Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2905-2906

Chapter 2905

“Haha, you’re really greedy and afraid of death.” The amusing Nan song amused even Lin Hao? Ai dyed Shanxi er picking up Shan Yi? The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers, not to mention the audience in the live stream.

It is really greedy and afraid of death, a qualified foodie who is afraid of death.

“You carefully recall recall what kind of potatoes I used, and the processing steps.” Lin Hao didn’t bother with her anymore and continued to process the beef he was holding.

Nan Ge really frowned and recalled carefully, “The potatoes used must have been good potatoes, I was watching you cut them, they were definitely not sprouted potatoes, cut into fine julienne strips, then soaked in water, and soaked a second time in warm salt water, then stirred with vinegar, and seasoning.”

“Ah, I see, normal potatoes have very, very little lobotropin, and with two soaks and the vinegar to dissolve it, the lobotropin is no longer a threat, it’s not poisonous, and these potatoes are okay to eat raw.” Nan Ge knocked herself on the head with a sudden realization, hey, look at her stupidity, she was so scared that she didn’t sleep all night.

“Of course you can eat them raw, potatoes are mostly starch, it’s when they sprout that they continue to be eaten, it’s when they’re not handled properly that they get poisoned, very few people eat them raw, they just don’t know how to do it, and a good shredded hot and sour potato is actually shredded potatoes that are sandwiched raw, just to keep the crispness.”

“Knowledge up wow, my little fans, have you learned to waste? Another new dish learnt oh.” Nan Ge happily gestures to the camera.

“It looks simple, but there’s actually one step that we can’t learn at all.”

“Please enlighten us upstairs!”

“Knife work, brothers, do you have the knife work of Master Lin? If you don’t cut the potatoes coarsely or finely enough, the original taste of the potatoes won’t be removed at all, so you might as well follow the normal raw frying.”

“Crap, yeah, not everyone has the kind of knife work that Grand Master Lin has, it’s a waste to learn.”

Yun Qingya was reminded by Director Chen, glanced at the pop-up screen shown on her watch, confused, disheveled and helpless, she put down her notebook, “It’s really a waste of learning, I’m not even very good at cutting vegetables, let alone knife skills, forget it, Mr. Lin, you’re busy, I’ll go help wash the dishes.”

Lin Hao laughed and ignored her, his level of knife control was not just a matter of practice, but also the use of spiritual energy as an aid, and Lin Hao specially let his spiritual energy penetrate into the ingredients.

This was not only able to keep the ingredients at their freshest taste and material, it was also able to enhance the taste of the ingredients. The most crucial thing was that this spiritual energy was very beneficial even to ordinary people, although it could not be stored in ordinary people’s bodies, after all, they did not cultivate and had no way to store spiritual energy, but spiritual energy was able to improve the health of the human body.

This bug alone was not something that could be remedied.

Lin Hao’s hand holding the knife turned into a stumpy shadow and was slicing beef, a lampshaded beef for you today!

Slices of beef as thin as cicada wings, a piece of layers overlapping each other, and between each other there are gaps, through the light looking at the crystal clear beef, and nothing more than a beautiful sense of beauty.

The live stream pop-ups are incessant, this knife work, pleasing to the eye, ah, the key to these thin slices of beef like cicada wings is not deliberately placed, but has a unique sense of beauty, like a work of art.

Lin En, Nan Ge and Yun Qingya, who noticed the movement in the live stream, gathered in the kitchen again, while Shen Xiyan and Xu Linglong were busy with their own things.

“Holy shit, this is too beautiful, right? What to do, it’s so pretty that I can’t quite bear to eat it, it’s embarrassing.”

Nan Ge was stunned looking at the slices of beef.

“Is this going to be lamp-shaded beef? I’ve seen a chef in my family make it, the knife work is a bit demanding for the average person to do.” Yun Qingya gulped, why the raw beef looked like he wanted to eat it, his stomach was already rumbling.

“I’ll slice a hibiscus fish for you guys later.” Lin Hao gradually fell in love with this feeling, a group of friends a busy piece of bragging and farting, and then a piece of cooking a meal, this state of life is really quite good, the feeling of early retirement is great.

Chapter 2906

“I can’t, I’m going to go find some snacks to eat.” Nan Ge swallowed hard, this was a bullshit life experience show, this was a food show.

“I’m going too.” Yun Qingya also slipped away.

It was just Lin En who was left gulping while not wanting to leave.

It made Lin Hao cry and laugh a little.


“Brother Lin Hao is so bad, the process isn’t even half done, and he’s making those kids cry with greed.” Xu Linglong was weeding the grass in the field, laughing and teasing.

Shen Xiyan was picking ingredients aside, laughing heartily, “He’s fooling around there, don’t you see how Nan Ge and Yun Qingya, the two girls, are worshipping him.”

“Not surprising, I’ve been worshipping him since I met him. But I’m afraid these girls are going to be finished. Sister-in-law, you know, if they find someone according to Brother Lin Hao’s selection criteria, they will all end up alone.” Xu Linglong smiled sweetly.

“He’s not as good as you say he is, is he? He’s only a little better than the others, but he’s quite handsome.” Shen Xiyan shook her head, she didn’t feel that way, but when she was with Lin Hao, she was happy and cozy, and seemed to be able to be happy every day.

A little bit? It’s a billion points, right!

“Sister-in-law, Peak Versailles, you’re busy, I don’t want to talk to you for now.” Xu Linglong bristled, leaving Shen Xiyan behind to get busy with other things.

Shen Xiyan looked at the camera blankly, “I didn’t say anything wrong, did I say something wrong?”

The viewers in the live broadcast room laughed and agreed with Xu Linglong’s statement, after all, they were all excellent like this, but in Shen Xiyan’s mouth, it was still just a little bit, so what kind of man can be called excellent ah.

“Dinner is ready!”

After more than an hour of busyness, it was finally all done, and a bunch of people gathered in the small pavilion and couldn’t wait to start eating.

It directly made the viewers of the live broadcast room cry, although everyone only cared about eating, every one of them talked and their mouths were not free, as for the effect of the show, to hell with the effect of the show, eat your fill.

I’m afraid that in the time it takes to say a few words, others will have dried up the food in front of them.

On the contrary, Lin Hao was laughing and looking at them with his beer. The person who cooked the food had little appetite, but was quite proud to see that people loved it.

“Can you guys not just eat ah, say a few words thia, tens of millions of viewers are looking straight at it, the program effect ah.”

Chen reminded him, swallowing his saliva.

“Screw the effects of the show.” Xu Linglong’s mouth was full of stuff and she said vaguely.

“Screw the audience, glutton for punishment.” Even Nan Ge, who had always spoiled his fans, couldn’t care less about that at this point.

The viewers in the live broadcast room were laughing and cursing, but they were too angry to get angry, and even more so, they were so gluttonous that tears flowed out from the corners of their mouths indisputably.

It was some viewers who had the self-awareness to order takeaway before Lin Hao and the others were ready to start eating, but unfortunately, looking at Lin Hao and the others eating so well, they instantly felt that the takeaway, which was usually not bad, tasted like chewing wax at this time.

“Don’t worry viewers, you’re not the only ones crying with greed, come on that camera brother over there, give the staff a shot.” Lin Hao said holding back his amusement.

That camera brother looped the camera around and let the audience watch? 意扒西陆依零依西? to the group of staff members gathered around the kiosk.

The audience felt relieved: “Seeing these staff members makes me feel much better inside!”

“Laughed me to death, a few people eating, two dozen people gathered around drooling, director Chen that indisputable tears are flowing out of the corners of his mouth!”

“I think I saw the make-up artist of the big song, poor kid, look at her, she’s about to cry for real, real gluttonous crying!”

“This is really a series of eating up to brush, almost starving to death must brush to, hungry to die, but can not bear to run to eat and miss a shot is how fat four?”

“The upstairs count me in, my stomach was already protesting two hours ago!”


“Master Lin, are you hungry?” Director Chen asked cautiously.