Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2887-2888

Chapter 2887

“Carry out the order! I only have one request, after we leave, you must ensure the safety of everyone inside the tall building at the bottom of the hill, is that clear?” Lin Hao barked in a stern voice, even if it was a cannon hitting a mosquito, it was still a fight!

“As ordered!”

The Four Fierce Furies were quite helpless, but they could only carry out the order.

Lin Hao also left them behind and asked about the situation regarding the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, yet these Four Fierce Furies were too taboo to talk much about it, and only cautioned Lin Hao not to easily barge into it.

The secrets buried in the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains and the dusty history were far more terrifying than people could imagine, and the place was almost a place where even the gods were taboo and unwilling to tread.

Moreover, the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains were forbidden places, and although they were fierce and powerful, from the beginning to the end, they had never set half a step out of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains.

“Master Reckoner, one final word of advice, if you are not forced to do so, you should not presume to set foot on the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains easily, really.” After saying that the Four Fierce Furies retreated back.

“Brother Lin Hao, strange, I haven’t seen you for ten years, what have you been through, even these Fierce Furies have to listen to your orders? And where is your sword? How come it’s turned into a hammer.” Xu Linglong was full of questions, as if she didn’t know Lin Hao at all after not seeing him for ten years.

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you about it later when I have the chance, about the Hundred Thousand Mountains, it’s something I have to find someone to ask.” Lin Hao was quite helpless, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to finish talking about these matters for three days and nights if he explained them.

“The matter of going to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, wait for now, from now on, you tell Xiyan and the girls to come back and not leave a distance of two hundred meters from the range of the tall building until we return from the Hundred Thousand Mountains.”

Zhuque got the order and immediately went to carry it out, although Shen Xiyan and the others didn’t know what was happening, but they all obediently went to carry out what Lin Hao asked.

At this moment, on the back of the mountain, there was only Xu Linglong and Lin Hao left, Lin Hao smiled at Xu Linglong, “You stay here and wait for me, I’ll go down, I’ll be back soon.”

“Go down, where to?” Xu Linglong was stunned, going down? Down the mountain?

However, Xu Linglong soon knew where Lin Hao was going.

Lin Hao squeezed his hand in a magic trick, and with a furious cry, a pa*sage that glowed a ghostly green appeared in front of Lin Hao’s eyes.

“The Underworld is in order, the Yellow Springs can be crossed, open!”

“Let’s go.” Lin Hao beckoned to Xu Linglong? Yi Yi Er Xilu whisked the serving ground? With a huff, he dove headfirst into the channel that was bubbling with green light.

Xu Linglong: ????

“Holy sh*t …… feelings you said go down, is down there ah! I am convinced, that place you can just go in and out?”


A blinding green light suddenly lit up outside the lofty Hall of Reincarnation between the other side of the Forgetting River and the Underworld.

“Something sent down again? Prepare.” The cultivators around them rose up, holding the long whips for detaining spirits and dispatching generals, ready to wait.

Lin Hao suddenly popped his head up and suddenly found several whips coming down head-on, scaring Lin Hao into a violent burst of retreat.

“Hm? What the hell? Holy sh*t, how come it’s you kid! What are you doing coming out of this transmigration pa*sage if you’re not coming down from the side of the Naive Bridge? Are you crazy.” Those few cultivators on duty were none other than the cultivators under Lin Cangdou, once disciples of the Qing Yun Heavenly Palace.

The whip they threw out found that it was surprisingly dodged, and they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded when they looked clearly, it was actually Lin Hao.

This thing was specially designed to send wandering souls through the pa*sage, and this guy ended up using it as a shortcut!

Lin Hao huffed, “Bullsh*t, it’s not like you guys know that Meng doesn’t like me, no more, I’m looking for Chen Beixuan.”

Lin Hao took a big step into the Hall of Reincarnation, the cultivators behind him looked at each other and held their laughter: bullsh*t, it’s not that Meng doesn’t treat you well, it’s that you don’t have the face to meet people and avoid Meng, after all, you owe her a lot of favours.

“It’s really quite like that, huh?” Lin Hao looked around and found quite a few familiar faces, and then looked at the Hall of the Wheel of Fortune, which was again a bit more decent, eerie and majestic, with one hideous statue that was quite scary, but what made Lin Hao laugh and cry was that most of those vicious statues were based on people like Chen Bei Xuan, only made a bit more vicious.

Chapter 2888

Do you really think you are the judge of reincarnation?

Judging the merits and demerits of past lives and determining the blessings of future lives?

“Oh, I told you, Old Cang, I said that my eyelids have been jumping, this kid must have come down to mess things up again.” Inside the morose hall, Chen Bei Xuan pointed with an unhappy face at Lin Hao who had just walked in through the door.

Lin Cang Dao shook his head and said without a good-natured smile, “Does that have anything to do with me? He came to find trouble with you as well, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Xiao Hao, you guys talk, I’m going out for a patrol.” After saying that Lin Cang Dao directly slipped away, running faster than a rabbit.

“Holy sh*t, you old man stop right there, don’t try to run.” Chen Bei Xuan’s eyelids jumped wildly and he hurried to catch up, “Right Lin Hao, wait, I’ll catch that guy first …… hey, hey hey, what for? Quickly let go, let go! Holy sh*t, if you don’t let go, you won’t be able to catch that guy, are you stupid?”

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. They were all like the gods of the world when they saw him, wishing their parents had two more legs to make him run faster.

“Come on, don’t talk to me, I’m here to find you, you can’t run away.” Lin Hao dragged Chen Beixuan back and directly called out the Heaven Shaking Hammer, the meaning was obvious: if you run away, I will give you a hammer!

“What for? Threatening me! Try hammering me!”

“Come on, hammer here, give me a hammer instead! ~” Chen Bei Xuan spoke with an unhappy face, lowering his head and pointing at his own brain with an arrogant expression.


“Hiss, hell, you’re really hammering, huh?” Chen Bei Xuan shouted miserably and covered his head and took two steps back, glaring at Lin Hao with a furious face, the Heaven Shaking Hammer had done a blow, although Lin Hao hadn’t used any force at all, but it still hurt, this thing was not an ordinary hammer, it contained the power of Heaven and Earth, who could withstand it? It was even harder than a divine weapon.

“I’m not here to nag you, I’m down for a limited amount of time, let me ask you, do you know the secrets and circumstances of the Hundred Thousand Mountains?” Lin Hao walked to the nearby taishang chair crossed his legs and sat down, nothing to shake a? Love whisk closed closed Yi Shan steak love? Shake back.

“Hmm? Hell, why are you running over there so fast? According to reason, it’s not time for you to touch the Barbarian Mountain Imperial City, it’s really strange.” Chen Bei Xuan froze, how had the planning step been advanced? Or did Lin Hao play off and directly disrupt the plan?


Lin Hao cursed in his heart, it was really what these guys had discussed and planned long ago, he was just the one they had picked to execute the plan.

“What’s going on with the Barbarian Mountain Imperial City? Tell me clearly!” Lin Hao instinctively felt that there was something wrong with this place, and the problem wasn’t small.

“Alright, kid, you go back, don’t pursue this matter any further, do what you need to do. The Hundred Thousand Mountains is not a place you should get involved in now, that Fierce Fury is right, you’d better not go there for excitement.” Chen Bei Xuan looked at Lin Hao with incomparable seriousness, this was no joke.

However, Lin Hao didn’t listen to a single word of Chen Bei Xuan’s words, his left ear went in and his right ear went out.

Looking at Lin Hao’s indifferent face, Chen Bei Xuan was furious: “Mud, I’m serious with you! If you don’t want your life to be over, don’t mess around with me! I’m not joking with you!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I, Lin Hao, never play by the rules, life never ends, death never ends. If you let me go west I will definitely go east.”

“Even if you really don’t let me go, you still have to give me a one, two, three, otherwise the more you say that, the more I have to go, I even suspect that you deliberately want to provoke me into exploring the secrets of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, that’s why you’re deliberately taking such a step backwards.” Lin Hao rolled his eyes, could their ruse Lin Hao not understand?

This matter was covered up, arousing his curiosity, and strongly urging him not to go, the subtext was simply saying: don’t be silly, hurry up and go, that’s the pit we’ve dug, waiting for you to jump into it, if you don’t jump in, there’s no way for this plan to go on properly.