Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2895-2896

Chapter 2895

If they couldn’t even figure out what was going on in this spooky village, there was no telling what other strange things they might encounter further in, and it would be even more difficult to cope then.

The groups quickly took turns to rest, they were all Illusionists and had no problem not resting for days, but they still needed to keep their energy up and a short break was needed.

Vermilion Bird knew what Lin Hao had in mind and personally led a group of seven and began to check the surrounding graves, Lin Hao and Xu Linglong were doing the same.

After searching for half a day, but found that the graves here were all wordless? Fuzi Xi Zha Yi Ai Close Dye? monuments, and they really looked some years old, at least two hundred years upwards.

“Seek the village! Found it!” Lin Hao was surprised to find that in the middle of these graves, in front of the most inconspicuous one, there were actually words on that stone stele, but there were only two words in the ancient seal script, Seeking Village!

And this stone monument was not quite like the surrounding wordless tombstones, this one looked very much towards the feeling of a pagoda.

“Brother Lin Hao, have you noticed, this, this stone monument ……” Xu Linglong swallowed hard, obviously a little apprehensive, even though she was an illusionary spiritist, she was still a female, not to mention that humans are always full of unknown fears about these things that they cannot understand.

“I know, how similar to the pagoda at the south entrance of the village of Seeking, maybe, we rushed out from here.” Lin Hao naturally spotted the problem.

“Someone, come and explore.” Vermilion Bird beckoned, and a warrior next to him quickly stepped out and began to check towards the tombstone, carefully approaching, there was no problem around the stone tablet, and then began to examine it, only to find that it was just an ordinary stone tablet of some years, there was no difference.

“Wait, don’t move yet!” Lin Hao stopped the warrior and pointed to the spot between the words Seeking Village.

“This …… we might have really come out of here?” Xu Linglong was dumbfounded, the moss between those two large ancient seal characters had shed a few pieces and blurred to form four humanoid shapes, two of which might have been left behind when they went in.

The trace was only the size of a thumb, and it was too bizarre, never encountered such a bizarre situation before.

“Looks like the root cause has been found, come a few people, get rid of the weeds in this grave and lift this up for me.” Lin Hao had to see what secrets this grave was hiding this time!

Soon, the crowd lifted the slab, revealing the crystal jade-like coffin inside, which was of normal size, as if it was made of sheep’s fat jade, emitting a warm lustre.

Lin Hao slammed his foot on the ground and a Qiankun Bagua extended out from beneath his feet, quickly enveloping this grave, while Zhuque and Xu Linglong quickly summoned their weapons.

The surrounding members of the Dragon Group, one after another, pulled out their weapons, their guns pointing straight at this sheep’s jade coffin.

“I’ll open the hall, the others stand by.” Lin Hao pulled out his Heaven Shaking Hammer and used it to crack open the coffin lid, just as Lin Hao was about to crack open the lid, all of a sudden, the wind around them raged, and the birds and beasts in the surrounding jungle fled.


Everyone looked alert all around, cautiously wary of their surroundings, and Xu Linglong and Zhuque’s hands holding their weapons tightened a few more.

“I’d like to see what secrets are hidden here!” Lin Hao gritted his teeth and with a creak, cracked the lid of the coffin open, pushing it open with force.

Suddenly, a puff of multicoloured smoke erupted from the sheep’s jade coffin.

“Brother Lin Hao be careful!”

“It’s alright, just how did this thing get in this place? No wonder I got hit.” Lin Hao waved his hand and a strong wind appeared to blow the multicoloured smoke away.

“Brother Lin Hao, what is this thing.” Xu Linglong and Zhuque came over curiously.

“Colorful Mystic Smoke, no wonder we got hit, not to mention us, even the gods would be blinded if they came across it, but it’s only effective in covering the eyes, but nothing else, it won’t cause any harm to the body.”

Chapter 2896

“It’s just that if you’re trapped inside for a long time and can’t get out, even an Illusionary Spirit Master wouldn’t be able to carry it and would have to starve to death alive.” Lin Hao recalled what that girl had said last night, that there had been people who had mistakenly entered and didn’t come out, and it seemed that they had died inside, starving to death alive, or they had become one of them.

With that concluded, the person they saw last night was definitely not a living person.

“It’s really a strange trick hiding the dryness, Linglong, look, we were, I’m afraid, trapped in this little trick village last night.” Lin Hao couldn’t help but sigh in admiration when he saw what was inside the coffin, it was really a ghostly and magical place, hiding a heaven and earth within.

Xu Linglong and the girls also saw that there was no corpse in the coffin, only a 30 to 40 centimetre wide and one metre long scaled down version of the small mountain village, similar to the sandbox of the building type in the sales department now.

This was exactly the small mountain village they had seen last night, and the men were all in it, each smashed inside, but immobile and fixed somewhere, the size of a small thumb.

No wonder, no wonder!

No wonder the people of this village are so full of energy every night that they have nowhere to release it, because they have their days and nights reversed and the night is their day!

Each of these little people was so alive and exquisite that it seemed to be a real person, only it was shrunken countless times, this was not a paper person, it should be a simulated clay person, this hand was really brilliant.

At the same time Lin Haoming? West service whisking Wu closed Shan Ai er? White, the one who made this village is definitely not the people in this village, the people in the village are the ones buried within the graves around here, but their souls are inside this shrunken version of the village clay man, in another way, to continue their lives.

“Oh my, Brother Lin Hao, look, this, this woman, isn’t she the one who saved us last night?” Xu Linglong suddenly realised that there was a spot in the village where that little person looked exactly like the girl they had seen last night!

When Xu Linglong finished speaking, the vermilion bird next to her suddenly shrieked, “Ah …… those people, those people are staring at us, they, they seem to be alive ……”

Lin Hao also noticed, the mud people in the small village, all turned back and stared at them with fierce faces, and no matter what angle they looked at, it was as if these people were staring at them, this situation, whoever looked at it, had a burst of numbness in their scalp.

Lin Hao also discovered one thing at the same time, no wonder that girl said that her home was the only place in the whole village where lights could not be lit, that was surprisingly the village’s righteous village, and even more so the ancestral shrine.

This girl was not simple!

Lin Hao laid down two formations in this small village, and then closed the sheep jade coffin on it.

“Backfill the sealed soil, everyone rest in place, and we will all explore the trick village again at night.” Lin Hao wanted to find out what was going on in this village, if he did, he might be able to get a glimpse of the weirdness of this hundred thousand mountains.

The crowd began to rest in place, during which Shen Xiyan worried about Lin Hao’s situation and made a video call to him.

Seeing the reckless primitive jungle behind Lin Hao, she was speechless: “Alright, tell Little Bird and the others not to hide, I know you must have gone on the same mission.”

“Hey hey, my wife, she’s just smart and wise.” Lin Hao laughed awkwardly and turned the camera to the others as Zhuque hemmed and hawed awkwardly and greeted Shen Xiyan.

The two chatted for a while before Shen Xiyan reluctantly hung up the phone, “Lin Hao, be safe you know? We’ll wait for you to come back.”

“Don’t worry daughter-in-law, wait for my good news.” Lin Hao hung up the phone and took a short nap before being shaken awake by Zhu Qu, as the sky was already dark and sinking, it was dark early in the mountains.

“All hands on deck, prepare to depart.”

Everyone quickly converged in front of the stone monument in the village of Seeking, but how to get in became a problem.

After thinking about it, Lin Hao lifted his foot and kicked it towards the stone monument, only to have a suction force hit him, and Lin Hao instantly turned into a stream of light and didn’t enter it.

“Everyone else, follow!” One by one, everyone turned into streams of light and entered the stone monument.

When they reappeared, they had already appeared on a hill outside that mountain village.