Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2883-2884

Chapter 2883


Between the Heaven-Shaking Hammer and the Blood Grudge, a ripple suddenly scattered vertically.

Qing Ya let out a miserable scream and was flung away, even the Heaven Shaking Hammer burst back hard and landed in Lin Hao’s hand, who was shaken backwards and backwards, a large deep crater appearing in the hard ground.

Lin Hao’s tiger mouth was bleeding, and it took both hands to hold the Heaven-Shaking Hammer, but his hands were shaken to the point where they were violently numb.

Only then did Lin Hao suddenly realise that it wasn’t Qing Ya who was holding back the Heaven Shaking Hammer at all, but that between the gap where the Heaven Shaking Hammer and Qing Ya collided, a third powerful person had stepped in, a third force had intervened, and how terrifying was the intervening force?

How could it resist the attacks of the Heaven-Shaking Hammer and Qingya and yet manage to remain motionless! “Kill you all!”

“Kill you all!”

“Revenge, revenge, I want revenge!”

Qing Ya, who had been knocked away and nearly had her soul scattered, rushed back again, her several injuries had completely inspired her hostility and hatred value, completely? I pick up the closed ground Lu dye Wu Wu? The state of madness was reached, madly hissed and rushed back to fight again!

“Kill you? ah!” The day old eight is angry enough, a fling, long sleeves flying, the wind stormed up as if Zhen Yuanzi’s sleeve like, a moment will rush out of the Qing Ya to roll in the sleeve, head did not return to turn and flee.

The old man did not even dare to look back, God knows what has awakened in the depths of this mountain, no matter what, just that moment, has scared him enough, this is not at all he can deal with, the elders came to estimate is enough.

Fleeing from Cishan Village Tian Lao Ba didn’t even dare to stop, he continued to run wildly until he was out of Ping Town, he dared to take the opportunity to stop and catch his breath, it was too scary, quite a feeling of life after the robbery.

“Protect the General!” On this side of the tall building, Zhu Que shouted, and a group of men swarmed up, quickly standing by around Lin Hao, always alert to the situation around them.

Vermilion Bird and Xu Linglong rushed up to help Lin Hao up, Lin Hao relied on the Heaven Shaking Hammer to hold on to the ground hard, otherwise he would have fallen straight to the ground, what terrifying strength!

Lin Hao looked at Xu Linglong and had some toothache: “I’m fine, it’s you, take care of yourself first, it looks like you’re not lightly injured.”

Lin Hao shook his numb hand, both tiger mouths were cracked and blood was flowing, the aura returned to the wounds to quickly stop the bleeding, but the wounds couldn’t heal that fast.

“I’m fine, I was just injured by the other party’s sudden burst of town, the Yin Qi just entered my body, I’ve used Golden Dragon Sword Qi to shake it away and expel it from my body, not to mention the difference between the aura in my sea of consciousness and yours is like the difference between an ocean and a small puddle, naturally I’m fine.” Xu Linglong shook her head, relying on her High Illusionary Spirit Master’s physique and her vast reserves of aura, she did not panic at all.

Like the injury on Lin Hao’s hand, he could recover in a thought, unless he suffered a fatal injury, it would be almost difficult to break his bones, this was the terror of a High Illusionary Spirit Master.

Lin Hao’s teeth hurt even more, are you showing off?

“Let you show off.” Shen Xiyan’s eyes were full of reproach, but her hands kept moving, using alcohol to disinfect Lin Hao’s wound, then wrapping gauze around it, saying reproachful words, and couldn’t help but feel pain: “Does it hurt? This wound is also too big.”

“Huh …… sister-in-law do you guys want to go so far, have you considered how a few of us singles feel?” Nan Ge couldn’t help but laugh and tease.

Even Xu Linglong couldn’t help but tease, “That’s right sister-in-law, you’re really spreading this dog food a little too deliberately, this wound is nothing for brother Lin Hao.”

Shen Xiyan blushed, “Nonsense, I didn’t.”

She was so ashamed that Shen Xi Yan hurriedly slipped away, her wound was not even wrapped up, and when she left she accidentally pulled the gauze, causing Lin Hao to grimace in pain.

“I envy you guys, you’ve been married for so long, yet you still act like newlyweds and are still so affectionate.” Xu Linglong sighed.

Lin Hao grinned and didn’t say anything, while the Zhuque next to him was watching the fun and teasing, “Yo yo yo, listening to sister Linglong, why does it sound like she’s expecting someone to have a bad relationship with her, tell me, does she have any bad intentions?”

Chapter 2884

“Cut, when it comes to having bad intentions, there is one girl here who counts, who dares? Dyeing service zero zero to pick up dyeing Lu? The one who denies not having any intention? Unfortunately, you can only think about it in your heart. I advise you to think of it as a white moonlight in your heart and give up before it’s too late.” Xu Linglong did not shy away from admitting it openly, causing Zhuque, Nan Ge and Yun Qingya to blush slightly.

On the contrary, Lin Hao was a little embarrassed and coughed, “You guys should clean up, I’ll go check the situation around, that power just now, and the war drums that took away the mind, it’s really a little weird.”

They were most impressed by the power of the blow Lin Hao and Qingya had just dealt, and even Xu Linglong was shocked to learn that Lin Hao’s realm no longer existed, but the attack he had exploded with was really something.

However, it was such a terrifying attack that was silently defused by the other party, who didn’t even show his face.

“Dragon team, take the tall building as the centre, start scouting around, and report any sign you encounter at any time!”

“You don’t need to go to the back of this tall building.” Lin Hao suddenly reminded them, lest they accidentally break into the killing formation and avoid causing unnecessary trouble.

The Dragon Group warriors saluted, and in groups of three, they started to look around towards the surroundings.

Lin Hao looked at the whole village from high up, from a height, and was likewise quite helpless, the villagers of this village were fine, but they also felt like they had been robbed, even if they were helped to dispel the Yin Qi, they would still be weak for a while, and those who were weaker would even be sick for a while.

The whole village looked like it had been visited over and over again by a terrifying typhoon, and it was all out of shape, with many tall buildings turned into bamboo fences and broken walls everywhere.

Lin Hao stepped on the Seven Star Steps and the Eight Trigrams were revealed!

Kun 8!

Tui 2!

Li 3!

Xun 5!

The trigram of extreme yang, open!

The Eight Trigrams Formation exploded with an aura of extreme Yang as Lin Hao stamped on the ground, like a blazing sun shining in the sky.

The villagers woke up, dazed and bewildered, looking around them.

There was no more home!

They didn’t even know what had happened, they just passed out as if a typhoon had come, only to wake up and the whole village had become full of wreckage, everything was gone.

Lin Hao sighed: “Director Chen, you should reopen the live broadcast, tens of millions of viewers, we have to give them an account, also non-essential personnel, help the village clean up, we can’t let them have no place to rest tonight.”

“I have a partner near my home, I’ll have him deliver the tents and necessities as fast as he can, there’s still enough time, plus I’ll have them contact a construction team to come over and help rebuild the village.” Lin En volunteered to come forward, although it wasn’t a small amount of money, his Lin family could afford it, and what he did was nothing compared to what Lin Hao had done.

By now the live stream was already on, and Lin En’s words were just right for the viewers to hear.

“Positive rich kid, kudos, handsome man with a good heart, love it love it!”

“I’m more concerned about what’s going on, holy shit, look, what’s become of this beautiful little minority village? It looks like it’s been chewed up by dogs! Is everyone okay?”

“Damn, Master Lin is injured, look, Master Lin’s hand is wrapped in gauze!”

“Why is the camera so shaky? Holy shit, it must be director Chen carrying the camera, swipe it up and ask if everyone is alright! My goddess didn’t see it either.”

Soon, the worried pop-ups all swiped up as the camera was just Zhuque, Xu Linglong, and Lin Hao who was injured and tied up in gauze, as well as Lin En who was contacting for rescue supplies.

Director Chen conveyed the worries of the live viewers to Lin Hao.