Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2899-2900

Chapter 2899

The paper people around her quickly stopped their attacking tendency, and the white-clad Ling Yun floated to her, slowly landed, looked at Lin Hao and the others, and frowned unhappily: “Yesterday, you were given the chance to leave, but you didn’t even know what you were doing by barging in here, the living are forbidden, the living should not come near, do you know the consequences of breaking the taboo here! ”

“It’s you?” Lin Hao looked at Gu Qingqing in surprise, this was the woman who had dragged them into hiding last night and told them the way to leave this place.

“So this place was made by you. I said how come you know so much about this village!” Lin Hao reacted quickly, he hadn’t paid much attention last night, but only now did he sense that this woman was not simple, although the fact that he couldn’t see how strong the other party was was enough to show that she wasn’t weak.

“This is my territory, hurry up and leave if you’re sensible, otherwise stay here and don’t leave!” Gu Qingqing said domineeringly, his body glowing with an ethereal light, his aura ancient and desolate.

Lin Hao was shocked, “You, how come you have the aura of an ancient god? Hell, the Ancient God era has long since passed, how come there’s still one?”

This aura Lin Hao had felt in the River God Spiritual Domain, the aura from those ancient gods, how similar was it to the aura from Gu Qingqing?

Crucially, this aura seemed to be even more ancient and more haunting.

From this alone, Lin Hao could conclude that this Hundred Thousand Great Mountains would not have any connection with the Heavenly Dao Palace, and that they didn’t yet care to be in the same league as the Heavenly Dao Palace.

The Ancient Gods were all extremely proud existences, it wasn’t that he hadn’t seen them before.

“I can only tell you that the ones you saw in the River God Spiritual Domain are only River Gods from a small branch of the ancient River Styx, the River Styx is so ancient you can’t imagine it, and all life, which was birthed from the ancient River Styx, runs through the ages and through life and death, it’s not something you can imagine.” Gu Qingqing spoke indifferently, and as she said this, her face glowed with a divine and yearning light.

Ancient Underworld River?


It would be more appropriate to call it the River of Ages!

“You’re not talking about the Underworld River, but the Long River of Ages, right? The Long River of Ages runs through the ages and spans life and death, yet you are gods who have been abandoned by the Long River of Ages.” Lin Hao had hit the nail on the head!

“Hahahaha, I seem to understand, I seem to know exactly what Chen Bei Xuan he wants!” Lin Hao was completely enlightened this time, truly understanding.

Gu Qingqing’s face was gloomy and ugly because of Lin Hao’s words, “How dare you! How can a god be blasphemed by you!”

“Cut it out, what kind of gods are gods that have been abandoned by the age-long river and are not allowed by the Great Dao? If they are really as supreme and sacred as you say, why are you all nestled in this hundred thousand mountains? What kind of gods are those of the Western Church who claim to be gods but have to manipulate mortals and even need them to sustain themselves? Just a bunch of false gods.” Lin Hao laughed, smiling brightly.

“You! Seek death!” Gu Qingqing was furious, his body glowing with grey light, as if he had a rolling river behind him, and a terrifying spiritual pressure rolled down, terrifying and majestic.

However, Lin Hao did not panic in the slightest, after learning the real truth, Lin Hao was fearless!

“Alright, put away your aura, we are a partnership not an enemy, since we are cooperating we have to show sincerity, or rather, let the Lord of the Barbarian Mountain Imperial City talk to me, you are afraid you are not qualified.” The other party is strong, but isn’t he still trapped here? He might even have to beg him in the future.

Because only then did Lin Hao understand that he was the key to unlocking all of this!

When he understood all this, he had completely grasped the initiative, and in the future, it would be difficult for others to sway and blackmail him, except for the Underworld and Heavenly Dao Palace side. “You ……”

Gu Qingqing choked on Lin Hao’s words, speechless.

Although she was incredibly angry, the other party had not said anything wrong, leaving her with nowhere to vent her anger.

“I’m Gu Barbarian’s sister, the Saintess of the Underworld Divine Mansion! Do you think I have the qualifications to speak to you? Even the Lord of the Underworld God Mansion, the Lord of the Imperial City of Barbarian Mountain as you call it, would have to listen to me.” Gu Qingqing was quite furious, really being taken aback by Lin? er Lu Yi Ai Fuxi Zha Zero? Hao had been infuriated enough.

Chapter 2900

Lin Hao’s eyelids jumped wildly, dammit, I didn’t expect this woman to be so powerful, I’ve really seen some ghosts.

“So it’s the Holy Maiden, my respects.” Lin Hao was polite for a few moments.

Gu Qingqing didn’t appreciate it: “Didn’t Chen Beixuan tell you that now is not the time? Before you find the Heavenly Fate Divine Paper, it’s useless even if you go to the Barbarian Mountain Imperial City.”

“You have to find the Heavenly Destiny Divine Paper in addition to getting rid of the Heavenly Dao Palace, as for where it is, you will find it yourself, you have your own sense between you and it… Alright, you guys go.” Gu Qingqing was not willing to look at them for a moment more.

“I guess you guys aren’t doing too well now, are you? But you guys are really powerful, great divine power, the long river of years can be intercepted by a section of you, soon to be discovered by the Heavenly Beyond, right? Hehehe, let’s go.” Lin Hao looked at the other party with amusement and waved his hand, “Go, evacuate this place. The quicker the better!”

Lin Hao ordered, everyone left quickly, this time surprisingly smoothly without a ? This time it went surprisingly smoothly without a hitch. The village was under the control of Gu Qingqing, who wanted Lin Hao to leave, so how could Lin Hao and the others be prevented from leaving?

Shortly after Lin Hao and the others left, a sturdy man suddenly appeared beside Gu Qingqing, it was none other than Gu Qingqing’s brother, Gu Barbara.

“Brother.” Gu Qingqing slightly owed a salute.

Gu Man waved his hand and sighed, “I didn’t expect this kid to even know about this, what a thoughtful and enlightening moment.”

“Hmph, I think it was Chen Bei Xuan who did this on purpose, knowing that this place is extremely unstable, he actually didn’t stop him from coming in at this time, is he afraid that Heaven Beyond Heaven won’t find out? By doing so, we have already given him Chen Beixuan enough face, the love between us has long since been used up, and now it has even gotten us into this kind of karma.” Gu Qingqing was extremely displeased, and was even more upset with Immortal Emperor Bei Xuan.

“It’s not easy for Bei Xuan either, forget it, don’t sweat the small stuff, since we dare to do this, there is no way to avoid the karma, we should have thought of it when we chose to intercept this period of years.” Gu Barbara looked up at the sky, not knowing whether she was looking at the sky, or the deep star river, or the long river of years above the star river.

“Brother, do you think Bei Xuan will succeed? If it doesn’t go the way he’s going and that boy insists on replacing Bei Xuan, won’t our efforts be in vain?” Gu Qingqing was still very worried.

“Haha, if that’s the case, Bei Xuan would probably wake up laughing in his dreams, well, it’s time to prepare and get ready, keep an eye on the 10,000 year linden wood, the day to meet is not far away.”

Gu Barbara left with a big smile, only Gu Qingqing stood with a cold face in the distance, his tightly locked brow not stretching a bit.

Lin Hao and the others, however, had already left the confines of the Hundred Thousand Mountains as fast as they could, not knowing if it was an illusion or if it was really the case, they had spent several hours going in, but had come out in less than half an hour and were already back in the modern civilised settlement.

When Lin Hao arrived here, it was not good enough to continue flying through the air, so he dropped down from the air and washed his face next to the stream, the rest of the way, he had to go back by other means, lest it was not good to be seen flying through the air.

“Brother Lin Hao why did you stop? It’s not much further to fly back.” Xu Linglong looked at Lin Hao with some surprise.

“Don’t let ordinary people see it, it’s not a good influence.”

“What’s so bad, you can pat him on the shoulder and tell him in a serious tone that he should believe in science, then you go away with your sword.” Vermilion Bird spoke with a smile.

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched, aren’t you teasing people.

Lin Hao stayed by the stream, looking at the stream in a daze, Ancient Barbarian was right, the thoughts were clear, an epiphany, he, was enlightened.

It was just a bit too much information.

“What’s wrong with you, Brother Lin Hao? I feel like you’ve become different since just now, as if, as if, I don’t know how to say it, it’s as if you’ve transcended, how should I put it, as if the laws of the world’s operation are all seen through by you, such a mysterious feeling.” Vermilion Bird and Xu Linglong both looked at Lin Hao strangely.