Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2885-2886

Chapter 2885

Lin Hao smiled at the camera and shook his hand, “Don’t worry everyone, we’re all fine, I was just accidentally hit by something that was blown over by the gale, it’s fine, everyone else is fine, after checking, there are no casualties at the moment, everyone else is helping the villagers to move their valuables out.”

“I’m sorry to encounter such a thing right after the broadcast started, everyone should go ahead and get busy with their work, we may not be able to broadcast normally for a while next, let director Chen show you around.” After saying that Lin Hao waved his hand and went to discuss with Lin En about what was going to happen next.

“Brother Lin Hao, I’ve made all the contacts, enough tents and living supplies are being delivered over and will arrive before nightfall. There are also construction teams already? s been looking for them. been looking for them, I believe they will be here soon.”

“Very good, now first of all we have to ensure that the villagers have food and temporary shelter, take your time with the reconstruction, don’t worry about the money, I will pay for it, yes, tell the villagers that we will pay for this reconstruction, so they don’t have to worry.” Lin Hao nodded and felt a little guilty in his heart, these villagers’ houses were completely affected by the disaster, but it was something that could not be helped, it was just quite helpless.

“Hey, brother Lin Hao you say that, this money I have already given, not much money, besides, brother Lin Hao you have done enough good deeds, give me a chance to show my performance, okay?” Lin En cried and laughed, his initial estimate was that it was only about two million.

Those supplies plus the cost of materials and labour to rebuild would be about right, the village didn’t have a large population, and most of the buildings were bamboo-based tall buildings, and the villagers helped rebuild on their own initiative, after all, the houses were their own, saving a lot of labour costs, and the costs were greatly reduced.

“Viewers, see, I’ve seen donations, I’ve never seen a competition for donations, I didn’t know that I thought it was some great benefit.” Director Chen carried the camera and smilingly disliked the camera to Lin Hao and Lin En’s side.

“Go, go, hurry up and get lost.” Lin Hao waved his hand away without good humour.

Chen went to play with the others, this guy carrying the camera and looking here and there, and was happy to do so, flirting with the viewers in the live room, making everyone laugh.

It was the first time we had seen a live show that didn’t follow the rules, not to mention the many things that went wrong, and it could be said that all sorts of things went wrong, but some people were happy to watch.

The show’s team didn’t do anything, they didn’t buy any hot searches, and they didn’t create their own topics, but they let the viewers brush them up directly.

Even if only one tenth of the viewers help to top the buzz, it’s still millions of people doing the buzzing.

No one could compete with them!

Lin Hao followed the group for half a day and basically took out all the valuables, and the tents and supplies had already arrived. The villagers were overjoyed and grateful from the bottom of their hearts when they found out that the programme team had helped them rebuild their homes without charging any money, and had even funded the supplies for free.

Lin Hao didn’t bother with this, and didn’t do it to thank them. The others seemed to have a very tacit agreement, and let Chen tell the villagers about it.

By the time the villagers wanted to thank the real people, the real people were nowhere to be seen, and the villagers had no choice but to thank the programme team wholeheartedly.

Lin Hao, Zhuque and Xu Linglong arrived halfway up the mountain behind the tall building, and the three of them looked at the endless pale and deep mountains behind the mountain village with a grave expression.

It was a huge mountain that was rarely seen by people and stretched endlessly, it was known as the 100,000 Great Mountains of the South! How many secrets were hidden inside, who knew?

And the third-party force that had intervened in their dispute had come from the direction of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains! The three of them stared intently at the direction of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, what secrets were hidden there, no one could say, but it was not easy.

Chapter 2886

The other side shook both sides as soon as they struck, although it was a feeling of two not helping each other, as if their fighting had disturbed the other side and caused them to feel impatient.

But enemy or friend, who can say?

“We have to go and see, whether enemy or friend, we must find out, not find out yet? Shan whisked the western grill zero service cover? Good, if we find out and don’t figure it out, I’m not comfortable in my heart.” Lin Hao finally decided to explore the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

“How can another person sleep soundly next to a sleeping couch, that is true, since we have discovered it, we must figure it out.” Vermilion Bird nodded gently, agreeing very much with Lin Hao’s idea, just how to deal with this situation now?

The 100,000 Great Mountains had been surprised by the mysterious powerhouse, and the Black Devil Lady’s lapdogs were eyeing them, if they suddenly killed back while they were away, then no one would be well off.

“Brother Lin Hao, I’ll stay behind, you two go ahead and check things out. If you are not defeated, send me a message and I will rush over as fast as I can.” Xu Linglong couldn’t feel at ease with these people at home, mainly because she was afraid that the Heavenly Elder Eight would suddenly kill back.

“No, we all have to go, none of us can be left behind, you two are the main fighting force, I’ll be in charge of breaking the formation, I suspect there’s still an existence like the formation inside.” Lin Hao shook his head, no one would be left behind, even the two squads of that Dragon Group, all sixty people had to go together!

“What about the safety of sister-in-law and the girls?” Vermilion Bird and Xu Linglong looked at Lin Hao at the same time, this was no joke.

“Four Square Fierce Furies, listen to the order!” Lin Hao brought the Heaven Shaking Hammer to coarse.

Four extreme Yin Furies came hurtling in from all directions, like four clouds of Yin impacting over.

Vermilion Bird and Xu Linglong were shocked, there was something fierce like this hidden behind them? What the hell kind of place did Lin Hao choose, why was the danger factor so terrifying?

“Sword come!”

With a delicate cry from Xu Linglong, a green mane came from afar and a dragon roar shook the sky and earth, causing the villagers of the entire village to look up at the back of the tall building.

Chen was so shocked that he subconsciously tried to turn the camera around, but when he reacted, he hurriedly swung the camera back.

But this dragon’s roar could not be concealed, and the live viewers were talking about what sound had just appeared out of nowhere. Why did it not sound so much like a dragon’s roar?

The villagers all fell to their knees and worshipped in droves towards that mountain in the tall building: “The ancestors have revealed their spirits, the ancestors have revealed their spirits!”

But apart from the villagers, everyone else knew that the green aura was actually Xu Linglong’s pendant sword, and they wondered if something had happened again on the back mountain, and how Xu Linglong had summoned her own pendant sword back again?

“Linglong, don’t be impulsive, it’s one of your own. Also, can you not make this big commotion next time, look at those villagers now ……” Lin Hao cried and laughed, just because of this one commotion that Xu Linglong triggered, now the villagers of Cishan Village knelt down, even those engineering teams that came knelt down a large area, that was a dragon chant.

Dragons, that was the totem of China, the divine beast of faith!

“One of their own?” Xu Linglong and Zhuque were both a little confused, these things were obviously evil things and quite fierce, how could they be their own people?

Soon, the Four Fierce Furies landed in front of Lin Hao and respectfully knelt down and saluted, “See the Wang Family Heavenly Abbot, I wonder what the Abbot has called us here for?”

Xu Linglong and Zhuque glanced at each other, their faces full of surprise, although their hearts were full of questions, but now it seemed as if this was indeed one of their own, right?

The two Vermilion Sparrows silently put their weapons away.

“You should have seen the previous battle.”

The Four Great Fierce Furies nodded their heads repeatedly.

“Next, I’ll leave this place to you guys, you can manipulate the killing formation I’ve set up on the periphery, if they dare to come, open the killing formation to stop them, if you really can’t stop them, then activate the final killing formation and finish them off!” Lin Hao’s gaze was cold and stern, glowing with an intimidating cold light.

“Ah? Master Reckoner, isn’t using the Final Kill Formation against those two things a bit too trivial?” A few of the Fierce Furies were a little confused, they could be completely freed by going up in smoke with the killing formation, but they wanted to die a proper death, how could they go up in smoke for these two little shrimps, it didn’t feel worth it, it was like blasting a mosquito with a cannon.