Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2897-2898

Chapter 2897

Lin Hao understood, it turned out that he had really gone inside yesterday after sending a message to Vermillion Bird.

“Advance in batches, as fast as you can, and get the whole village under control!” Vermilion Bird could then order, and the three squads advanced in batches, quickly dispersing after entering the village, looking for fire points and cover points to bring the village under their control as quickly as possible.

A few minutes later, the Dragon Team had searched the entire village, yet to their amazement, there was nothing? Fuzzy Shandi Ai Yi Serving Grill? Nothing had been found.

This is strange!

“Brother Lin Hao, strange, nothing was found, this is a deserted village with no one around.” Zhuque was incomparably surprised, could it be that the people here had discovered the problem in advance and had all run away?

“How can it be a deserted village, we clearly …… saw it last night” Xu Linglong did not believe this result, everything last night was seen with his own eyes, how could it be gone?

But now the facts are in front of us, indeed nothing was found, this is too strange, what is going on?

“There’s no need to look, we’re already surrounded.” Lin Hao shook his head helplessly, the people of this village had indeed found them coming in a long time ago, and had wanted to surround them, only to be surrounded instead.

Sure enough, a whole bunch of people suddenly poured out around the village, these people looked stony and stiff, and quite scary, their faces looked as if they were wearing heavy make-up, no, I should say, like the faces of papier-mâché paper people, their faces were as white as batter, but their lips and eyes were as red as fresh blood.

“It’s a paper man, it really is related to the Heavenly Dao Palace, give me a fight!” Lin Hao gave an order, and the battle soldiers burst out in a stream of light, hitting these paper figures intensely.


A stream of bullets pierced through their bodies, and these paper men were basically beaten into sieves, holes appearing in their bodies one by one, and yes, these guys were indeed paper men.

“How could this happen?”

However, what was shocking was that things reversed, after these paper men were pierced, they were not in any way like the ones they had encountered before, which simply dried up and shattered and were gone, but these paper men seemed to be unaffected at all.

The pierced bodies began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the paper figures gathered towards them step by step, their movements stiff but not slow at all.

All the paper figures repeated the words in unison: “Forbidden to the living, keep away from the living!

The living are forbidden, do not approach!

This was an ultimatum for them!

Vermilion Bird became anxious and called out his ultimate form of warrior soldier, “Close in on me, fire suppression!”

Vermilion Bird domineeringly carried his blue glowing Gatling in a burst, the rest of the Dragon Team quickly gathered over and burst past in a terrifying and intense fire suppression.

Seeing this Lin Hao was shocked, the blue light Gatling was not bad!

But although the firepower was fierce and dense, and the coverage was equally very extensive, the killing power was indeed very strong, but unfortunately it was completely useless!

These paper people were still healing even though they had been smashed, and were still lunging towards us at an unabated speed.

“Brother Lin Hao, it’s not working, we have to do something.” Vermilion Bird realised that the problem was serious, if this stalemate continued, I was afraid that they would be the ones to lose out, after all, they hadn’t even figured out what this thing was yet.

It wouldn’t do any good to keep fighting like this, instead they were being shrunk by the encirclement step by step.


The problem was that such an attack could only harm the paper figures themselves, but not the souls attached to them, so the paper figures would only continue to heal at a terrifying rate.


“Sword coming!”

A golden light came from the sky, and the long sword returned, from Xu Linglong’s hand.

Sometimes I wondered, “Did Xu Linglong borrow this sword from the sky?

“If you take another half step, you will be killed without mercy!” Xu Linglong looked at the paper figures in front of her with an overbearing aura.

Chapter 2898


These paper people seemed to sense the crisis and actually stopped in their tracks, but the bloodthirsty eyes were still staring straight at us, if eyes could kill, I guess we wouldn’t have known how many times we had been killed.

One was the immortal Chen Bei Xuan, and the other was a sturdy man in a green and black dragon robe, with a majestic and fierce face.

“It’s time to honour the agreement you and I made.” Chen Bei Xuan said to the man beside him.

“Also, tell her not to go too far, when the time comes, it’s not clear who will suffer.”

Very obvious? The steak closed zero whisked the ground er closed? However, the two men knew everything that was happening within the deserted village like the back of their hands.

“Immortal Emperor Bei Xuan, are you stupid or am I stupid? Hmm? The time is unknown, the time has not yet come, what are you doing letting him come to my Hundred Thousand Mountains at this time.” The sturdy man with an imposing face spoke in a jarring voice, his voice as dull as a subwoofer, causing the heart to tremble.

This man was no other than the Lord of the Barbarian Mountain Imperial City on the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, Ancient Barbarian.

The rumours about the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains were almost all true.

“This kid is the guy who is pulling the strings and rushing backwards, besides, I didn’t let him come, he just had to come, who can blame him? Hurry up and get it over with and count the begging, anyway, sooner or later, it will be resolved.” Chen Bei Xuan did not care much.

“What’s more, isn’t your purpose for so many years to have a rightful name? The Hall of Reincarnation is all ready for you, after resolving this matter, you will take over and be done with it, so why stick to such trivialities.”

Chen Beixuan was so lazy, but Gu Bian didn’t eat this, after all, he didn’t know what Chen Beixuan was like.

“I don’t care if you’re fooling others, but don’t fool me, it’s useless! Don’t even think about dragging me into this. The Heavenly Dao Palace and the Underworld have not yet collapsed, and now you’re eager to drag me out to defend yourself?” He knew what Chen Beixuan was thinking, but he didn’t know.

Once they took over the Reincarnation Hall, it meant that they would have to face the Hades Palace gang directly, and none of those guys were easy to deal with.

The trick of using a sword to kill someone and holding them back was obvious to anyone with eyes to see.

“What a good intention, the Hall of Reincarnation I built, no matter how misrepresented it is, is still functioning now, are you? You still call yourself the House of the Underworld God, the first place to control the reincarnation of death, and now look what you’ve done! A pile of paper figures with ghosts attached to them, not human, not ghostly, and not even able to reincarnate.” Chen Beixuan didn’t give any face at all, he might not be afraid of his opponent if he really did it, after all, who wouldn’t be in a hurry? Who wouldn’t want to hurry up and get everything settled in one go.

“Don’t worry about it! Mind your own business.” Gu Barbarian was full of displeasure, this was his biggest sore spot, only for Chen Bei Xuan to reveal it without mercy, simply rubbing salt into the wound.

“Qingqing, tell them to get lost, they are not allowed to set foot on the Hundred Thousand Mountains until they find something, no need to be polite with them if they don’t know how to behave, humph!” Gu Bian coldly snorted and waved his sleeves away, no longer paying attention to Chen Beixuan.

Chen Beixuan heatedly laughed: “You don’t need to be polite? When the time comes, I’ll see who loses out compared to who, what a show.”

“Alas, it’s a pity that the lad doesn’t give a D*mn, how good it would have been if these guys from the Hundred Thousand Mountains had come out of the mountain earlier.” Chen Bei Xuan sighed rather regretfully, waved his hand and opened the two world pa*sages, without stopping much, and went back to where he was supposed to be.

In the deserted village, the two sides had already reached the point of sabre-rattling, but only Lin Hao and Xu Linglong did not make a move. The reason why they did not make a move easily was because this place was the other side’s territory, and secondly, they were still unable to get a clear picture of the other side for the time being.

They had come here to find out what kind of existence this 100,000 Great Mountains was, and whether it had anything to do with the Heavenly Dao Palace.