Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2901-2902

Chapter 2901

Xu Linglong was even more puzzled: “? What do you mean by the Long River of Ages, and the Heaven Beyond, what do you mean again.”

“This Hundred Thousand Mountains no longer exists, it doesn’t exist now, it exists in the past.” Lin Hao spoke softly.

“Ah? What are you saying?”

These unintelligible words left both of them dumbfounded, was this the difference between a genius and an ordinary person? What they said were words they couldn’t understand.

Lin Hao smiled and told them that what he meant was that the current Hundred Thousand Great Mountains should no longer exist, and that everything they had just seen of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains was a period of time before the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, which was a separate cut-off period of time, a separate and independent period of time that had no origin and no future.

It was like a certain event in one’s life that was experienced and taken out separately.

Xu Linglong and Zhuque were still shaking their heads in confusion.

“Well, let me make a rather simple analogy.”

The Long River of Ages was like this stream, which was made up of countless drops of water, which were divided into countless branches, and rolled onwards forever.

The River of Ages is like this, and the River of Ages is made up of countless worlds and time and space, each drop of water is each world, living to remember the ages and rolling forward.

They are now one of the drops of water in this long river of years and months, while the mighty, who can walk on the edge of the long river of years and months, are the true gods of the Heavens Beyond, in the same sense as the river patrollers, who can walk upstream where the years used to be and downstream where the long river of years and months belongs to the future.

But they are in a time and space where, for some unknown reason, they should have jumped out of the scope of the long river of ages, just as the river rushes against the rocks in front of them and the drop of water splashes to the shore, out of the long river of ages.

In order to get the drop back on track, they got the people who had stayed in the river and cut off a section of years left upstream on the hundred thousand mountains.

“If we are a small puddle stranded by the river, then this hundred thousand mountains, is someone who walked on the shore, went upstream and took a drop of water and placed it in this puddle, can you understand now?”

Countless worlds make up the long river of years, compared to this small stream, controlled by the power of the rolling river, they can only keep going forward, while the gods are compared to people on the shore, they can reach any part of the long river of years on the shore, this should be able to be understood more easily.

“Understood, but not fully understood.” Vermilion Bird remained confused, shaking his head and nodding again, a bit too much information.

Xu Linglong, on the other hand, hit the nail on the head and asked the key question, “Does all this have anything to do with what you’re going to do, Brother Lin Hao?”

“The question is to the point!” Lin Hao snapped his fingers, “Look, what will happen to this puddle after this water leaves the river and is on the shore, even though it is no longer subject to the river’s thrust to keep the years moving forward quickly?”

“It would keep evaporating and then disappear completely.”

“Yes, it would disappear! This is the truth of the disappearance of the gods that flew to the shore with this puddle to form the puddle, those gods died because the puddle was disappearing and destroying, and everything we do has one purpose, to make the water of this puddle, return to the river, return to the right track and renew their lives!” Lin Hao felt his entire body was drenched in relief as he finished speaking.

This was the ultimate aim of the Northern Xuan Immortal!

What with stripping the distance between mortals and gods, establishing a new immortal court, eradicating the Heavenly Dao Palace, and reestablishing the Hall of Reincarnation in accordance with the will of Heaven, in fact, all the purpose was not to return to the River of Ages.

The reason why the Heavenly Dao Palace had to be eradicated, I am afraid, was because the Heavenly Dao Palace had borrowed the Heavenly Dao to cause trouble, and the Heavenly Dao had been damaged, so that this puddle could not flow back into the river, blocking the way for the water to flow.

“So, those guys in the Heavenly Beyond, aren’t they river patrollers? If he found out, would he step on the puddle or hold a handful of earth and just fill it up?” Vermilion Bird followed Lin Hao’s train of thought before he realised how serious this problem was.

“They should have a means to hide the puddle, but once this hundred thousand mountain thing is activated, I’m afraid the means of concealment will be ineffective, that’s why they’re in such a hurry to drive us away, because it’s not time to activate the hundred thousand mountain yet.” Lin Hao shrugged his shoulders, although it was his guess, it could be said that he had guessed eight or nine times right.

Chapter 2902

The things that Chen Bei Xuan had done before seemed ominous, without any pattern or logic, with this problem dealt with and then that problem, but after really thinking through it, one would find that in fact, everything they did was for this purpose.

The Hall of Reincarnation, which was actually established for the purpose of the Barbarian Mountain Imperial City, seems to be the second step to cover up the means of tracing the Heaven Beyond Heaven.

“Brother Lin Hao, it’s a bit too fantastic for you to tell me this, I can’t figure out a bit, do these things have much to do with us? It’s probably going to take a long, long time for this puddle to disappear, even if it does.”

“I’m more concerned about what’s going to change for us after we let this puddle go back?”

“It doesn’t affect anything, so I’ll just tell you guys, just know, just know know, it doesn’t have much to do with us, I was just ordered to help them save the world.” Lin Hao shrugged his shoulders, this mess returned to the river, at least it wouldn’t evaporate on the shore, the Heaven’s Way was back on track, it wasn’t that messy, that’s all.

They didn’t still do what they should do, and those who claimed to be gods were just powerful cultivators, the real gods were those in the Heavens Beyond.

Of course, Lin Hao didn’t care much about these.

“That’s good, that’s why I thought I was going to do something, let’s go, go back, it’s time to eat and drink, when it’s our turn, it’s done.” Xu Linglong laughed, but after hearing what Lin Hao had said, it was still quite shocking.

It was too macroscopic, what was contained within the long river of years was more than trillions of calculated time and space.

But because of that, the distance was so far away that it was more just shocking and exclamatory.

“That’s right, let’s go, let’s go back to what we need to do. I’m sure I’ll be able to sleep peacefully in the future now that I’ve seen everything.” Lin Hao got on the helicopter and went back, not in the air.

The vermilion bird did not know whether it was influenced by Lin Hao or what, or because it had heard the news, actually also salted up, sent the dragon group warriors back, she cheekily also stayed, said not to leave the country, just stay here in retirement, nothing to rub a meal or something, that’s all.

This gave Lin Hao a whole lot of tears and laughter, but not to the point of forcing people out.

“Lin Hao, you’re finally back, how was it, you didn’t encounter any danger, right?” Seeing Lin Hao return, Shen Xi Yan gave Lin Hao a big hug. “How’s it going, have you been okay these days I’m not here? Did the live streaming data plummet without this handsome guy like me around?” Lin Hao smilingly let go of Shen Xiyan and greeted Nan Ge, Yun Qingya and the girls again.

Yun Qingya was leaving today, ready to invite new guests to come.

“Then you may be too high on you, when you were not there, the live broadcast data is quite good, now the normal number of viewers is 30 million, and we edit the first phase of upload? The first episode of the show has been uploaded on the The platform, the heat continues to be high, directly dumped the second place more than twice the data.” Shen Xiyan raised her eyebrows in triumph.

“Holy shit, are people so bored nowadays? I thought we were boring enough with this show, but it turns out that there are still so many people who are just as boring as we are, mahhhh.” Lin Hao was all dumbfounded, was this effect so fierce?

“Ugh, it’s a pity, I should have charged for it, with such a high level of heat, how much petty cash does it cost, my heart hurts, it hurts so much I can’t breathe.”

Lin Hao covered his heart position in pain and pretended to look uncomfortable.

Nan Ge hurriedly reminded Lin Hao, “Brother Lin Hao, the camera is about to dislike your face, don’t talk nonsense, it’s being broadcast live.”

“I’m not wrong either, this show is already boring, and what’s wrong with liking a little money money, tell me, who doesn’t like money?” Lin Hao bristled.

The pop-ups in the live stream kept coming.

“There’s nothing wrong with what Master Lin said! With this heat, how much petty cash must be made, who doesn’t love money? Just be real!”

“I think we should show Master Lin the advertising revenue these days, and the revenue from the platform broadcast rights, I hope Master Lin doesn’t have a high blood pressure problem.”