Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2907-2908

Chapter 2907

Lin Hao shook his head, hungry is certainly not hungry, cooking time on the test dishes to try a lot, and other people think it is delicious on earth, he is used to eating, just general, make do.

“Then labor you make some more we try? Hey hey …… Da Gezi, that fish head after eating meat don’t throw, but also boil soup, boil soup is good.”

“Director Chen, are you crazy? This fish bones have no meat ah.” Nan Ge froze.

“Don’t mind this, keep it, don’t throw it away!” Director Chen swallowed hard.

The few people eating glanced at each other and couldn’t help but share a laugh, look at the people going crazy with greed.

“Love can’t help, there are no more ingredients ah.” Lin Hao stretched his hands.

Director Chen brightened up and yelled excitedly, “a*sistant? Where’s the a*sistant? D*mn it! Quick, get me the ingredients immediately, the freshest ingredients! And, what’s more, Master Lin, every time you cook, just make a little bit more, so we can all taste it, I’ll cover the ingredients!”

“That’s not good, is it?” Lin Hao looked embarra*sed, “How can I do that? It’s not the way it’s supposed to be, you have to barter or work to get it.”

“Why not! I made the rules, so if I say so, it’s settled, do you agree?” Director Chen was desperate for a bite to eat.

“? 地扒地染陆染染染零? I agree! Director Chen is awesome!” The twenty or so staff members roared in unison with excitement.

“Alright, since director Chen said so, then I can only reluctantly agree, the ingredients don’t need to go shopping first, go to the kitchen yourself and bring them out to eat first.” Lin Hao still had a difficult expression on his face, but the smile that couldn’t be hidden in the corner of his eyes couldn’t be hidden at all.

When the two staff members heard this, they volunteered to go to the kitchen and soon three big pots of food were brought out, which was basically enough for all of them to eat.

This time the camera was given to them, and in front of the camera, the staff were dumbfounded.

The corners of director Chen’s mouth were even more twitching: “I go, Master Lin you set me up?”

“What did I set him up for?” Lin Hao looked at the crowd with an innocent face, “Is my cooking delicious?”

“Delicious!” Shen Xiyan and the others were incredibly cooperative.

“Did we get the ingredients then? I didn’t even charge for the labour, the ingredients, and how much of a project is it for them to cook for two dozen mouths, this labour alone can be exchanged for any ingredients, right?” Lin Hao pretended to be angry and said, “If you think I’m setting you up, then hurry up and put it down, I’ll send it to the villagers in a while, I won’t even give it to you guys to eat.”


It was so true, no wonder it took so long for Lin Hao to cook so quickly, it was indeed not a small project, not to mention that they ate much more than the few people Lin Hao ate.

“Eat, why don’t you eat! I’ll admit it, let’s all eat together, leave two cameras, everyone else go eat for me, don’t worry, those two cameras, save more dishes for you.” Director Chen didn’t care about this, the show had never followed the rules anyway, so do what you like, let’s eat first.

“Brother Lin Hao is awesome.” Xu Linglong looked at Lin Hao with a smile, “Getting the director team to willingly give out ingredients, what a good set up.”

Lin Hao rolled his eyes, “It’s not a matter of a set-up, do they have to do their share of the ingredients or not? sh*t, you all saw it during dinner just now, everyone was staring straight at our bowls like hungry wolves.”

“Also, from now on, cut the staff to less than ten, with so many people, I could be exhausted just cooking for them every day, even more exhausting than when I first opened the No Regrets Inn.” Lin Hao rubbed his temples, why did he feel like he was the only one losing out, this was a whole lot of work.

Lin Hao’s words were heard by the staff over there.

“That director, you guys should eat first, I think it’s more important to work.”

“I think so, I can’t feel sorry for this job.”

Those staff members immediately dispersed, forcing themselves to resist the temptation of food and put down their rice bowls, hurrying to pick up their tools and get to work.

Chapter 2908

The corners of Chen’s mouth twitched wildly, not even knowing what to say, but thinking about it, it really does make sense, the staff of more than two dozen people, plus Lin Hao and the others are more than thirty people, a daylight to give them three meals a day is difficult enough.

The main thing is that it doesn’t make sense!

I’ve never seen a show like this where a host has to cook for the whole crew, that’s not hosting, that’s called catering ……

The show’s team could change their name, they could be called: the crew of our show ……

The first thing you need to do is to get back to your work.

“I don’t let you guys go okay, all stay, but I cook people you have to help, and whoever cooks well, I’ll teach you to cook, when the time comes to do it yourself, learned forty to fifty percent of my cooking skills, it’s enough to deal with.” Lin Hao didn’t want to be tied up in the kitchen, if that was the case, if he wasn’t available, then wouldn’t everyone not have to eat, they would all starve and forget about it.

The viewers couldn’t help but tease, Master Lin alone was worrying about the whole show, ah, where was the pleasant and leisurely fun that was promised? “b*****d! This is what you do?”

Qin Yan was furious, a terrifying black mist surged wildly around him, and dark clouds rolled over the entire Heavenly Rhythm Dojo, letting out a furious roar.

A pair of large, pitch-black hands poked out from within the black clouds and yanked Old Sky Eight by the neck, and no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to move a single inch, unable to resist in the slightest.

He was also depressed, who knew that there were experts on their side who specialized in restraining blood grievances, wasn’t this guy no longer able to do so? Apart from the Vermilion Bird and Chen Haobei, he wasn’t afraid of anyone else.

The Vermilion Bird Blood Grudge was completely manageable, he had already considered in it, while Chen Haobei had pressed on to Lin Hao’s location in order to protect Lin Hao’s daughter.

As a result, another person had suddenly appeared, which made it a little difficult for him, although he had also measured that the trip had some twists and turns, and he was afraid that it would not be that easy to handle, who knew that so many variables would appear.

The biggest variable was the last blow, which scared the guts out of the old man.

What made Qin Yan most furious was that watching the live broadcast, watching Lin Hao’s family being happy and at ease made her heart tear apart with pain, too much pain!

Why could she only suffer alone, while the person who had really caused her so much pain was free and happy, the family was happy and happy.

She couldn’t stand it, much less tolerate it!

“Cough ……,” Tian Lao Ba was thrown to the ground, coughing violently, his face suffocating red, if he had been slower, he would have been choked straight to death.

“If you can’t even handle this point, what use do I have for you? If you really can’t get it done, you might as well give it to me and swallow it to increase your strength by a few points.” Qin Yan’s gaze was as cold as ice as he stared at Tian Lao Bajie.

Every pore on Tian Lao Bajie’s body trembled violently.

“Lord, master, it’s really not my fault, but a mysterious strong person has struck in the direction of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, we don’t even know what’s going on, you don’t know, the other party is so strong, I’m afraid that even if the Elders of the Heavenly Dao Palace come, they may not be a match.” Heavenly Elder Eight hastily excused himself.

“What’s more, all the locations of the Heavenly Dao Palace disciples that I know of have been told to you, as well as some of the outer sect sub-divisions.”

These days, almost all of the Heavenly Dao Palace’s outer sect’s minions had been cleaned up by Qin Yan, who at this point was already strong to an extremely terrifying degree.

Unfortunately, she still didn’t have the confidence to face Lin Hao directly!

“Tell me clearly what the hell is going on! As an inner disciple of the Heaven’s Path Palace, why do you even know where the Heaven’s Path Palace’s headquarter is in Sh? Xiyi Aiyi Closed Xiyi Wu Fu? What place is it?” Qin Yan’s goal was the Heaven’s Path Palace, killing Lin Hao’s family was only secondary, what was important was that she wanted to become even stronger!

She had to force her way into reincarnation even to get Qin Yuxin back!

And for now, she couldn’t even set foot on the other side of the Forgotten River, she still needed to devour more of the Heaven’s Path Palace’s powerhouses!

“Master ah, the Heavenly Dao Palace’s main rudder, even the elders don’t know about it, the only ones who know the location of the main rudder are the Vice Palace Master and the Palace Master, otherwise how could the Heavenly Dao Palace have gone undetected for so many years? Besides, the main rudder can even cover the sky, so if you don’t want us to find it, it’s impossible to find it even if you spend all your life digging three feet into the ground.” Old Sky Eight was equally aggrieved.