Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2893-2894

Chapter 2893

“Come on, follow me, don’t let the others find you or it will be over.” The girl frowned in greeting and quickly walked towards another shady corner.

Lin Hao didn’t hesitate to follow them, there wasn’t a single cultivator in the whole village, they were all ordinary people, the two of them weren’t afraid of the other side playing any tricks, in front of absolute strength, all schemes and tricks were just paper tigers.

“This village seems to be full of normal people, there is nothing strange about it, there is no Yin Qi, they are also normal living people, this is too strange to be normal.” Lin Hao wondered, the village was now brightly lit with lanterns hanging everywhere, and they seemed to have a very rich night life, singing for most of the day and still not stopping.

The woman walked up to a house and opened the door with a creak, “Come in, I’m alone in my house, I won’t let anyone find out, hurry up.”

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched, you’re the only one in your house? Little girl, are you not hinting at old man?

After the two of them entered, the girl hurriedly closed the door behind her, sneaking around like she was afraid of being discovered, which made Lin Hao’s heart feel strange.

After entering, the girl also did not light a lamp and told Lin Hao that she knew the language outside because a person who had mistakenly entered this place once taught her, but that was decades ago, so what the girl said, Lin Hao they could barely understand, but still? The girl could barely understand what she said, but still? However, the accent felt awkward and heavy, so that was what was going on.

“Where’s the guy who broke in? And, it’s so dark, why didn’t you light a lamp.” Lin Hao was quite surprised.

“You can’t light a light, this is the only place in the village where you can’t light a light, and the man who broke in, he ……” The girl said this, wanting to say something but then stopped, and eventually didn’t explain anything to Lin Hao.

The girl seemed reluctant to talk about the village in any way, and she kept repeating, over and over again, the admonition to Lin Hao and the two of them that they must escape the village as fast as they could after dawn, and that once they waited for the day to dawn, they would never have a chance to leave the village!

But they had come in and it was impossible to get out before the day would dawn, they would only be circling around the village.

As for the rest, no matter how much Lin Hao and the others asked, the girl stopped talking.

Lin Hao and the others also sensed something unusual about this village, this house was no different from any other house, so why couldn’t they light a lamp?

They were afraid of provoking the girl, so they didn’t turn on the torch function of their mobile phones, and the people of this village seemed to have an inexhaustible energy.

One minute they were singing, but the next they stopped abruptly, and the song suddenly disappeared.

“Quick, run all the way to the south village entrance, make sure you run fast or you won’t get out, and remember never to look back! Don’t let your curiosity get you killed.” The girl’s voice was very urgent, seemingly more anxious than Lin Hao and the others.

After the voice fell, there was no more movement, no matter how much Lin Hao and the others asked, while the light in the sky began to become more and more obvious. Not caring about this, the two men dashed towards the southern village entrance and sped away, turning into the speed of a stream of light.

The two did not turn back, for if they did, it would certainly scare them enough, for with the mindset that more is better than less, they did not turn back, and all the way out of the southern village entrance, the situation before them swayed violently.

Lin Hao and Xu Linglong let out a soft grunt, and then their eyes snapped open.

“Holy shit! This time, I’ve really seen a ghost alive.” Lin Hao was shocked as soon as he opened his eyes, where were they in a village? The two of them were wearing Chinese clothes and had slept soundly on the barren graves all night, and by now it was already dawn.

Lin Hao and Xu Linglong found that there was a barren grave all around them, they didn’t know how long it had been untended, and the barren grass was about to cover the grave completely.

Chapter 2894

At that moment they also heard the sound of violent propellers coming from overhead, and looked up to find an armed helicopter driven by Zhuque and the others hovering above them.

Soon, there were fighters from the helicopter quickly landing down the ropes, and the leader of the first group hurriedly reported, “Eagle One spotted the target, Eagle One spotted the target, on a barren grave on the southwest hill, strange, it was as if they had just appeared out of nowhere.”

As soon as Eagle One reported, the scout of Vermilion Bird’s command plane likewise reported, “Report sir, their signal has appeared, communication is all normal!”

“Quick, go over there and see what the hell is going on! And, all the teams lean towards the target location!” Soon, Zhuque and the others all gathered here and landed, Dragon Group warriors holding weapons to be alert to the situation around them.

Lin Hao and Xu Linglong were both a bit baffled as they looked at the situation in all directions, what was going on?

They were really a bit confused, what was going on, they were not clear at all.

Hadn’t they been inside the small mountain village last night? Why did they suddenly sleep on a grave? There’s no such thing as hitting an evil spirit!

The key was that they didn’t know exactly how they had suddenly barged in yesterday, they didn’t feel anything, and what made Lin Hao feel most paradoxical was that there was nothing strange about those people last night other than the fact that they were full of essence at night, and there was no yin energy in the village, let alone the aura of wandering spirits.

Those people were living people, and where was the village?

“Brother Lin Hao, this is the first time I foresee such a horrible thing, it’s too weird, the people we saw last night, they couldn’t all be buried here, right?” Xu Linglong’s voice trembled a little, she was really a little scared, this situation was just too bizarre, it leaked something wrong everywhere.

Lin Hao shook his head helplessly, he didn’t know either, much less be able to say, as he was equally confused now.

“Brother Lin Hao, what the hell happened last night?” Zhuque was equally very speechless, how did they suddenly appear?

“I’m even asking you, I gave you guys a location yesterday, why has it taken so long for you to arrive?” Lin Hao likewise looked at Vermilion Bird with some displeasure, if Vermilion Bird and the others had arrived earlier last night, then the situation would have been different.

“Ah? We’re less than five minutes late, we haven’t found any trace of you since we arrived, and we’ve been searching the area all night, we’ve been digging up the ground, but we can’t find you, and our phone calls show that we’re not in the service area.” Zhuque was aggrieved, five minutes late, not too late, right?

“Five minutes?” Lin Hao did believe what she said, and it was similar to what he had expected, he expected Zhuque and the others to arrive within ten minutes, counting that Zhuque had come fast enough.

“It seems that not long after sending you the location, we’ve already been hit.” Lin Hao sighed.

Xu Linglong brightened up, “Right, Brother Lin Hao, didn’t we send Little Bird our location and then rush towards Little Mountain Village? Maybe that’s when we got hit silently.”

“What are you two talking about?” Vermilion Bird, on the other hand, was confused as to how it felt like their experience last night was kinda? er love westwood zero zero land er? rich?

Lin Hao told Zhuque what happened to the two of them last night, and Zhuque was even more surprised to hear that there was no way to explain this bizarre phenomenon, it was really strange.

The Dragon Group warriors looked at each other, this 100,000 mountain was really quite mysterious, even their supreme officer had actually been hit without a sound, it should not be underestimated.

“We have searched the surrounding area of about twenty kilometres and have not found the village, not even a trace of it.” Vermilion Bird was very vocal about this, they had actually searched all night.

“It seems that Chen Bei Xuan was right, this 100,000 Great Mountains hides too many secrets, dusting off an unknown amount of history.” Lin Hao looked at the reckless jungle around him, filled with awe, “You guys split up into batches and rest in place, you’re tired after a busy night, stay here for a while, before figuring out what’s going on here.”