Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2891-2892

Chapter 2891

“Strange, something’s going on up ahead, why is there cooking smoke here? And there’s quite a lot of it?” Xu Linglong suddenly noticed something wrong, behind the depression about five hundred meters ahead, there were actually curls of cooking smoke rising, and there were quite a few of them, dozens of them.

This meant that there was a small village of at least a few dozen families ahead, just that there were actually people living in such a deep place?

Lin Hao sent the location of this place to Zhuque, and changed direction with Xu Linglong, rushing towards the village, Lin Hao didn’t care much: “It should be a gathering place of the ancient Miao clan, the ancient Miao are different from the foreign Miao, they are the clan that really master the legendary art of witchcraft, they have lived in the deep mountains for a long time, living in isolation and not asking about the world, so it’s not strange to find their clan in such deep mountains .”

Xu Linglong nodded and didn’t say anything.

The two of them landed on the peak next to the small mountain village and stood in the trees looking out at the village below.

This time Lin Hao was also a little puzzled, “Strange, it’s not the Miao people, or even the minority people.”

They could already vaguely see this small village in the deserted mountains, with 50 or 60 families, families busy cooking dinner, men and women, old and young, theirs were surprisingly all dressed in Chinese clothes, men with long hair, a feeling of travelling back in time.

“We’re not in Peach Blossom Land, are we? Is this a legacy of ancient people who have remained uncommunicated with the outside world and kept in a primitive state? I can’t understand what they’re saying, but it’s kind of like the ancient people biting off more than they can chew.” Xu Linglong also felt very surprised, this sudden appearance of the village, the sudden appearance of the ancient people, made them feel incredible.

This village seemed normal, there was nothing strange about it, much less any Yin Qi, as if it was just an ordinary ancient village.

But the more normal it was, the more it felt wrong. There was clearly nothing wrong with it, but it felt weird and strange in every way.

Or is it because the two are too suspicious? Or was there something inherently odd about this village? Lin Hao looked at the small mountain village, and based on their speed, calculated the distance from here to the modern human civilization settlement, and roughly deduced that an ordinary person could reach the place in three days, if they really had to walk outwards.

This distance is not far, not too far, not too close.

But with such a distance, it is impossible for the other side not to have any contact with the outside world and to maintain the customs and habits of the ancient people.

Moreover, at this distance, some people from the outside, who have been working to their death, would be able to reach this place, thus indicating that this village should not have gone undetected.

Therefore it is unreasonable that this village exists in this form of life.

Quite unreasonable.

Lin Hao intended to stay put here for the time being and observe first, taking out his mobile phone with the intention of contacting Zhu Yao, only to find that it had no signal.

“Linglong, does your phone have a signal?” Lin Hao put the phone away.

Xu Linglong smiled helplessly, “I’m using an international card, your phone doesn’t even have a signal, so this phone of mine will have even less signal, after all, you know well what the quality of communication services abroad are like.”

“That’s strange, there isn’t a place in our China where the signal coverage is not available, is there?” Lin Hao was a bit puzzled, but it was a fact that there was no signal, so he could only continue to wait.

According to the speed at which Vermilion Bird and the others were travelling, they shouldn’t be too far away from them, only ten minutes or so away at most.

Strangely enough, Lin Hao and the others had waited for almost two hours, and it was getting dark, and still no sign of Vermilion Bird and the others had been found.

“Strange, they shouldn’t have gone this long without finding us, why did they take so long to arrive? Did they run into other trouble?” Lin Hao began to get a little anxious, it was almost dark at this point, it was unrealistic to continue to rush, plus this village oozed weirdness everywhere, they still planned to explore here.

“Let’s ignore them for now, let’s take advantage of the darkness and go to the village to explore the situation any?” Xu Linglong was equally interested in this village?son was curious.

Chapter 2892

In fact, Lin Hao is in a hurry, the vermilion bird is now more than Lin Hao they? Closed Yixi zero zero pickaxi? s anxious!

This was because Vermilion Bird had already arrived at the location sent to her by Lin Hao, and as a result, there was no sign of Lin Hao and the others at all.

“Report Captain, Eagle One has not found the target!”

“Eagle Two has not found the target!”

“Eagle Three has not found the target, and there is no news from Number Four at the moment.”

“How could this happen! Brother Lin Hao obviously sent the location to this place! Why haven’t we seen them? Did they leave early? But they should have given me a heads up.” Vermilion Bird was anxious, and his calls to Lin Hao’s phone were not working, showing that he was not in the service area at all and could not be reached at all. Even after using the ground and air radar to enhance the signal, he still could not find any trace of Lin Hao and the others.

They searched every corner of the 3,000 meter radius, but they found nothing, not even a trace of Lin Hao.

“Something’s not right!” Vermilion Bird gritted his teeth, “Eagle One stay hovering around, stand by to check the situation, the remaining three teams, take this place as the centre and start to radiate out in the surrounding area, keep looking! Meanwhile the radar listening team, keep watching.”

Vermilion Bird didn’t think Lin Hao would leave early without saying hello, either something had happened or he was in trouble, Lin Hao must still be around!

By now Lin Hao and Xu Linglong had changed into their Chinese costumes and were ready to enter the village quietly, the Zhuque and the others they had been looking for were actually right over their heads, neither side had spotted the other, which was paradoxical.

The Chinese costumes they wore were the ones Lin Hao had left in the space of his consciousness, and they didn’t have the chance to wear them during the week, but this time they came in handy.

By now the people in the village had had enough to eat and drink, and families came out and had a bonfire party. Men, women and children gathered in front of the bonfire, singing songs and dancing in a circle that Lin Hao and the others could not understand, while some people next to them were watching and dancing and chatting.

Lin Hao and Xu Linglong concealed their bodies and scent and approached silently, but unfortunately they were half-educated in the ancient language, and the way they spoke, with some local accents, was a real struggle to listen to.

Half-understood, half-ununderstood, key listening for half a day, did not get the slightest bit of useful information, everyone just gathered together to chat about family matters.

For example, the widow Li in the eastern end of the village and who is hanging out with who, the beggar in the western end of the village and therefore stole the pumpkin from whom, net is these village gossip.

After squatting for more than an hour, the only useful information was that the village was called Seek Village, and no other useful information was known.

“Brother Lin Hao, this is not the way to go on, huh? It looks like we have to contact the other side, otherwise we won’t get even the slightest bit of useful information.” Xu Linglong is a bit helpless, this is not the way to go on, just listening to the wall here, all you hear is village gossip, and even know that the village head has a few good widows ……

It is very Kam.

Suddenly, a girl’s voice rang out behind the two, not quite understandable, probably questioning who the hell they were? How did they get into their village?

Xu Linglong and Lin Hao turned around abruptly and found that it was a young woman dressed in green, who was now looking at the two with a wary gaze.

Lin Hao and Xu Linglong looked at each other, and Xu Linglong’s eyes asked Lin Hao what to do? Should we knock her out?

After all, with their skills, it wasn’t difficult to do that.

There was no way they could speak, the moment they did, they would be exposed!

Lin Hao and Xu Linglong’s eyes examined each other without speaking, still debating whether to make a move or not.

The other party’s gaze similarly examined them, and suddenly the woman said in a language that normal people could understand, “You’re from the outside world, aren’t you? How did you break in here?”

Lin Hao froze for a moment, “You speak our language? What is this place? Why don’t you communicate with the outside world? Keeping the habits of the ancients.”