Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2889-2890

Chapter 2889

“I really didn’t mean it this time, according to our plan, you shouldn’t have touched the Hundred Thousand Mountains so early, to be honest, I’m equally very puzzled, this is supposed to be a place that you would only go to for the final battle with the Heavenly Dao Palace, I don’t know what went wrong, could it be that Wang Sledgehammer got something wrong?” Chen Beixuan was equally baffled.

Wang Sledgehammer knew, Wang Sledgehammer was equally baffled, he had no way to project Lin Hao’s matter originally, similar to the Black Demoness, the Black Demoness was outside the three realms and six dao, not in the five elements, there was no way to project it at all.

Lin Hao, on the other hand, was sheltered by the Heavenly Dao, so there would be even less way to project.

“What’s going on?” Lin Hao sat up straight at once, looking at Chen Bei Xuan’s words, it didn’t look like a joke, what was the hidden secret of this Hundred Thousand Great Mountains that made them all so scornful?

The key, why would they only set foot in this place when they were in a big battle with the Heaven’s Path Palace? What does this place have to do with the Heavenly Dao Palace?

“According to rumours, there exists an imperial city in the middle of the 100,000 Great Mountains, called the Barbarian Mountain Imperial City, a place that almost no one has ventured into, let alone no one knows exactly where it is, it’s incredibly mysterious.” Chen Bei Xuan sighed as he unfolded these secrets.

The key was that he didn’t know much about these things, the place was so mysterious that once they had broken through the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, only to find nothing, and were eventually blown out by some kind of power.

This Barbarian Mountain Imperial City was only heard of, but not seen in its true form. Even Wang Sledgehammer was only lucky enough to have been around the Imperial City, and was driven out before he could get close.

According to rumours, the Imperial City of Barbarian Mountain has many other names and legends. It is said that the Imperial City of Barbarian Mountain is also known as Fengdu, or the City of Ghosts, and it is even rumoured that the Imperial City of Barbarian Mountain is the former Hades.

But these are all rumours after all, and there is no way to know whether they are true or not.

However, according to Wang Sledgehammer and Chen Beixuan and others, they deduced that the most likely thing about that Barbarian Mountain Imperial City was that that place might be where the Heavenly Dao Palace’s main camp was located.

That was why Chen Bei Xuan had just said that setting foot on the 100,000 Great Mountains might be the time for a great battle with the Heavenly Dao Palace, because they believed that that Savage Mountain Imperial City was, in fact, the Heavenly Dao Palace!

“That’s not right.” Lin Hao questioned, wasn’t the Yudu supposed to be in the Underworld? How could it be on earth? Wouldn’t that mean that the earth and the underworld were in the same world?

Wouldn’t that be a mess?

Besides, how could Fengdu be in the Hundred Thousand Mountains? He had heard that there was a Fengdu in Shaanxi, so why was this getting more confusing?

“Uh, don’t interrupt, these are all legends, how should I know? Do you really think we really know all about this world? As for the Fengdu in Shaanxi, it’s just a mere name for a place that has nothing to do with the real Fengdu.” Chen Beixuan was also a bit helpless, there were a lot of secrets he didn’t know in this world, how could he know them all?

He really thought he knew everything, didn’t he?

This had confused Lin Hao, and this was a big deal.

“Then let me ask you, does the Heavenly Dao Palace want to put me to death? Or to capture me at all costs right?” Lin Hao raised a query.

Chen Bei Xuan Zheng? Steak dyed closed steak intended to serve serve cover? He nodded heavily, this was exactly right, it was to put him to death or capture him and divide up all his qi, this was the purpose of the Heavenly Dao Palace.

“That’s not right, I always feel that the guy inside the Hundred Thousand Mountains is trying to remain neutral, or at least doesn’t mean to be an enemy of me, I don’t feel any malice.” Lin Hao told Chen Bei Xuan about what had happened earlier.

If that Savage Mountain Imperial City was really the territory of the Heavenly Dao Palace, even if they didn’t help Heavenly Old Man 8 mess with himself, yet they wouldn’t be able to remain neutral only.

“There’s still such a thing?” Chen Bei Xuan’s brows were locked, things weren’t quite right, something had deviated from their plan.

“If it’s not the territory of the Heavenly Dao Palace, and the other party is doing this, I even have reason to suspect that the other party is actually deliberately drawing my attention, wanting me to go to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains to find out what’s going on?” Lin Hao was curious about the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, and the other party’s intentions made Lin Hao even more curious, what did they, in fact, want?

Chapter 2890

For Lin Hao this idea, Chen Bei Xuan still agrees, this is very obvious intention, otherwise no matter what, Lin Hao will not at this time suddenly out of the plan, instead more hundred thousand big mountain involved.

After all, even if Lin Hao was in Cishan Village, the other side did not make a move, Lin Hao naturally could not know the existence inside the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, this is the key to the problem.

“Fine, do as you see fit, but I am obliged to remind you, your little life is your own, you don’t want to accidentally play yourself out of it, use your own discretion, once you find out that something is not right, evacuate immediately, if in no way, I will find a way to return your Heavenly Sin Sword to you.” Chen Beixuan’s expression was grave, this was already very risky.

One had to know that if the Heavenly Sin Sword came down to earth again and fell into Lin Hao’s hands, even with the Thunder Spirit suppressing everything in the Immortal Court, the Angelic Order and the Holy Knight Order would likewise return again despite everything.

Relying on the New Immortal Court and the War Bear Divine Hall would not be able to stop them from descending to the mortal world.

“Don’t worry, I value my life more than you think, let’s go.” Lin Hao got the answer he wanted, with the Heavenly Sin Sword, it was really like a tiger? Chak Wu Shan Serving Yi Closed Dye Love? Of course, Lin Hao understood the chain reaction brought about by the Heavenly Sin Sword coming down to earth, so he wouldn’t dare to use it easily if it wasn’t a real danger to his life.

Lin Hao casually slashed his hand and opened the yin and yang tongdao to go back again.

Xu Linglong suddenly found a green light channel reappearing in front of him, and then Lin Hao burst out of it unharmed, Xu Linglong rushed over, “Brother Lin Hao are you alright? You scared me to death!”

“What could have happened, I just went down to ask something, what could have happened, look how worried you are.” Lin Hao laughed for a while.

Xu Linglong shook her head helplessly, “You’re almost as good as the legendary Pao Gong, examining the Yang world by day and the Yin world by night, you’re really a god.”

“It’s not as exaggerated as you say.” Lin Hao waved his hand and took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Zhu Que, “Gather the team and head towards the Hundred Thousand Mountains, keep in touch at all times, we’ll set off first.”


Lin Hao and Xu Linglong were the first to set off, Xu Linglong dragged Lin Hao with her aura, riding through the air, turning into two streams of light as they raced towards the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

After a while, Xu Linglong found that Lin Hao did not need to use his spiritual energy to support him, and that he was no slower than her by borrowing the momentum of the surrounding heaven and earth.

Seeing this, she did not continue to waste her spiritual energy to support Lin Hao.

On the other side, Zhuque, who had received the order, immediately ordered the team to assemble, “All of you, board the battle formation, set off!”

“Sister-in-law, Brother Lin Hao asked me to tell you that you guys will be broadcasting live first next, he and Sister Linglong have some things to take care of, and I’m going on a mission as well.” After explaining something to Shen Xiyan, Zhuque boarded the helicopter and quickly flew towards the direction of the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

“Sister-in-law, Brother Lin Hao and Sister Linglong, are they really going to take care of things?” Yun Qingya frowned and looked in the direction the helicopter had left.

Shen Qi Yan shook her head helplessly and laughed bitterly, “You believe even the girl’s random excuses, I guess something happened in the mountain, Lin Hao must have been dealing with the same thing as the mission Zhu Yao was carrying out.”

“In that case, will it be dangerous then?” Yun Qingya’s face was full of worry, that pale and deep mountain was scary to look at.

“Don’t worry Xiaoya, there’s nothing in this world that Brother Lin Hao can’t solve, let’s get busy, the live broadcast still has to continue.” Nan Ge was unconcerned and waved his hand, he had unconditional trust in Lin Hao and did not panic in the slightest.

Lin Hao, on his side, had already sped a long distance through the body, at first he could see some small villages, but almost no one lived there anymore, and they had long since fallen into disrepair, after all, this place was too remote, too deep into the mountains, and traffic and electricity were not connected, so it was estimated that if they went out to catch the market before dawn, they would come back at midnight.

By now, Lin Hao could no longer see any human footprints, not even a dilapidated village or thatched hut, but an extremely primitive and reckless jungle.