Douchebag Man, ah no, I want to see Master Lin fight a monster!”

Director Chen knew that something was happening, and regardless of the objections of the fans in that broadcast room, he gave an order and all the shots were cut off.

The audience is speechless, this program team is no one, said to engage in live, but the result of three days two days often pinch the camera, the key is all the wonderful shots ah.

Chapter 2910

The team dared to be so capricious, and they were all used to it!

Vermilion Bird summoned his own battle weapon, a long green sword descended from the sky and landed in Xu Linglong’s hand, and Lin Hao even summoned his Heaven Shaking Hammer without hesitation.

“Strange, this spirit beast is already comparable to the realm of a seventh grade Illusionary Spirit Master, how can there still be such a terrifying existence? If I fight alone, I’m not sure I can win against it, even though I’m also a seventh grade Illusionary Spirit Master.” Xu Linglong’s face was gloomy, her hands tightly gripping her sword in her hands as she stood at the ready.

“Sister Linglong is already a Seventh Grade Illusionary Spirit Master? That’s too fast, I’ve only reached the sixth rank after everyone drained their aura for a few of us.” Vermilion Bird was stunned, had she drained all the aura abroad?

Now because of the thinness of the aura, it was almost like a special method was used to gather the aura from all over the country in one place for their group to use to improve, it would hardly be regenerated, when it was used up, it was gone, and there would be no more illusionary spirit masters in the future.

At the same realm, spirit beasts are even stronger than humans.

“Roar! All of you, come out and die!” The roar of the beast rang out, and a large white shadow pounced towards them as fast as lightning.

The Heaven-Shaking Hammer? Wu Xi Ai Lu Fu Ai Zero Servant?

Lin Hao didn’t hesitate to fling out the Heaven-Shaking Hammer.

“Chopping Dragon Sword Qi!”

With a clanging sound, the golden sword qi pointed straight at the white shadow!

As if seeing something, the Vermillion Bird didn’t attack and turned around to run.


All the attacks converged in one place and a terrifying force exploded, golden light exploded and a terrifying ripple shook out.


In an instant, the entire tall building was reduced to rubble. Luckily, Vermilion Bird reacted quickly and shielded Shen Xiyan and a few of them, otherwise they would have to be injured.

Chen Guiding those people in the wind, a golden curtain of light lit up on their bodies, if not at the last moment, the quick reaction Xu Linglong used aura to protect them, it is estimated that they are not to say unharmed, enough to breathe.

“Xiao shi …… uh.” Shen Xiyan, Nan Ge looked dumbfounded at the figure outside the ruins, and was a little speechless for a moment.

Lin En was even more stunned, “Isn’t this that Great White?”

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched endlessly, the corners of his mouth twitching one after another, it was Da Bai yes, that thing from the River God Spiritual Domain, the one with the white tiger bloodline.

In the past ten years, he didn’t know where this guy had gone, but he didn’t expect to meet again in this form.

At this time Lin Ruoshi looked at Lin Hao dumbfounded: “Dad, just, what just happened? Why did you hit Xiaobai? Xiaobai was joking with you, okay?”

The tiger that was talking was the first time they had ever seen it.

It was true that people or animals that were with Lin Hao’s family were not normal.

“Boss, I’m back, hehehe.” The white tiger showed a very human smile.

Lin Hao’s people were all wooden: “This cotton jacket of mine is leaking! And it’s black-hearted! Is this something you can just joke about?”

If it hadn’t reacted in time, how many people would have died? Just from the aftermath of the battle, Chen Guiding’s gang wouldn’t have survived, not to mention look at you, look at you, where at night?

“Ahem, that, brother Lin Hao, I’ll go to the village to move some of the leftover tents they used before.” Lin En left in embarrassment, having to make do with the tent for the night.

“Ma Ma, Daddy he bullied me, he called me black-hearted, I heard it!” Lin Ruoshi pointed at Lin Hao in aggravation.

Little White also gave a very cooperative owl, opening his teeth and claws, showing his teeth and snarling lowly at Lin Hao: “You’re the one who bullied my little master aren’t you! Believe it or not, I’ll eat you, roar!”

“Eat you!” Lin Hao was so angry that he gave Little White a hammer to the head, causing Little White to scream in pain, “Boss, why are you still attacking so fiercely even though you’ve been ruined? It hurts like hell!”

“You deserve to die of pain! From now on, without my permission, you all shut up!” Lin Hao had a desperate look on his face, a black hearted cotton jacket plus a troublemaker, what a headache.