Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2881-2882

Chapter 2881

“I do feel that the current days are more exciting, if I could, I would like to stay like this forever, you mother and daughter, I will be the guardian.” Lin Hao smoothed out Shen Xiyan’s hair, his face full of smiles, he felt that the days were a little better now.

“Hehehe, that was quite a heartwarming scene, Lin Hao, you think you can go on in peace?” Sky Elder Eight’s mocking laughter came from all directions, fluttering, “The tree wants to be quiet but the wind won’t stop, if you want to live in peace, come back to the Heavenly Dao Palace with me, the Heavenly Dao Palace can meet your demands!”

“Hide your head rat, get out!” Lin Hao reached out and the hammer fell out of his sleeve, holding the handle securely.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Dense black shadows descended from the sky, and when they got closer, they were found to be big men with blurred faces and tall horses, rushing towards them with all sorts of weapons.


Wasn’t this the trick that Tian Lao Jiu used to trap Chen Hao Bei and his men in the North Street of Jin Ling?

“One group open fire! Second group prepare~!” Lin Hao didn’t even need to say anything, Zhuque instantly gave the order to open fire!

Toddy, toddy, toddy!

Guns blared, and the Vermillion Bird warriors with their spirit weapons fired a single bullet from the muzzle of their guns at the paper puppets!

The power of the spiritual bullets was no mean feat, they pierced through the puppets and were even densely packed. The power of the spiritual bullets was no mean feat. The bullets were torn into pieces, dense with aura bullets, glowing with all kinds of light, forming a fire suppression, a covering strike!

This time they didn’t have any scruples, at first in North Street, it was only because they were afraid of accidentally injuring the people, now, these were just some paper people, they could hardly get close at all!

But in a matter of moments, all the paper puppets were completely torn apart.

“Hmph, that’s just it, hiding and sneaky rats, what other tricks do you have, just use them.” Vermilion Bird coldly snorted in disdain as a wave of firepower suppressed and directly finished off all of these guys, no pressure to speak of!

“Yellow-mouthed brat, how dare you believe in what you say, Zhen!” Tian Lao Baba couldn’t help but coldly snort as Zhuque steeply shook his body and violently spat out blood and burst back several steps, as if his body had suddenly suffered a heavy blow for no apparent reason.

The other Dragon Group warriors also spat out blood, their breath instantly wilting down, their auras unexpectedly retreating as quickly as a deflated leather ball.

“How is this possible!” Lin Hao was shocked, he had covered the entire area of the tall building with the Qiankun Formation, but the other party was still able to avoid his protection silently like this and directly wounded these people!

“Brother Lin Hao …… is, it’s those paper people.” Blood was left at the corner of Zhuque’s mouth, and his face was as pale as a sheet of white paper.

“Hahahaha, found out too late!”

The sky was filled with paper figures shredded and turned into a yellow talisman that ignited without fire, the flames continuously eroding the surrounding Yin Yang Fish Formation!

Lin Hao’s gaze was cold and stern as he stepped on a white fish with his left foot and a black fish with his right.

Stepping on yin and yang, swinging the heaven and earth!

Yin and Yang reversed!

The eight trigrams began to slowly rotate with Lin Hao at the centre, and the words corresponding to the eight trigrams first slowly emerged.

Qian 1, Tui 2, Li 3, Zhen 4, Xun 5, Kan 6, Gong 7, Kun 8!

Dry, Chop, Burgundy and Zhen are Yin trigrams, while Kun, Tui, Li and Xun are Yang hangings.

But at this moment, Lin Hao’s feet stepped on the yin and yang, the yin and yang of Qian and Kun were reversed, and the eight trigrams began to rotate wildly, faster and faster, forming a greenish-xuan-coloured whirlwind all around, spinning like mad, and the Heavenly Elder Eight tried many ways, but could not shake a bit!

The Eight Trigrams of Heaven and Earth corresponded to the five elements, and the five elements were inexorably linked to each other, even to heaven and earth.

How could he, Tian Lao Bajie, break it? He was not fighting with Lin Hao, but with the heaven and earth of Ping Zhen!

“Impossible! This can’t be! Heaven and earth are reversed, yin and yang are indistinguishable, you’re going against the heavens!” Old Sky Eight was frantic, there was no way for him to open this turtle shell!

Chapter 2882

The blood grudge Qing Ya side, and temporarily can not help Xu Linglong, although Xu Linglong quite defeated blood grudge, the key in a short time blood grudge simply can not kill Xu Linglong, thus helping him to break the formation.

This is Lin Hao’s perception based on the Absolute Murder Formation, borrowing the power of the killing formation, communicating the momentum of heaven and earth, borrowing the momentum, softening the five elements of heaven and earth into one, and even inviting the five elemental energies, the effect of both offense and defense is even more powerful and violent than Lin Hao had expected~!

“Nothing is impossible!”

“Sundown Wind!”

Lin Hao pointed towards the sky and the Qing Xuan Whirlwind rose up into the sky, turning into a sky of green coloured wind blades that strangled towards the surrounding black fog, each Qing Xuan Whirlwind turned into a sharp wind blade, like slicing tofu, easily crushing the black fog around it!

A black mist shrouded Heavenly Elder Eight stood proudly in the void, borrowing the momentum of heaven and earth to hover in the void.

“Xun is wind, Zhen is thunder! Wind and thunder at my command!” Between heaven and earth, green whirlwinds converged in all directions, and a silver thunderbolt appeared out of nowhere in the sky, flashing and flickering above the head of the Heavenly Elder Eight, a truly spectacular moment in which the most domineering power of nature displayed its strong and powerful beauty!

Each thunderbolt kept spreading, bifurcating a thin branch of tiny thunderbolts, like the opening branches of a giant silver tree, giving a sense of shocking power, whether tiny or not!

“You really think our Heavenly Dao Palace is made of clay! Burgundy character, Earth River Che!”

An earthen dragon protruded from the ground and snaked up, rocketing upwards, as the Heavenly Elder Eight lifted his foot and stepped on top of the earthen dragon’s head!

The earthen dragon leapt towards the sky with a hiss of thunder!

“Collect.” Lin Hao smiled wickedly as the power of wind and thunder suddenly dissipated.

Kansui? Wu Fu Er Xi Shan Pai Yi Lu?!

A waterfall descended from the sky, like a heavenly river opening its floodgates, rushing down with a bang, and without waiting for Tian Lao Ba to react, it directly washed down Tian Lao Ba’s earth dragon with him, rushing down the heaving river into the distance!

Ka-ching, ka-ching!

The thunderbolts that had just dissipated suddenly appeared again, catching Tianlao Ba in a frenzy of lightning.

The water’s ability to conduct electricity was unparalleled! The thunderbolt immediately caused the old man to scream, just like the fish that had been electrocuted when it was electrocuted, squealing and struggling wildly in the water, desperate.

Lin Hao flung out the Heavenly Shaking Hammer, which was the true weapon to kill the Heavenly Dao Palace disciples!

However, before Lin Hao could strike, Xu Linglong spat out blood and was lifted off, because Tian Lao Bajie was injured, Qing Ya, who was eager to save her master, suddenly exploded, her raging aura was violently raised to the extreme, her resentment turned into the power of a roiling attack, viciously forcing Xu Linglong back, and also wounding him.

Without any pause, without taking off the battered Xu Linglong, Qing Ya twisted her head and rushed towards Lin Hao with the most terrifying speed: “With my blood body, kill the four directions!”

“That’s quite a scary thing to say.” Lin Hao had to give up on attacking the Heavenly Old Eight, between the two, Qingya, the monster that had become a blood grudge, was a greater threat than the Heavenly Old Eight.

Lin Hao manipulated the Heaven Shaking Hammer to return quickly, returning to his hand and jumping up to viciously fling a hammer out towards Qingya head on!


The hammer collided with Qing Ya with a flooding sound, the sound waves formed ripples visible to the naked eye and spread out, the surrounding houses collapsed, and many people were even lifted off the ground, stunned and bleeding from their seven orifices, the situation was quite serious.


Lin Hao frowned and stared at the blinding red light above his head.

The Blood Grudge had actually withstood the hammer of the Heaven-Shaking Hammer, and the two collided together without retreating, but they were frozen together!

Is the Blood Grudge that strong?


At that moment, a trumpet sounded, a low and mournful trumpet sound, just like the ancient army trumpets.

Eight hundred miles of blowing horns?

Dang! DONG DONG! Knock, knock, knock!

The rapid and heavy sound of the war drums rang out, just as if each drum beat had fallen on the door of the heart, making it so dull that no words could be spoken, and even Lin Hao felt that his own aura had weakened by a large margin!