Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2903-2904

Chapter 2903

“Haha, I don’t have high blood pressure, now I feel like suffocating, I just saw the public data, two days, the retransmission platform’s permission income, and the amount of advertisers’ donations, has reached as high as two hundred million, the key those advertisers were driven, themselves consciously donated a lot more, now advertisers are like crazy trying to contact this program group, but the results can not get a turn, and then In the name of this program group, first donated the money still have to queue, this heat, there is no way to say.”

Just like those viewers in the live broadcast room thought, Nan Ge told Lin Hao the amount donated in the past two days in order to deliberately stimulate him, it was only two days of work ah.

And countless manufacturers couldn’t get in line, so they donated ahead of time to line up, like crazy, one donated more than the other, even though the programme team hadn’t arranged for advertising yet, but it brought them a lot of heat and fame.

“Ah, holy shit! Quickly give me quick-acting heart pills.” Lin Hao held onto the railing and breathed heavily, “I, I’ve decided! Since the show is so boring and they’re all willing to watch it, from now on, insert a commercial every five minutes, forget it, five minutes is too long, insert a commercial once a minute.”


This amused them all, and Nan Ge couldn’t help but dislike it, “Brother Lin Hao, just don’t even interrupt for a minute, you can just scroll through the commercials 24/7.”

“Good idea!” Lin Hao also laughed along, but it was just a joke, setting the rules to make a promise.

Every day during the live broadcast time, a maximum of twenty ads will be inserted, and for each episode of the clip, no more than five ads will be allowed to avoid affecting the audience’s viewing experience, and as for the next advertising cooperation, it will really be among the absolutely qualified products, and a thousand selections will be made to choose the truly outstanding products for endorsement.

“Xiaoya, you’re going back today, right? Later on, the teacher will make you a delicious meal to send you off.” Lin Hao officially adjusted his state and entered the live broadcast.

“Thank you, Teacher Lin.” Yun Qingya jumped up happily, although there was some regret that after coming for three days, Lin Hao had disappeared for more than a day in the middle of the day, missing at least two or three more delicious meals yet again.

“Everyone wait for a moment.” Director Chen suddenly stepped out, “Now to announce something ah, because Master Lin and Mr. Xu went away for more than a day, and since the start of the broadcast, except for Master Lin, Mr. Xu has not performed any labor.”

“Therefore, although it’s time for the first guest to leave today, Mr. Xu has to make up for eighteen hours of labour before he can leave the show, and of course, during the labour, most of the footage will probably be given to the new guest.”

“Haha, it’s over, Sister Linglong, you can’t get away with it.” Nan Ge was laughing so hard, but everyone else had already completed their labours.

Even Lin Hao now owed labor time, but after all, it was Master Lin, owed even more time, the camera could not be less? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of time to do this. After all, it is the mc.

“Ha? Chen director, you’re kidding, right? I want to work enough time not to mention, but also do not give me shots?” Xu Linglong is also a bit confused, is this show’s crew so capable of making things happen?

When other guests arrived at the show, they were all provided for, let alone her, an international celebrity, and this was the treatment?

“Yes, this is the rule, it can’t be changed, otherwise it would be chaos, even Master Lin has to make up for his labour time.” Director Chen stretched his hand, indicating that rules are rules and cannot be changed.

“Then he doesn’t have a shot either does he?” Xu Linglong pointed at Lin Hao who was busy in the kitchen.

“No, he’s the host, there’s not much less footage.”

What kind of human misery is this!

“Double standard crew! Aren’t you guys being too obvious in your favouritism.” Xu Linglong was so angry that she took out her mobile phone and put it next to her ear without even opening the screen, pretending to answer the phone: “Hello? Hello, Director Lin, a big production? I have to be there, don’t I? I have to be there right away, don’t I? Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Hanging up the phone, Xu Linglong helplessly spread her hands, “Look, Director Chen, I have an important invitation to talk about, let’s work together next time haha.”

Chapter 2904

“Xiaoya what are you still standing there for, run, I’ll take you with me.” Xu Linglong saw that Yun Qingya was still dazed, and hurriedly tugged Yun Qingya to run away together.

“Ah, but I’ve finished my labour time, why should I run?” Yun Qingya was a little confused.

“Run when I tell you to, don’t talk nonsense.”

“But I want to finish eating the meal that Teacher Lin cooked before I leave okay, after all, one meal is one less meal.” Yun Qingya was a bit aggrieved, she could smell the food, how could she run.

“This silly child is hopeless, why is she so honest, she doesn’t even know to cooperate with me a bit.” Xu Linglong helplessly let go of Yun Qingya’s hand, her face full of helplessness.

The audience in the live broadcast room didn’t give the two people a whole lot of laughing and jerking off.

“This two people real, Xiao Ya want to be so sincere ah, for a meal, international big shot not even dump, hahaha!”

“Even funnier is Linglong okay, simply too much like me, just real, that phone just now not even scratch the screen!”

“Laughing my ass off, Xiaoya is not picking up the stunt at all and has rendered Linglong helpless.”

“Linglong: This drama can’t go on!”

“Real on Earth: Xiao Ya’s original goddess bends over for a meal, and it turns out that even Ling Long’s biggest players are afraid to work and make excuses to run away.”

“This is for show effect can’t you see? Linglong? Paxi Shan Zero Land West Zero? Not such a person, it’s just that Xiaoya is after all a vegetarian who won’t pick up the stakes and collapses as a result.”


“Just now Chen director said what? I also have to make up time is it Linglong?” Good thing Lin Hao came over in time to save the day.

“Yeah, you can’t get away with it either, we all have to make up time.” Xu Linglong nodded seriously.

“Fuck me, then what’s the point of cooking.” Lin Hao clanged his chopper on the table, “Let’s go, let’s run away together.”

“Let’s go~!”

“Hahahaha.” Both of them gave themselves a good laugh.

Shen Xiyan laughed and spat at the two, “Xiaoya let’s go get some ingredients and leave these two drama queens alone.”

But later on, Director Chen also said that because Xu Linglong’s schedule allowed for it, plus there was also a day and a half before that when they were not on air, so Xu Linglong and Yun Qingya would stay an extra day and leave tomorrow, and the new episode’s guests would be postponed until tomorrow’s arrival.

This result made viewers cheer, knowing that Xu Linglong is now a high profile actress who has never participated in any variety show since her debut, and is now a well-known international superstar, so it is even more unlikely to see her participate in a variety show.

This could be said to be Xu Linglong’s variety show debut.

Nan Ge ran the kitchen to give Lin Hao a hand while learning the cooking skills, like a curious baby with a hundred thousand questions hidden in her brain.

“Brother Lin Hao, how come that shredded potato tasted so good last time, so fine and how come it’s still so crispy?” Nan Ge helped while holding a notebook in her hand to take notes on the spot.

“Because that wasn’t spicy fried shredded potatoes, it was cold.” Lin Hao shrugged, that was cold shredded potatoes that had been soaked in salt water, soaked again in warm water and mixed with aged vinegar and chillies.

Because Lin Hao had cut the shredded potatoes very finely, it was instead tastier and better looking when served cold.

“Ah? Cold mix? Brother Lin Hao, can these shredded potatoes be served cold? Aren’t you supposed to at least run them through hot oil, are you sure you can eat them cold?” In fact, Nan Ge had something else to say that hadn’t been said… Wouldn’t eating raw potatoes be poisonous?

“Then let me ask you, what can you do with sprouted potatoes to make them edible?” Lin Hao asked Nan Ge as he quickly sliced the beef.

“Simple, this sprouted potato will be poisonous because it contains a large amount of lobotropin, this will be poisoned when the human body ingests a certain amount.” Nan Ge really knew this and had obviously done a lot of homework.

“But sprouted potatoes can be eaten if they are not too bad, first of all, peel off the sprouted and green parts, cut them up and soak them in water for a while, because lobotoxin can be dissolved in water, and it is best to add a little vinegar when cooking them to dissolve the lobotoxin toxin.” Nan Ge poured it out skillfully.

Lin Hao was amused: “It’s like you’re memorising.”

Nan Ge coughed awkwardly, “I haven’t cooked much, I’ve always wondered about this before, so I looked up the information online, you don’t know, the shredded potatoes you made were so delicious that I couldn’t help but eat a lot more, and as a result, I didn’t dare to sleep most of the night for fear of poisoning ……”